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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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"With wings made of wax it might be wise to avoid the sun"
speciesAmur Tiger
territoryWhiteheart Savannah
dewdrops 289dd


  • breed Amur Tiger
  • height 4'
  • eye color Electric Blue

A base coat of charcoal sets the tone of this tiger. Deep black stripes crisscross his face, back and underbelly, the only ‘normal’ tiger trait this man possesses. Ears have been dipped jet black on the outside. Deep gray fades to shadowy black the further along his legs you travel.

Now begins the unusual parts of Icarus.

Wings sprout from his shoulders, a deeper gray than that of his body. Half way down the flight feathers they change from the darker color to a bright electric blue that almost seems to glow from within.

On his legs and chin are strips of the same blue color that carry the light from within and pulse with each beat of Icarus’s heart. Eyes radiate the same shade of cobalt and four bright pin points of the same hue dot the underside of each eye.

Instead of a regular tiger tail, it elongates and ends in black feathers that illuminate like the feathers of his wings. Expect for one glaring difference, these emit flames. The flame is not harmful to anyone who touches it. It is more of a cosmetic result.
Human Form
  • height 5'11"

Bronze skin and bright hazel eyes are the first features one is sure to notice about Icarus. Unlike his tiger form the electric blue eyes do not carry over. Dark brown hair is cut short and the beginnings of a beard can be seen on his face.

Long, elegant fingers are suited for piano playing and, on occasion, playing the guitar. Callouses have formed on his fingers and palms from not just guitar playing.

While not considered tall, he is also not short. Of average height is the best way to describe the man.

When in his human form Icarus prefers to wear simple clothing. Preferring dull earth tones to outlandish colors, and styles for that matter, he just wants to blend in with the crowd. Pants, shirt and shoes are all inconspicuous and well worn.


Shy: Icarus is the type of person who runs from attention. If eyes find themselves on him, the man tends to try and slink away into the shadows. Uncomfortable around crowds and loud noises, Icarus does his best to avoid cities.

Kind: Willing to give his last cent to those in need, Icarus is generous to a fault. Not born with much sense for money, he often finds himself giving more than he has. From money to possessions, Icarus freely gives without a second thought.

Humble: While he is kind and generous to those in need, Icarus never tries to draw attention to himself. Anonymity are more his style. With a soft smile and false name, Icarus has slipped away from many people without drawing attention to himself.

Nervous: Living in a perpetual state of anxiety, Icarus often worries that has done something, or will do something wrong. With little to no self-esteem the man always looks to build those around him up. Kind words and caring gestures to others are common with him while inside he berates and ridicules himself. Because of this, fidgeting often occurs and he has a hard time looking people in the eye.

Prone to Bouts of Depression: Because of his self-doubt and self-belittling, Icarus often finds himself depressed. Always comparing his accomplishments to others and judging himself short, Icarus doubts that he is of worth. While he does find happiness in helping others and enjoys being nature, there are times when sadness wins the day.



Life, for Icarus, begin in a one-story shack in the middle of nowhere in a land far from here. Brought into this world with the dreams of his parents riding heavily on his shoulders. From the time he could walk, Icarus was groomed to become a warrior, a fighter. He was taught to hunt, to kill and to harden his heart to the world.

However, this is not Icarus.

At every twist and turn he failed, came up short or just plain messed up horribly. With each disappointment his parents would rip into him. Not with claws or teeth but with words and images. They beat him, not physically but mentally. The family could not leave marks or scars on him so they left the wounds where no one would find them. They chipped away at him, each insult, every barbed word cut to his soul. Every time they yelled, or ignored him, a little piece of the young Icarus would die inside. He endeavored, he really did, to become what his parents had planned him to be. Still, that was not who Icarus was.

By the time he turned fifteen the young tiger couldn’t hold his head up anymore. He took to looking at the ground when he walked. Getting him to speak was near impossible and still the abuse persisted. He lived with it, he endured it until the day he broke. On a day when the abuse was even more cruel, Icarus ran away.

His father had been trying to teach him how to kill and skin a deer. The boy had balked. He refused to take the life of the animal. The words that spilled from the mouth of his father where laced with danger. The man threatened to kill him in his sleep and that was when the boy knew, his father meant it. Fear crept into his mind, wrapping around his spin and paralyzing Icarus. The man advanced, eyes foreboding. Death was in the man’s every move. If Icarus wouldn’t kill the deer, then he would kill Icarus. Eyes became round with fear as the man neared. Icarus had to run, he had to leave. But he was terrified and his feet were rooted to the spot. His father stopped, swung a paw back and… that was the last time he saw his family.

Icarus ran, for days, for weeks he ran. It wasn’t until he could barely move, almost dead from starvation and exhaustion that he stopped running. Weak and near death Icarus laid down, ready to pass from this life. However, the Gods were not ready for him.

A kind stranger found the young boy and nursed him back to health. When he was well enough, the boy slipped away in the night. He did not want to burden the poor family that housed him while he was sick. That is what he told himself, but the truth was, he was afraid they would be like his family when he became healthy.

Years passed and the boy grew into a man. He grew some confidence but not much. Now he finds himself in a strange land surround by the unknown.


Icarus has been gifted the ability of air

Icarus now has a firmer grasp on the secrets of the wind. With little effort he can reach out and create a breeze. He can cool entire groups of people now. Vortexes are also stronger and can send him higher into the air.
With little effort he can stay aloft in the air, without beating his wings, for long periods of time. He can now shift the wind to be stronger under one wing then the other, allowing him to turn with ease.
Along with these also comes a new understanding, how to use the air to create weapons. While they are not weapons themselves, the air can whip debris and objects at opponents with deadly speed and accuracy.
He can also put force the wind now that seems to cut when they strike. Icarus prefers never to use these to hurt others. He only relies on them when his life or the life of a someone who is helpless is threatened.
With the increase of understanding comes the lessening of side effects. Exhaustion now is just weariness that is more annoying than anything. Pain can occur but only in mild to moderate levels. Nosebleeds are rare but can occur when Icarus pushes himself beyond his limits.

Icarus finds his power is growing! Now, with a little persuading and a lot of practice, the man finds he can start to shape the wind. Pulling the breeze in tightly to wrap around itself, he forms a small vortex that can launch him high into the air. While he is flying the man can manipulate the air to help him remain aloft for longer without using his wings.
His ability to create breezes has improved as well, they last longer, are stronger and can cool two to three people.
The exhaustion can still set in if he uses his powers for too long. Pain also occurs but it does not hit the extreme end as often as it used to. Nosebleeds no only last half the time they previously did.

Icarus has felt a stirring within his veins. The has talked to him all his life, enticing, teasing, teaching him. Only now has it opened its secrets to him. When he focuses on the air around him, Icarus can seem to bend very particulars to his will. For now, all he can do is coax up a light breeze, which can only cool one person, or a very small dust devil. Neither are very helpful, expect on hot days, and both drain Icarus immensely.
If used for too long the man suffers from exhaustion, pain that can strike anywhere in his body and nosebleeds. The pain can range from mild to severe depending on long or how strongly the man uses his abilities. The nosebleeds can last from a few minutes to an hour if he is not careful.


Always one to help others, Icarus was happily surprised when, one day, an animal decided to come help him. Its name was Archimedes and it was a bluebird. Archimedes found Icarus on his worst day, when the man was so sad that he thought the world was coming to an end. That was when the bird found him and that was things started to look up.

Never a harsh word or cross feeling is passed to Icarus from the little bird, for Archimedes knows that Icarus had too much of that while he was growing up. Instead the little bird offers words of encouragement, love and understand through their shared bond.

The little bluebird loves to perch upon Icarus’s head and sing songs to him. When fighting an attack of depression, Archimedes refuses to leave Icarus’s side. The little bird will entwine its feet into the fur, or hair, of his friend and send him kind, gentle words through their shared linked.

Archimedes is happiest when he is with Icarus and, if they get separated, the bird worries and frets until they are reunited. This is due largely to the fact that Archimedes knows Icarus will be unforgiving to himself for losing his friend.

Icarus is enterally grateful to his little bluebird of happiness. Because the bird saved him, Icarus is very protective of Archimedes and will go to great lengths to see that no harm comes to his friend.


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