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Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

Alvena Henrietta

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"Can we stop for a bit? All this running is giving me a wedge up my bits." - Isabela, Dragon Age Inquisition

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  • breed Equine
  • height 15.3hh
  • eye color Emerald Green

If she had taken after her father, she’d have easily been quite the plain young lady. But, no; Alvena Henrietta took vastly after her mother. She stands at 15.3hh and is whilst she does have some of her father’s Paso Fino blood, her appearance is clearly influenced by her mother’s Andalusian-hybrid blood.

Let’s start from the base up, shall we?

Rietta supports a bay coat; although in some light, parts can appear more chestnut, with a white muzzle that travels part-way up the centre of her face. She has a silky black mane that will sometimes be left to grow free, or she’ll keep it trimmed; depends on her mood, really! She has soft green eyes; the result of the mix of her mother’s stunning yellow ones, and her father’s ocean blues. Around her shins and ankles on her front legs she wears a variety of gold bands and bangles, treasures she has picked up in her travels.

This is where the typical appearance ends, and her mother’s hybrid appearance starts.

Asides from the large set of brown and golden wings sprouting from her shoulders, she also has a feathered crest that begins down her face – just above where her white marking ends. Like the feathers of her wings, these are brown and golden in colour, similar to that of an eagle. Her tail is the last thing that she inherited from her mother. It is a tapered leonine tail but instead of ending in black hair like her mane, it once more ends in a plethora of feathers.

Human Form
  • height 5'6"

Alvena looks like a young woman, perhaps somewhere within the 20-30 age although it is quite difficult to tell. She is of a fairly average height, coming in at 5'6", and has sunkissed skin; not quite olive, but most certainly tanned from a life on the sea. She has brilliant emerald green eyes and long black (almost brown in some light) hair that is tied back out of her face. She has high sculpted cheekbones and a strong yet still feminine jaw. She's fairly busty, although she never seems to have any issues with her chest bursting from her attire regardless of what that may be.

She typically wears a copper-red dress with faint gold filigree patterns on it, with sleeves that come to her elbows with a veil of decorative lace hanging from the ends, and a leather underbust corset tied up with gold silk and a belt. Her boots are thigh-high brown leather that folds over at the top, and beneath the dress, she wears a short pair of khaki shorts.

Around her neck she wears two different necklaces; the first is a large multi-ringed choker with a gold decorative flower, whilst the second is a gold octopus on a chain, holding onto a ship's wheel, a star, and what appears to be a coin engraved like a compass.

Not Pictured: bangles around her wrists as seen in her equine form.


In her early years, she was as playful and innocent as most other children. She lived mostly with only her mother for her first year, with small brief visits from her father from time to time. It wasn't until her mother passed away and she joined her father on his ship with his crew that she truly started to come into her own.

Whilst she was initially roughhoused a lot by the crew, it helped to shape her into a strong young woman with a determined mindset. Many times she was told she couldn't do something - be it because she was a child, or something else - and so she would go out of her way to prove she was capable; usually with a fair amount of sass. She was a fun-loving girl that enjoyed adventures and being around those who made her happy.

She loved her family, as that is what her father's crew came to be to her, but the recent loss of them all has yet to truly sink in; it is yet to be seen how these events will affect her.

Will she have the will to keep up her strong facade? Will she do as her father instructed and find someone to love and be loved by, or will she be too afraid to let someone in?


A pirate’s life for me!

An appropriate start to this story, really. Some choose a life of piracy, and others are born into it. For Alvena Henrietta, it was a bit of both. She was born into it, but she also chose to stay in it. The life of a dithering lady in a frilly dress did not suit her at all! But, before we get too far, a little about her parents must come first.

Her father, Crezius, was the captain of his own ship, with a moderate crew that were rather loyal. They had pulled into a port that they aimed to ransack, and in the process, they kidnapped a young woman that boasted the most beautiful palomino coat; but it wasn’t just her coat hat made her a prize, but her unusual feathered features. Louvenia was her name, and whilst she had indeed been kidnapped, she welcomed it wholeheartedly.

There was a spark between the two, and whilst some of the crew begrudged the idea of having a woman on board, Louvenia proved herself as a capable sailor. The pair spent years together, but due to Louvenia’s unique appearance, they were noticed more frequently, and as such, many more battles were had.

There came a brief time where they managed to hide away, where Louvenia could give birth to their child out of sight of prying eyes. They both had hopes that the child would not inherit her appearance, so that it could live a normal life, unhunted. Unfortunately, this was not the case.

Alvena Henrietta was born, and for the first few months of her life, remained with her mother on a secluded island, whilst her father and his crew patrolled the waters around them, to ensure they remained hidden from the world. Just after she turned one, however, her mother fell ill, and so she wouldn’t have to witness the horrible end that was in store, her father took her away on the ship.

Whilst Crezius gave his crew a grave warning to not interfere with his daughter, they still very much gave her a hard time, although it was vastly all in good fun. It helped to build her character into a smart but sassy young woman, and they all began to call her Rietta as a pet name. It stuck from that point on.

They travelled the seas, ransacking and pillaging to their hearts content, until one night there was a mutiny. Whilst many of their crew were loyal, and had been with her father far longer than even her mother had been, many had only recently joined them, and apparently weren’t fond of her presence on the ship.

There was a scuffle, to start, before it turned into an all-out mutiny that claimed many lives within mere minutes. She fought beside her father for what felt like hours, before the ship was driven into a nearby reef; whether it was on purpose by the mutineers or by accident due to no one at the helm, the ship was ripped to shreds from beneath. As the ship wrecked, her father begged her to flee, to keep herself safe, to find herself a new life and know the love he had shared with her mother; whilst she protested profusely, she eventually agreed, and took to the skies.

She flew, and she didn’t look back, despite the sinking sick feeling that consumed her stomach. She knew that she would never see him again. She flew, and flew, and flew until her wings simply couldn’t carry her anymore, and she crashed into the ocean.

Eternal - After her arrival on Eternal's shores, she was picked up by Takhar, and took him up on his offer, and followed him to Blackrock. She stayed here for some time, and made few friends as she seemed to keep to herself mostly - perhaps a side effect of her grieving - but she knew she could trust the ones she made.

Amarna - One day, whilst revisiting the beach she had washed up on, a portal seemed to open up and swallow her without a second to react, and she was spat out - once again rather unceremoniously - onto yet another beach. Another new place to explore. At least this time she was more steady on her legs, seeing as it had been around a year since everything else had happened.



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