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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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  • breed Arabian
  • height 14.2 HH
  • eye color Grey
An elegant form of feminine curves make up her silhouette. She is of average height for the blood in her veins, albeit on the shorter end of the spectrum. A noble form of soft lines and the obvious desert lineage masked in obsidian shadows broken up by cream. Idolum is named appropriately, as her movements are ethereal, almost like she never touches the ground. Small hooves carved from coal lay at the base of her form, carrying her lithe frame of sleek black. It is almost as if she was dipped in ink, and she takes care to preen herself for maximum shine. Upon her crown is the color of bone, masking her profile. It curves around her eyes and comes to a point upon her nasal bone.

And of her eyes, they are shrouded in darkness. Not quite black, but a deep ash that almost blends into her pupils. A long, wavy mane curls from their roots, growing that same bony color as her mask and reaching well below her shoulders. The same dyed hair sprouts from her tailbone, the hairs growing longer then she is tall. As a result, it glides upon the ground behind her like a train on a dress. She keeps her locks clean and tangle free, not so much out of vanity as out of nervous energy.

An impressive set of feathered wings are attached to her, just above the shoulder blades. Each feather is that same inky color as her body, with just the outer tips fading to match her locks of hair. As she uses these wings frequently, they are muscled and well defined. When static, they tuck into her body, camouflaged by their darkness and are hardly noticed until they are unfolded.

Often she can be found sporting small metal beads that have been painted a distressed teal. These hang from various strands of hair and some have been chained together to drape across her nape and back. Oxidized copper wraps around her chest and hindquarters, carved into intricate, sharp designs. This metal is also found wrapped around her forelegs in a display of strength. An azurite stone rests in the center of the metal upon her chest, shining the same teal as the metal beads in her locks with veins of darker blues and purples beneath its surface. A cloak of desaturated cornflower blue is woven into rings that hang from the stranded beads on her back, trailing behind her as she glides over the ground. The same silky fabric is tied into a bow at the end of her tail and can be used to cinch up its length if the need arises.

Human Form
  • height 5' 5"
As in her equine form, Idolum's skin is dark. Although it doesn't sport the same inky shine, she has a healthy glow to her. Her body is thin, with attractive curves and a small waist. Her features are delicate and feminine, and she is quite pleasant to look at. Her nose is small and pointed, while her eyes are large and expressive. They shine the same ashy color although in her human form, specks of teal and gold can be seen around her pupils.

Her hair is an ashy blonde, with natural wave and a length that ends below her waist. The same teal beads that hang in her mane can also be found in her human form, delicately accessorizing her hair. Long layers give her hair volume and a fringe frames her face. Her eyebrows are also this light color, a striking feature on her otherwise dark face.

Her body is adorned in light blue fabric that flows around her. Copper metal fastens it around her neck in a halter-top fashion and the length of the fabric hangs down with slits to show off her legs. Her forearms are clasped in the same metal to match. A sturdy, choker-like necklace holds the azurite stone against her throat, the strap made of sturdy leather. That same leather wraps around her legs, her feet covered with greek-inspired leather footwear.



Loyal :: Creative :: Poetic :: Intelligent :: Caring


Fearful :: Anxious :: Depressed :: Distrusting ::Awkward

The Past:

The mysterious woman is a recluse. She left whatever friends she had growing up in the past and fails to make any in the present. She relies solely on her companion, though she wishes that her life could be filled more with those who love her. She is distrustful of others, fear and anxiety filling her at every turn she makes. Every night, she suffers from horrific nightmares, to a point where she hardly sleeps. She will take quick naps during the day to avoid the images that float in her broken mind, listening to her bonded's songs and words. During her nightmares and panic attacks, she seeks flowers to stare at while Sospes uses his magic to brighten the area around her. It is a dream, a lie of comfort, but she lives in it. In rare moments where her mind is at peace, she recites poems and songs in her head. She is a deep thinker, and enjoys random facts and little tidbits that can distract her from her pain. The woman hardly speaks, so her voice cracks, but that doesn't stop her from humming when she thinks no one is around.

The Present:

In their travels, Idolum and Sospes were seperated. This only adds to her anxiety. Without her bonded, she feels as if she can't hear any music and the color of the world has drained. Everything is muted, and as she struggles through each day, she grows numb.


Born of an abusive and dysfunctional life, she is alive because of a man chose to keep her alive. Her mother was kind to her, but was a witch. Magic surrounded the filly, and it was because of her mother's deceptive craft that the mare was able to conceive Idolum. A random man was tricked, and the woman paraded around proud of her testament to her freedom. It wasn't until she used a powerful spell that she realized that the foal that grew inside of her resembled that random stallion, and she started to fear her mate.

She was careful around him, becoming paranoid when the filly was born. However, her mate gave no notice to the filly's obsidian looks. He himself was lightly colored, and the mare had no stains of black on her hide. But before long, he became suspicious, realizing that the filly bore the same facial marking as another male in the herd, as well as the same dark coloring. It was six months after her birth that the man led his mate and bastard child into the woods.

The sound of bones cracking echoed off the trees, the man disabling the foal from fleeing. His goal was to rid himself and his mate of the shameful foal, but was interrupted by the mother's spell work. He would have to turn against her first. The man took his time, the witchcraft no match against his strength. The final blow crushed her skull, sending shards of bone and brain matter splattering against his coat. The blood covered stallion let a laugh rumble his chest as he turned back to the shriveled baby on the ground. He stood over her, whispering in her ears a phrase of her unworth before trotting off.

She couldn't remember what her mother looked like before this. She tried to crawl to the broken body, but was unable to move. She fitfully drifted in and out before being awakened by a ghostly figure. The apparition resembled the mass of flesh that rotted in front of her. Whether it really happened, or it was her mind playing tricks on her, the figure gave her the strength to move her own broken body into the forest, away from the maniacal man she once called father. Over time, her bones healed, and she met a young raven named Sospes who had a different kind of magic then her mother. It was honest, light, and he has never left her side after meeting the tormented woman.


The Woman Who Can See Death

Level One: She sees ghosts. These spirits manifest themselves using her energy, and one more then one occasion, these manifestations have almost cost her her life. She had received an azurite stone, of which she was told could be used to store energy. Even though she has never successfully pushed excess energy into the stone, she hopes that one day she will succeed, fearing that the spirits around her will drain her completely. She is unsure why she sees the dead, but she hopes that she can develop her spiritual energy enough to communicate with the spirits that use her. As of right now, the manifestations that she sees are not full apparitions. Rather they are wispy echos of their past form. They whisper in her hear but cannot hear her.



Original Character Design by Roofie

Manipulation by Elegant Tragedy

Pegasus Lineart by ReQuay

Sketch Sketch of Human Form by Roofie

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