Legends ofAmarna

The hourglass drips on and on, and over time history fades.

What is truth to a king? A tyrant? A god?

And you? What do you value most?

Once upon a time, the land of Aspasia prospered under the peaceful rule of a grand council. Now it's kingdoms lay shattered, its people divided, and its most ancient civilization forgotten. After a thousand years of struggle and the recent opening of ancient portals, long considered obsolete, the world is changing, and its inhabitants struggling. Each choice, each decision, now more important than ever. And you? Which side will you choose?

Cinders Offline

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  • breed Wolf
  • height 26 in.
  • eye color Purple
Wild, feral, messy, and too thin. All accurate descriptions of the small wolf pup. But beneath the fur matted with blood, dirt, and mud lies lean and thick muscles, leading down to big paws that promise a healthy future for the pup if she survives to see it. Beneath the mud and grime that has accumulated over time, however, the fur is shockingly white and soft, pure as the driven snow. Her eyes are a vibrant purple shade, the very picture of a helpless little pup. But beneath the soft exterior of the pup is a survivor and predator in the making. Her eyes are sharp and wary despite her normally trusting nature and her paws are hardened with use as opposed to the normal softness of pups her age. She's a survivor through and through.
Human Form
  • height 4'
She is a proud, fey thing, with wild eyes as vibrant as an aurora, and a healthy, albeit willowy, form. The heritage of the supernatural is obvious in those slender lines, in that otherworldly loveliness that touches her features, high cheekbones made for a life among the aristocracy, soft lips, a delicate jaw framed by flowing waves of sable. Her porcelain skin is soft and flawless, her pale visage reminding one much of a china doll, pale and fragile.

There is a strange quality to her beauty, an often distant and unpredictable aspect to those lovely vibrant eyes that can be off-putting, even when her smile manages to entice. Yet she carries herself with an effortless poise brought on by her free spirit, every movement marked with a youthful sort of arrogance, a presence somewhere between commanding and gently compelling.

Dragon Form
  • height 5'0
As of now the dragonling looks far more like an oversized flying lizard than the flying destruction tank she is destined to be. The vibrant eyes of the human form have given way to a slightly darker hue and the head has become far more slender and serpentine. The scales are present, snow white as the former humans skin, but more noticeable perhaps are the tufts of snow like fur beginning to puff out from beneath them and slowly cover the body with a secondary coat that needs a thorough grooming. The wings are still forming, and likely can only support her in the air for a short while, barely extending out a foot or two from her back with softened curves out around her. Her belly is mostly smooth scales, the fur not having reached it yet, but when her emotions get the better of her - which they often do - they glow orange with the promise of retribution for those who oppose her.....once she manages to channel it beyond the small flickering stream it currently is. In the end, even as a dragon, she doesn't look all that fierce.


There are two sides to cinders personality: The lucid part who acknowledges and remembers the past, and the usual deluded one whose mind has hidden the truth from her for her sanity.

Cinders, when she remembers, is a young woman whom extraordinary circumstance has forged into a formidable creature who seems wise and capable well beyond her years. She is intensely charismatic, with a real knack for reading those around her and adjusting her approach to them as needed to accomplish the desired results while ensuring they never see it is, in fact, a learned mask she wears.

Who she is most of the time, however, is a pup whom extraordinary circumstance has forged into a formidable creature who seems wise and capable well beyond her years. Of course, she is still a pup and her ability to express ideas is somewhat limited, but where most her age communicate in fractured words she communicates in full sentences and despite her young age has a sad grasp on how the world around her works. Of course, for all her maturity and fiercness she is still a pup. Playful and eager to please those around her, in no small part because pleasing others is likely how she has survived this long. She is also naive and far too friendly for a loner, trusting those around her to genuinely return her kindness and good nature that she shows them. The child's mind incapable of dealing with the trauma it has seen simply hiding it away most days, leaving her a free-spirited child in love with life and the world around her.


To meet Cinders today: The traumatized yet infinitely brave young girl that she is, who possesses both an unearthly and yet grounded glow to her, you would never expect how normal her early life was.

Born to peasant farmers living in the outskirts of a local village, her earliest days were poor in material wealth but filled with love, she ran about free as a bird growing in both her human and animal form.

But they were peasants and living in an uneasy time of war. A farm far from any real civilization? That was just begging for a raid. And so it was, Cinders awoke one night to her house in flames just as her mother scooped her up and fled the house with her.

But had she gotten away this would not be a story worth telling would it?

The soldiers were waiting outside and stopped her attempt to leave with her daughter. Dealing killing blows to the whole family, taking any valuables they could find, and burning the land to ashes.

But Cinders survived.

Pale and fragile as she was all she had to do was hold her breath, stare vacantly into the distance, and remain still as a statue, the soldiers paid her no mind and when they left soon after Cinders was able to staunch the bleeding by tearing off part of her clothes to act as a bandage.

Cinders was too young to comprehend death but old enough to know danger. So she fled, deep into the woods where no one would find her, shifted into her wolf form. She ran for days, unceasingly, till finally her paws gave out beneath her and she collapsed in a heap. But she would awake, and she would live.

Cinders hasn't left her shifted form since the attack, just one more way to put a barrier between herself and the trauma. She lives as a wolf in the forest, alone, safe, guarded and getting stronger day by day.

Perhaps one day she will be strong enough to confront the memories.


Magic: Clairvoyence

Beginner: Once Upon a Dream

Ever since she was a little girl, Cinders has been capable of both sharing her dreams with others and visiting those she is sleeping physically next to. Unfortunately, she has no control over this power, meaning she puts herself into others dreams or drags them into her own uncontrollably and with no knowledge that this is her doing and not just a dream. She can, however, assert minor dominance over the dreams she walks, changing the scenery or even the tone if she concentrates, but this requires heavy focus and in dreams cinders finds it hard to concentrate, often leaving her helpless to her own powers.



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