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Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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speciesSnow Leopard
dewdrops 1,095dd


  • breed Snow Leopard
  • height 2'0"
  • eye color Lavendar

Sarmina has an elegant soft icy blue base coat that has spots that are dark blue and black. They curve around her body in clusters of ringlets, and they ripple as she moves. The spots are larger along her spine, and condense into clusters of small spots on areas such as her face and paws. Her fur is long and soft year round, and it helps protect her from the elements.

As with her human form, Sarmina is a smaller creature, however, she does not look quite as delicate as a snow leopard as she does as a human .Her fur helps make her appear larger than she would otherwise be, and she uses the illusion to her advantage. She is still small, but does not appear as small as she could. She is well groomed, and makes sure she always appears her best. Her eyes are a soft lavendar that sparkle with a cruel cunning. It warns others that she might not be as nice as she appears.

In addition to all other things, Sarmina's bones and claws are made out of diamond. This makes her especially resistant to bone breaks, and makes her claws and teeth exceptionally deadly. This carries over in all of her forms, human and snow-leopard alike.

Human Form
  • height 5'0"

In her human form, Sarmina is slight of build. Being so small and fragile looking irks her, and even though she has mild curves, she still looks delicate as a flower. Perhaps it is because she isn't covered in fur that would make her appear larger, or perhaps it is her diminutive size of barely 5 feet paired with a slight frame. Either way, the human form of Sarmina is not very intimidating. Not according to her build, anyways.

Even though she is small of stature, Sarmina is considered "pretty." She has straight ice-blue hair, and pale skin. Her large lavendar eyes peer from a delicate face, and her pupils are slitted like they are in her feline form. If one didn't know her, they might say she was beautiful, but it is the cunning that sparkles in her eyes that give the warning that she is ambitious and dangerous. She has dense and long black lashes, and her canines are abnormally long for a human. She also has claws that can appear and disappear at will on her hands and feet, and she is not afraid to show them off or use them. They are her one weapon that keeps others from thinking she is a harmless little girl.

Usually when it comes to dress, Sarmina wears long flowing black gowns, or some sort of long flowing dress. She also adorns herself in plenty of jewelry and has several piercings on her ears. She often wears her hair down, but will style it on occasion.


Cruel, cunning, cold, that is Sarmina. She is a smooth talker, and uses her intelligence in such a way as to exert her power over others. She is vain, proud, self-centered. The list goes on. She sees felines as superior to the other races... and herself above them all. She is practically a goddess of fierce beauty and whit! Even the gods would tremble before her might... if ever the opportunity came... certainly they would. There is no doubt.

It is this power-hungry streak, a mile wide, her soul full of vanity that pulls her towards leadership. She can bow to none, and her splender so awe-inspiring that it would make sense that she would dominate with iron claws. How else should it be? She can see it as no other. As she seeks to make her way to the top she will either incite subservience for those below her or trample them in her wake. She cares not. They are just tools, souls to use in her endeavor to be a god.

Yes, she will win. How else could it be?


Growing up in the Land of Lanarda, Sarmina knew what it meant to be the superior species. The felines, most intelligent of them all, should have ruled, and it was their dominion that the woman worked towards ceaselessly. She did not give up. Fighting tooth and claw she gained followers, eventually bringing a small feline, Claudandus under her proverbial wing. It was together that the began spreading propaganda, creating plans for the dominion of the felines. They worked to spite the equines, ignoring the canines for the time being, and in doing so, killed the child of an innocent mare. It was a ruthless act. One to show their power and bring fury upon them. A way to begin a war. However, not all things last, and as she ascended to power, the world fell into chaos.

Slowly the world began to fall to pieces. Lanarda crumbling in on itself. Sarmina had to flee. Losing everything she had worked so hard to gain. There was nothing she could do, yet even then she did not lose focus. She would build a world, a kingdom around herself, around the power that she, and the other felines deserved. She was ambitions, cold, cruel. The world would bow to her.


Pain: The ability to cause physical and mental pain in others. While the pain is superficial, sometimes the effects can be lasting.


Sarmina is just beginning to find that she can cause pain in others. Right now her magic takes a lot of effort and energy, and oftentimes it leaves her with intense migraines, but most the time she considers the pain a gain. If she can find ways to manipulate and influence others, she will do so, and she finds that pain is a powerful tool to gain allegiance. Pain induces fear, and fear, submission. At first her magic is weak, she can only cause mild pain. She has little control over the type. Sometimes it is an uncomfortable tingling, sometimes a burning sensation, sometimes a sharp pain like a knife. It depends. Sometimes she is able to direct it, guide what kind of pain she will inflict upon others, but other times it runs wild like a river, wholly out of control. While she cannot control the type of pain, she finds that she can generally pick which location the pain is felt... that is when she is able to get her fickle ability to work...While she has some control over this area of her ability, there are times when it does not work properly, or the one she ends up hurting is herself!



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