Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Everstone Market

The hustle and bustle of the city is the marketplace is where most of the trading takes place. Stalls line the square, with cotton tents over the stalls. Some of the stalls are small wooden carts, others are larger more permanent shops. All sorts of things are sold here from fruit, breads, animals such as sheep, chickens, and the like. Some stalls sell skill based things like paintings, dresses, and jewelry. If it is for sell more than likely it will be found here. However, the marketplace is policed pretty heavily and guards are always on patrol here to keep the peace as well as keeping a watch to make sure nothing illegal is going on as well.
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