Legends ofAmarna

The hourglass drips on and on, and over time history fades.

What is truth to a king? A tyrant? A god?

And you? What do you value most?

Once upon a time, the land of Aspasia prospered under the peaceful rule of a grand council. Now it's kingdoms lay shattered, its people divided, and its most ancient civilization forgotten. After a thousand years of struggle and the recent opening of ancient portals, long considered obsolete, the world is changing, and its inhabitants struggling. Each choice, each decision, now more important than ever. And you? Which side will you choose?

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Witsend Wilds

On the furthest stretch of plains, far from the lake that feeds the life waters to the surrounding land, lays Witsend wilderness. A small patch of hills roll, breaking up the flat landscape that seem to go on forever. Wind bent trees and clusters of rocks litter the outlaying area. Thatched dwellings huddle together, offering an oasis of life in the solitude of wilderness. Creeks flow through the hills, offering places to quench one's thirst. Animals roam the plains and, in the light of the moon, stalk unsuspecting creatures. Be wary when the light of day fades, for the howl you hear, may not be the wind. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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