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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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speciesWarmblood Cross
dewdrops 250dd


  • breed Warmblood Cross
  • height 15.2hh
  • eye color Pale Peach and Violet
a crisp dawn in early spring
Standing average at 15.2 hh, Faelden is neither a particularly large, heavy mare, nor is she excessively short or thin-bodied. She fits solidly between a warm- and a hotblood body type with a coat that can't seem to decide whether it wants to be blue, purple, or peach colored. It looks as though she was painted by an early morning sunrise. Bat-like wings protrude from her shoulder blades and are far too large to fold neatly against the sides of her barrel. She allows her mane to grow as it will, though she generally attempts to keep it from dragging the ground. Her tail, however, is simply a product of her parentage and she has learned to deal with the elongated appendage and all of its various irritations. Its saving grace is that it is somewhat prehensile, so as long as she doesn't mind getting the hair dirty, she can usually pick something up with it. Long feathering begins as high as her knees and hocks, and she takes a great deal of care to not step on it and trip herself. Perhaps to balance the tail, or perhaps to just add another inconvenience, a twisted horn sprouts from the center of Faelden's forehead. Made of reinforced keratin, it will continue to grow for the duration of her lifetime and occasionally has to be broken off or chiseled down.


Softspoken, Dutiful, Lawful, Loyal, Daring, Cultured, Disciplined, Perceptive, Irreverent, Cold, Opinionated, Critical
without law and order, there is only chaos
Faelden values order above near everything. As such, her personal ethics have never and should not impede her ability to do her duty by the law of whichever land holds her allegiance. She firmly believes that the laws in place were written for a reason, and while they may not necessarily follow the moral good, it is better to work at changing a law than it is to break it.
a good leader deserves service until death
Raised and trained as a warrior, the mare firmly believes that fealty is a vow breakable only in death. However, fealty must be earned and cannot be demanded nor inherited. While emotion and loyalty can coexist, loyalty must come first. She would never intentionally allow herself to become emotionally involved with anyone she deemed imprudent.
sanity and pride require duty and stagnation leads to the death of the mind
Without purpose, Faelden is lost, wandering from land to land and unable to settle. She needs a job, something to occupy her mind and her body, or she begins to go insane. Unable to sit idle, Faelden will seek work as she believes that duty is the key to happiness and a fulfilling life.
education and sense are the basis of tactical value
In Faelden's experience, all shortcomings in one's life are one's own making. Luck does not exist--only hard work and error. If she is successful, it will have been only through her own dedication and intelligence. If she is injured in battle, it will be because she did not train hard enough. Faelden will never find value in anyone who places too much faith or hope in the gods, and she has no use for anyone who does not think in terms of tactics and strategy.
emotions are the fog inhibiting the mind
Faelden is not emotionless. She does not hide her feelings or lock them away in a dark dungeon of her mind. The entirety of her magic revolves around reading and manipulating the psychological state of everyone around her. She simply has a distaste for allowing brain chemistry to dictate her actions in any form. Faelden works hard to maintain contact with her emotions while not allowing them to affect her. Basically, she attempts to detach. Of course, she is not always successful and winds up simply avoiding her emotions often.


i hail from the kingdom of my forefathers...
In theory, Faelden was born the daughter of a warrior chieftain. Calling their homeland a kingdom could be considered quite a misnomer, however. A sovereign nation, yes, but a kingdom only so much as it had the basic social infrastructure of a society ruled by a warrior-monarch. Faelden's people were a semi-nomadic tribe of equines in a cold climate where day and night would last nearly half the year. Due to the lack of resources, theirs was a culture of warfare--valuing battle prowess, magical ability, physical strength, and tactical intellect above all else.

The death of Nahkriin, their leader for many years, was not completely unexpected. Anyone can die in battle. The shock came several days later when a young filly simply appeared in the middle of the tribe's training grounds carrying the talisman of the dead chief. Assumed to be the lost king's heir, Faelden was quickly taken under the wing of the regent, Ryn'din. Under his tutelage, she learned the arts of war, courtesy, etiquette, leadership, politics, history, and a myriad of other useful skills she would eventually need to become chief.

sometimes, the decisions from our youth have lasting impacts...
As she grew older, Faelden was given a great deal of responsibility. Often, she was left to make decisions for which she was wholly unprepared. Her adviser, the regent Ryn'din, would step in before some of her more inappropriate rulings could cause any permanent damage. During her adolescence, she believed that she was in charge and therefor the weight of the kingdom was her responsibility. In reality, she was simply being groomed by a mentor who was perhaps not as considerate of her psychological state as he should have been. If the decision she made would have a negative result, but not quite end the world, he would often allow it to pass--pausing only to give her a harsh reprimand, taunt her with her father's seeming perfection, and push her to do better the next time.

The result, of course, was a very confused young queen. Like all kids do, she eventually turned on her mentor and explained that she was, in fact, the ruler, and he had no right to speak to her in such a manner, veto her decisions, or otherwise do his job of keeping the kingdom running with a child-queen on the throne. He responded coldly, informing her that he was not convinced she was anyone special--she had simply appeared with Nahkriin's trinket, after all, and that was hardly proof of birth or parenthood. Between the pressure of leadership and this newfound doubt of whether she was who she thought she was, Faelden began to make a great many mistakes.

Eventually, she sent a raiding party to clear out a den of direbears on the edge of their land. The scout report she received spoke of 7 adult bears and 4 cubs. Of the 26 soldiers she sent to remove the threat, 3 returned home. Beside herself with shame and repulsed at her own gross lack of quality, Faelden ran. She left her comfortable hut, her friends, her teachers, her life, her responsibilities, yet she could not leave her self-disgust. The once-queen could not outrun her shame, could not escape her guilt.

Perhaps it could be argued that Nahkriin should have stepped in and stopped the massacre. After all, she was still young--several years from being considered fully an adult--and he was the regent until she came of age. But Faelden quickly learned that she would kill herself if she thought of the perhapses in life and attempts to avoid that line of reasoning as much as possible.

so i wander, and i learn, and eventually my path will lead me to my destiny.
In the years since her impromptu abdication, Faelden has not returned to her homeland. When she first came across another equid, she decided to keep only her name from her previous life. She dropped her titles, her parentage, her hailing. The mare no longer claims any form of status or rank. She has found herself in deserts, plains, mountains, even a small island in the middle of an ocean. No where is too dangerous for her to travel. If anything, she seems to revel in the challenge of something new and will get bored when stationary for too long. It is clear that she is searching for something--some sort of purpose.

Perhaps one day she will find it.


intuitive empathy
This type of empathy does not initially appear to be a magical ability at all. A young wielder seems to simply have a very good intuition and an uncanny knack at reading people. The beginner empath is able to carefully watch the emotional state of others to spot dishonesty, malicious intent, health status, and magic types while not having any concrete details about any of it.
----Can tell that someone is lying or hiding something, but cannot discern what the lie is. Easily fooled if the speaker believes the lie.
----Can tell that someone wishes her harm, but does not know how or why. Basically "a bad feeling" about a stranger.
----Can tell the overall health status (healthy, immortal, dying, pregnant, etc.) based on emotional status and brain chemistry, but cannot discern any detail about the state. Knows only that a stranger is dying, not how they are dying or what they are dying from.
----Can tell the basic type of magic a stranger wields, but does not know at what level or extent.
As time goes on, this seeming knack begins to be too perfect to simply be explained as 'she's a people-person'. It is hardly ever wrong, and once the user begins to hone the skills and trust the intuition, it is very hard to hide. An apprentice's ability to read someone begins to increase dramatically, though she is still thwarted by those who are relatively emotionless. As a result, many apprentices will attempt to manipulate the emotions of others but are often met with disastrous results. Manipulation is physically taxing and often causes emotional feedback--often changing the emotional state of the wielder.
----Begins to recognize where the lie is in a statement. Half-truths are still particularly tricky to discern.
----Begins to understand the level of malice in someone's intent and who it is specifically directed toward. Requires prolonged exposure.
----Begins to differentiate the type of health defect someone has and whether an illness is curable.
----Basic knowledge of what level magic someone possesses, and can make an educated guess at what the magic actually does. Is often hit-or-miss and complicated magical prowess remains very muddled.
Eventually, what began as simple intuition turns into an intimate understanding of another's psyche within moments of meeting them. At this point, most tacticians will often manipulate someone's emotions to gain some sort of advantage. With practice, there is less feedback, but drastic changes require great levels of energy.
----Knows what piece of dialogue is untrue, and can occasionally tell what the truth actually is--usually when the lie is the polar opposite of the truth and causes a spike in the speaker's emotional state.
----Knows when someone is harboring malicious intent, who it is directed at, and to what level of harm the person wishes. Can sometimes tell why the hostility exsists, but only when it is particularly strong. When it is directed at her, can often read what someone is planning to do in the immediate future.
----Knows what someone is suffering from, if anything at all, including mental illnesses.
----Knows what magics someone wields and understands the purview of simple ones.



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