Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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  • breed Satyr
  • height 7'2"
  • eye color Ember

He is the son of a dying summer, the colors of the changing seasons where the hearth's flames cast their ruddy shadows, a spell broken as life meets its end and death is but a beautiful ballad. Warm is the certainty of this very nature, a being who is both a merciful and absolute. Elias is a mystifying creature, something that has never been seen before, and nothing that will ever bee seen again. A child of the forest, he stand both part of and apart from the unfurling tapestry of fate, weaving those golden strands with deft hands and a steady mind. It shows in his eyes, those Delphic sparks of ember, secretive and calm, knowing how the story ends before it had a chance to be written.

Legends would call him a satyr, a spirit part man, part animal, yet, he does not appear as the stories would tell. An elegance paints each movement as something subtle and confined, controlled with the grace of someone who is aware of every inch of their body. It is strange, to see such a trait in one so tall, for he appears as to loom over all he encounters. Sepian hues cloak his frame in plush fur, burnish and bright as if withholding a candlelight from within, with hues of mahogany, apricot, copper and bronze. It falls in playful flowing curls, alive with each movement, laying thick upon his hips, tail and chest. Crowned by fire, his mane its the richest of autumn reds, mirrored in the silks of his tail and falling in careless tumbles, barely contained with the barest of fleeting thoughts.

But is perhaps his more animalistic traits that stand out most. His feet are edged by molten embers, cloven hooves that seems to leave imprints of light wherever they step. A goat, or something else. They are paired with a crown of living candelabras, the smooth ivory a rich brown, serrated with cracks of immortal glow, and sparked by precious flames upon each tip. Their bestial origins are a stark contrast to his attire, the azure velvet edged with coy lace, and accompanied by an eternal harvest bouquet. He is a scholar, and it shows in aristocratic poise and the scent of ink and parchment.


A solemn flame, one that had endured the brash chill of a relentless winds, one who has endured the darkness that creeps in ever close. Elias is, that precious haven, that warmth that remains when all else seems to want to fall into despair. To live for so long is to know what it means to treasure life, and what it means to covet the finite time that is afforded on this earth. Callous, some may call it, to see death and not shed a tear, accepting fate without even trying to overcome its verdict. For all his years he has walked this earth, Elias has been a protector to the cycle, representing the horizon where life and death meet, where light and darkness reign in equal turn. Perhaps he is not wise, but merely, understands the horrors that await all who seek to break the chains.

He is jubilant passion and crushing want; he is the gentle flicker of the flame against a chrysalis of coloured glass, endearing and peaceful, but a part of something far greater and powerful than one could hope to understand. He has lived long years, and has come to distance himself from those who would one day fade away, and amored by their overwhelming light. It is difficult to truly understand him, for he has not shown his true self in so long. It is not so much he believes himself superior, or beyond the trifles of the world, more so that he knows whether they fight and go with the tides, time always had a way of righting its course, finding its way to the sea as it always had.

But the being is gentle, and kind, offering his aid freely and without pressure. He is the open hand that reaches down to pull the helpless from where they lay crumbled upon the ground, and a warm blanket to shelter wary hearts from the storm that brews outside. He is a teacher and a student, giving knowledge just as he drinks it in, savours its flavours as the most delicate of wines. No one who may come to his door, there is always a story to tell. And how powerful stories are.


He was born from the sparks of the creators hearth, a spirit to guide, to offer solace to those who were left to wander in the night alone. In the world of his creation, there had been no sun, no warmth or light. It was by candlelight that the children survived, terrified of the monsters that lurked in shadow and ash.

Legends would of a warlock, who came where hopelessness seeped in, to vanquish its roots and guide lost souls back home. A being who forged will-o-wisps, marking the paths of the deep places, and of a place where night never truly fell, eternally twilight. For centuries, it was his duty, until at last, the sun rose for the first time and legend faded to memory.

-Will be expanded as discovered in IC-


Luminosity: Small flickering flames are always surrounding Elias, hovering above his horns and swaying amongst the auburn tresses of his tail. He is weakest when in darkness, and so this is a minor means of keeping himself energized.

Shapeshifting: A creature of the forest, he has come to know them as friend and as kin. He possesses the ability to shift into many of the common creatures found in those woods, from deer to hare, owl to fox. More often then not, when beyond the safety of his abode, Elias is likely to be seen in one of his small formers, always bearer the signature flames hovering above his head.

Minor Telepathy: He cannot speak in his animal forms, not in the way other's can understand. It has lead him to develop a means of communication via telepathy.

Spatial Manipulation > Beginner. An unusual ability, Elias has long been a creature who existed in that place between the tangible world and that beyond our preception. Since arriving to Amara, that connection has been vastly weakened, leaving the man caught in this unknown place. He has retained the most fundamental of ability, granting him the power to store items into pocket dimensions, which he can then summon to his position when needed. At its weakest, he can only encompass things that he has the strength to carry himself, from books, food stuffs, and clothing. Yet, as this ability progresses further into its more developed beginner stages, he can bear the burden of 'warping' larger items such as chests, weaponry, and supplies. The larger more heavier the item, the greater the strain it places upon him in the transit, resulting in lightheadedness, difficulty breathing, and nausea. And should he so forget the item he has stored away, so will it ever be lost to the void.

More to come



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