Legends ofAmarna

The hourglass drips on and on, and over time history fades.

What is truth to a king? A tyrant? A god?

And you? What do you value most?

Once upon a time, the land of Aspasia prospered under the peaceful rule of a grand council. Now it's kingdoms lay shattered, its people divided, and its most ancient civilization forgotten. After a thousand years of struggle and the recent opening of ancient portals, long considered obsolete, the world is changing, and its inhabitants struggling. Each choice, each decision, now more important than ever. And you? Which side will you choose?



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Breath of Life

This is where all member and character applications are registered. All accepted applications can be found in their archives. Archives are not deleted, so if you are trying to find an old character, their information may be found within.
Ivar 05-27-2021, 4:11pm by Hoofbeats
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Feedback and Bug Reports

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Faern Cascades

Built into the side of a mountain, Faern Cascades overlook a mighty lake and the sprawling plains. With pathways carved into the rock, for any curious creature that wants to venture to the body of water, the lake serves as the source of all water for the Kingdom. A rushing waterfall the constant companion to all the inhabits of the stone buildings, the cascades feeds into the great lake that becomes many rivers, bringing water to the furthest stretches of the plains. Built into the rocks itself, the dwellings allow for cool days and warm nights. All the comforts of home welcome those who come to live here. Emperor/Empress: N/A
Have a Little Faith 10-02-2019, 9:14pm by Aeoloni
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Perigrin Port

Nestled alongside a wide river, Perigrin Port is a tradesmen's paradise. Ships laden with cargo come to dock at the port and share their goods with the town. Stone, imported from the mountains make up the dwellings of this place. Colorful banners, made from dyes carried from further upriver, line the streets and herald the passing fleets to set anchor here. Wealth flows through the town as currency passes hands and greases the wheels of commerce. Shops peddle wares and food, and creatures from all over travel to the port just to buy goods. Crooked trees dot the outskirts of the village, creating a brief respite from high winds. Rain and snow, while not uncommon, do little to dampen the spirits of this lively town. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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Darean Outcrop

In the shadow of a mesa, with the rock to their back, the sprawling village of Darean lies sheltered from the high winds that sweep the plain. A river flows a short way off, feeding from the large lake, that teams with fish. Deer roam the neighboring land, sharing the plain and often entering the village. Huts line the streets that crisscross this town, and stalls jut out to entice passerby's to come spend their coin. Atop the mesa lays three towers make for outlooks. If one wishes to dare the treacherous paths and come to an overlook tower, the views are sure to please. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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Witsend Wilds

On the furthest stretch of plains, far from the lake that feeds the life waters to the surrounding land, lays Witsend wilderness. A small patch of hills roll, breaking up the flat landscape that seem to go on forever. Wind bent trees and clusters of rocks litter the outlaying area. Thatched dwellings huddle together, offering an oasis of life in the solitude of wilderness. Creeks flow through the hills, offering places to quench one's thirst. Animals roam the plains and, in the light of the moon, stalk unsuspecting creatures. Be wary when the light of day fades, for the howl you hear, may not be the wind. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
You Can't Go Home Again 09-12-2021, 4:18am by Aeoloni
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Tiamar Gulch

Tiamar Gulch is a remote location fully of rocky crags, gopher holes, and deadly serpents. This vast semi-desert, offers very little shelter from the wind and other elements, and the deep canyons and gullies have a high risk of flooding after even moderate rain. Haunting whispers can be heard on the wind, and unburied bones liter the ground. This place can be quite dangerous for the unsuspecting traveler, so watch your step! This wilderness is unclaimable


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Xandu Acropolis

Situated high on a hilltop, and overlooking the vast expanse of the jungle, is Xandu Acropolis, the main city of the Ventri. This is a beautiful place with topical flowers climbing up towering buildings, scents of rain and growth, and the song of nature at its finest. The city continues to crawl down the hill, and works around the fast landscape, allowing enough room for nature to mingle with city life. At the lowest point of the city, sits a pyramid. It is used as a temple for their god Apol, and their goddess Ioni. Many priests and priestesses live here, and this is the religious center in the land of the felines. Emperor/Empress: N/A
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Twilight Heights

When entering the Twilight Heights, one may wonder where all the sounds of hustle and bustle come from. The forest floor is covered in thick vegetation, but looking forward, it appears to no one except a stray few wander here. However, the trick is looking up. High in the forest canopy lies the town of Twilight Heights. With long wooden bridge walks, rope ladders, and sturdy tree-houses, those who live here get a view of the rainforest like no other! Instead of living within the trees, they live in the branches, and once reaching the canopy, it is like a rolling forest with nothing but leaves and a blue sky above. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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Liovie Tides

Liove Tides is unique in the fact that it is a town built on top of the ocean and the surrounding beach. On one end of the town is a giant waterfall that flows into the ocean from a massive cliff. The waterfall is nearly as wide as it is tall. As the cliffs fade to a beach, settlements can be seen growing from the beach into the ocean. The jungle is also nearby, and the chorus of exotic species can be heard in the air, while colorful fish and dolphins swim in the sea. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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Whiteheart Savannah

Right along the edges of the equine's territory, and bordering the jungle, lies the Whiteheart Savannah. Depending on the year, this place can range from green and rainy, to dry and hot. It is a place of tall Acacia trees, zebras, gazelles, and even giant elephants and hippopotami. Within the Savannah are small tribal settlements governed by a single monarch. This is the perfect place for loners, or those who love and enjoy the wildlife and plains. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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Xandu Wilderness

Xandu Wilderness is found in the deep jungle. It was once the home of an ancient civilization, but legend states that the now inactive volcano erupted, poisoning the city with its gases and covering it in ash. Few dares to venture here, and there is rumor that the ruins are haunted by something evil. The forest has taken over, and many of the stone buildings have crumbled. The mist that hangs over the city warps and twists into frightening shapes, and the cracking of trees, and the howl of the wind through the buildings make it haunting indeed. This wilderness is unclaimable


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Ilumis City

Settled in the middle of the mountains, and built around towering cliffs and mighty rivers lay the city of Ilumis. While the terrain is rugged the vast amount of natural resources in the area has led to a majestic piece of art. Appearing as one with the mountain are intricate stone buildings, beautiful latticework bridges that cross the rushing rivers and ravines, and quaint gazebos that lend views of the stunning landscape. Leading up to the city are many paths. Some are very well known, while others have remained a secret except to a privileged few. At the top of the mountain lies a small shrine. It is dedicated to their god Lazin, and the goddess Freya. Emperor/Empress: N/A
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Laurel Woods

Surrounded by an old growth forest, this small town is very quaint and quiet. Appearing almost as if it is growing out of the trees, rocks, and brush, it looks very down to earth, and is accessed by dirt paths leading to places larger and well known. While the town seems quite humble, it also seems to sparkle with magic. At night fireflies make the air sparkle, and tree frogs sing a chorus that is just as beautiful as the song that is sung by birds in the daytime. High above, are houses built into the trees with bridges arching between the abodes to connect it all together, and long winding staircases and ladders connecting it to the dwellings on the forest floor. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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Bell Halls

Carved into a towering cliff face, Bell Halls is a small town situated in the side of a mountain. Those who formed the settlement were dedicated miners and worked hard to create a home that would be protected from the elements as well as any other intruders. Legend states that Bell Halls was once a massive city, grand and full of splendor, but after many wars and a plague that killed the majority of the citizens, as that remains are the few that live here. While the town stretches far into the mountain down winding passageways and wide halls, only a small part near the entrance is lived in. The rest has crumbled into ruins, and some even say that the farthest stretches are haunted. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
Into the Deep 12-22-2019, 9:07pm by Vivendel
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Silvarnei Arctic

As the mountains fade into foothills, the land grows ever colder. This place is known as the Silvarnei Arctic, and is known for its frigid temperatures and unwelcoming climate most of the year. In late spring, there is a faint reprieve from the snow and ice, and green grass mixed with brilliant wildflowers peeks through the snow until early autumn. Rivers flow through here, and on the western edge, the land meets with the ocean. Monarch: Currently Unclaimable
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Winfell Peak

High atop the peak of Winfell, above the clouds that ring the summit and hide it from view, lies a ghost town. Once a bustling apparition, some misfortune befell this place to drive its inhabitants away. Snow dusted buildings and crumbling ruins are all that remain of the once glorious town. But what happened to drive away the living? Stories of ghosts and vampires linger in the air, chilling more than just the skin. Should one step foot into this dread place, expect no kindness or quarter from those who roam here. For this is a wild land, full of wild animals. This wilderness is unclaimable

Tavarhi Desert

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Tabar Domain

Tabar Domain is a city deep in the desert, and is made up of tall stone buildings, underground dwellings, and muddy adobes. This city is full of the less savory types, and while there are the more fortunate, wealthy types, the majority of the economy runs on the black market and illegal activities. Throughout the city are rickety stalls meant to sell goods, and down dusty alleyways, hushed voices can be heard bartering smuggled wares. This place, while part of an empire can be dangerous, so watch your back! Emperor/Empress: N/A
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Salvare Desert

Hot, dry, miserable. The Salvare Desert could certainly be considered a wasteland, and with sand dunes, lots of dust, the occasional cactus or sagebrush, and the lack of available water supply, there is certainly enough proof to back that statement. The buildings here are often below ground, since the heat is oppressive year-round, and the only water to be found are at the wells that reach deep into the earth. The plants that survive here are wiry and tough, and while the cactus occasionally provides food during the cooler seasons, the harsh conditions make it almost impossible for anything else to survive for long. Monarch: N/A
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The Black Market

Beginning in an old industrial section of town, and inhabiting many of the "abandoned" warehouses, is the well-known black market. While the activities that occur here are considered illegal, it is unstoppable by the authorities, and like a bandaged wound it is known but ignored. The market itself is what Tabar Domain is well known for, and continues on for several blocks, existing in a hushed silence of bustling bodies and whispered deals. Everything can be sold and traded for here. Assassins, illegal weapons, sex, drugs. The list goes on. If you want it, it can be found. Just be careful, sometimes deals can go wrong, and you don't want to be the one on the bad end of it. Please Note: While this is a Black Market, the site rules still stand, and contraband that is against them will not be permitted for sale.
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With a bloody history of violence and death, the Colosseum is used for all types of events. While it is occasionally used for political functions, theater, and the like, it's primary use is for battles of all types. Sometimes those who seek glory and honor will fight against wild animals, while those who seek to test their skill against another warrior will be permitted to do so. Winners will receive feathers as a reward, and with these feathers they can gain further training, battle items, or exchange them for dewdrops. This is the place where both PvP and NPC battles occur. Please inquire within for a full set of rules and opportunities.
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Tipsy’s Pub

Deep in the city lays a seemingly normal pub. Upon crossing the threshold, one is greeted with the noises and smells of a reputable establishment. All manner of drink is on tap and some bar food can even be found. But the real party lays behind the closed doors. Follow the hall on the left, down the corridor, turn right at the bookcase and knock three times on the door. A slit opens in the door and if the correct password is exchanged, the door creeks open. The dark hallway illuminates and on the other side is tables with all manner of games deemed illegal in the city. Be wary, for one can lose more than just money at these tables.

Open Lands

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Mystery Island

An island of magic and wonder, Mystery Island is aptly named, and rarely stays the same for more than a day at a time. When one first steps upon the island, they become aware of the magic hanging in the air, wrapped around every plant, whispering in every breeze. The world changes frequently here, and even the patterns between days and nights seem to be timed oddly with the rest of the world. One time the island is a desert, but halfway through the morning it changes into a lush rain forest, or a vast mountain range. Plant and animal life are much the same here. It usually matches the environment, but be aware! Creatures that one would think extinct or non-existent might just show up here in a play of magic as well. Science cannot explain the island, and some theorize that it might simply be a show of one's imagination. Who knows! The experience will be different with each visit!
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The Portals

Standing tall and strong on a vast moor, ornate bluestone arches are arranged in a layered circle throughout the valley. While no one knows the ancient bluestone's origins, whether it be a gift from the gods or an advanced society lost in legend, they know their uses. On each ornately carved arch, seemingly untouched by time, except for the moss and lichen that stains it, are glyphs that point to the spot where its sister arch appears on the map. While each doorway seems to be engulfed in a heavy mist, it is easily walked through, and upon entering, they immediately exit out of the sister arch into another part of Aspasia. While no one knows the magic that created them, nor their origins, they know that they are an effective form of travel through the land, and as long as there is mist hanging from the arch, they know that it is usable.
Spring Feast 06-29-2021, 10:07am by Ke'Anu
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Punalu Beach

Punalu beach, is a long sandy beach that stretches along the coast for miles and miles. While it is occasionally broken up by rocky patches, cliffs, and crags, the majority of it is a long sandy stretch that is perfect for sunbathing, playing in the sand, or swimming in the brilliant blue waves. The climate here is typically warmer, and while there is some variation between the north and south portions, it is fairly consistent with mild winters and hot summers. The most interesting thing about the beach is that the sand is different colors in different regions. The sand nearest the volcano is a dark onyx, and eventually fades to a sandy brown. Some parts of the beach even have patches that are near-ivory, and a section that is a brilliant red!
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Da’avi Paradise

Da'avi Paradise is a beautiful place full of bioluminescent flowers, trees, and even water. Things seem to come at life at night, and the plants and water will glow with a slight breeze or a gentle touch. This forest is exceedingly large, and is home to many exotic animals and plants. The ground is fertile and there are winding rivers, tall hills, steep cliffs, and intricate rock formations. The emerald green forest meshes well with the turquoise waters and the brilliant colors of year-round blooms.
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Ash Lake

A hot sulfurous spring, at the base of a towering active volcano, Ash Lake is a tainted cauldron of muddy goo. Its smell carries for miles, and is heated hydrothermally by the magma boiling just beneath the surface. Occasionally, as water and mud spurt out in boiling geysers, a new cesspool of poison is formed. In some places the water and mud are acidic from volcanic gas and ash, and the water is undrinkable and oftentimes fatal. Even in the winter the ground is warm, and those who proceed without caution may find themselves doomed. Bordering the lake are tar pits seeking to trap an unwary victim who takes a wrong step and blunders inside.
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Beinn Woods

Beinn Woods is a beautiful old growth forest with towering redwood trees, soft green ferns, and trickling streams. The trees here, are hundreds of feet tall, and some are nearly as big around as a house! Because of the tall trees, many animals dwell here, that are hard to find elsewhere, and as the forest changes to rocky crags, a massive cave system twists and twines through the area. Some of the caves are open to the elements, and inside are entire ecosystems of trees, and animal life, before they fade again into the pitch darkness of the subterranean world. In the center of the forest, lies a mountainous lake. It is very large, and the waters are crystal clear. While it may seem deceptive, watch out! The water is actually very deep in some areas, and fish the size of a boat are not unknown to swim around near the bottom eating creatures that are smaller than themselves.
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Ilma Swamp

Deep within the lands there is a patch of wetland. Trees sprout out of the water, trunks twisting and vines tangling to form a canopy of green. The sun's rays filter through the leaves, tinting this hidden world green. Moss grows on the surface of the water and lily pads float along, allowing frogs to hop on top of them and croak their songs for all to hear. Snakes lurk in the grass that springs up along the edges swamp offering a reprieve from the water but hiding creatures that seek to end the life of a passerby. Eyes peer out of the water, bodies hidden, seeking out soft targets for yummy meals.


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News and Announcements

This is the place to find, you guessed it, news and announcements! Hot off the press and straight to you! Check here often for fun and exciting developments in Amarna.
Spring Celebration 03-10-2021, 10:10pm by Hoofbeats
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Member Lounge

Welcome to the beautiful LOA lounge full of couches and comfy chairs. This is where the people can come out from behind their characters and can come and hang out. Basically, everything OOC is allowed here as long as it adheres to the site-wide rules. Have fun!
Date, Mate, Shovel 01-13-2019, 5:55am by Schadenfreude
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