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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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speciesBaroque / Catfish
dewdrops 284dd


  • breed Baroque / Catfish
  • height 16.2hh
  • eye color Swampy Green
Sumec is a rather tall, but well muscled Baroque style equid. His body hair is thin, almost mangy and the skin beneath smooth but tough. When wet it takes on a slimy texture. His upper body is dark skin, with an slight green hue, and speckled with dark spots on the head, neck, and along the dorsal. His lower lip, along his jaw, and down to his stomach are of a creamy white skin. This yellowed white skin continues over the elbow, along the stifle and up to the croup. His legs then return to dark points and black hooves. His mane and tail are of a bright red colour, but less than less than healthy. The tail is thin and scraggly with some very obvious mats, and the mane is patchy. It looks as is most of his hair has rotted away in severe case of rain rot. Sumec's most noticeable trait though are a long pair of fleshy whiskers that extend from the point where his lips meet at the end of the muzzle just above the chin groove. They are highly sensitive and used for for sensing the world around him and finding edible foliage in the swamp.
Human Form
  • height 180
Sumec has long forgotten his human form. Although he can vaguely recall looking into the mirror once and seeing a thin young man with bright red hair and spotty skin standing before him. Vitiligo, is what they called it. This pattern didn't match his coat pattern and it was the same washed out yellow colour of skin that had been in the water too long. He had often been told it was gross, and that his presence was something of a nuisance because of it. He wasn't well muscled, just a simple fisherman. His hair here had been matted also, if no one else cared about him why should he care about him? His eyes were sunken with dark bags that complimented his dark green eyes. They weren't the nice dark emerald that the upper class seemed to have, no, his were a dull algae green reminiscent of the swamp where he caught most of his fish. The rich loved caviar and catfish had lots of it.


Quite, Reserved, and Inherently Good. Sumec see the good in life. He believes that no matter what each living thing has the capability to change, and that what's best for the world is kindness. This does not mean that he is easily pushed over. He can grow violent and hardheaded is pressed to the limits of his patience or if he feels he's not being treated with the same amount of respect as he's giving to the person. Left out of most of the outside drama for most of his life Sumec is slow, and relaxed and sees no need for anything to be rushed or hurried along. That only leads to misunderstanding and discord.


In Sumec's earliest memories all he could remember was his father. He never could remember having a mother in any of her memories, and when he had asked his dad about that the subject was always changed. Sumec wondered if it had anything to do with why his equus form had long wiskers on it's mouth. Sumec's father was a fisherman, and apparently his fathers father as well. The career seemed to be a family tradition. Between catches there was much time to talk and Sumec's father loved to tell stories of how the world used to be: Peaceful. His father's family came from the plains, and they moved down here to get away from conflict. Without others of their kind their numbers dwindled. Those that didn't go off with other alliances passed without offspring. Now it was just Sumec and his father. The caught and sold fish for their living and it was always a lucrative business. They were by no means rich, but fish was always something in demand. The upper class liked to eat the roe and harder to catch fish, and common fish were in enough abundance the lower class could afford it more often that other meats. Always, his father would say, stay in the human visage. The different species didn't like each other any more and it was best not to show anyone who you were. It didn't matter what your alignment was, apparently, only what you were. In this respect as a human Sumec met good, and bad, people of all the races and the more people he met the more he wondered why they hated each other. A man from the mountains once told him about his god Lazin. A water god that Sumec began to believe in, along with the earth god of his father, Bori. In the swamps both seemed to rule equally. Their life was simple and it continued as such until Sumec's Father died, naturally. After that Sumec slowly withdrew from his business, and began to live more solitary. Eventually it was just easier to avoid people and live as an animal, and so for the last decade Sumec has lived in the swamps surviving on his animal instincts.


Level: 1
Element: Water
Type: Defensive

Sumec has the ability to blow fog as he exhales as a defensive mechanism. As a Human this can come from his nose, or mouth. As a horse this will come solely out of his nostrils when blowing in alarm. When the magic is activated water vapor/fog is expelled through the force of his lungs that fills the surrounding area of roughly 30 meters (abt 100ft) in diameter. The effect to the are is a thick fog appears to hang in the air acting as a smoke screen of sorts, and concealing Sumec and those in the area. This gives Sumec time to flee ad he is just as disable by the thick fog as his enemy is.



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