Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

Vampire King

Vithmiris Offline

"I killed them. I slaughtered them like cattle. There's not one left standing. These people that stand against me may be innocent, but I will kill them. I am ready to strike them down without a moment's hesitation, or the slightest hint of regret. I can do this for you. I am a monster, and I will do what needs to be done." ~Alucard; Hellsing Ultimate.

territoryTabar Domain
dewdrops 443dd


  • breed Equine/Wolf
  • height 17.2hh
  • eye color Orange/Red
Vithmiris is a 17.2hh Tersk build, with an obsidian coat so dark that only in certain light can one see the dark red dappling present on his barrel, knees, and muzzle. This red dappling has been caused by immeasurable years of blood staining, as opposed to naturally being part of his coat.

He has a long messy black tail and a mane that is shorter near his withers whilst longer the further up his neck it goes, resulting in his forelock being incredibly thick and typically falling over his face. Both left feet support a small white coronet, although scarcely noticeable.

What truly attributes to his wicked nature is his glowing 'sunfire' eyes (a mixture of orange and red, sometimes with a bright yellow tone), and his wide fanged grin that often dances across his face when he is entertained.

In this wolf form, Vithmiris still retains his equine colouration; the only real difference is that his white coronets that are typically scarcely visible, now stand out considerably more on the toes of both his left feet. His tail, however, is not made of fur, and is instead a sort of incorporeal essence. He comes to stand at 1meter/3'2" at the shoulder. His fur texture is rather silky looking almost always, but at times can appear incredibly coarse or matted, or sometimes even seems like it is the same black incorporeal essence as his tail (although this is only around the edges of his fur as opposed to his entire physical body).

Human Form
  • height 6'3"
Vithmiris is a tall and rather lanky thing, standing around 6'3" if he bothers to actually stand up straight; typically, though, he'll be slightly hunched over because, let's be honest, standing up straight all the time is too tiresome. His skin is so pale that it is almost translucent, emphasised by his long pitch black hair and fiery orange-red eyes; but, what else would one expect from a Vampire? He typically adorns black, or black and red, clothing that usually consists of business-like attire or outfits suited to hiding in the shadows and popping out to surprise his prey, and at times his hair can appear to vary in length as well. Somewhat surprisingly, he is quite fond of growing out a little facial hair but never lets it grow out too much. It's just enough to tickle Slythe, should he wish to annoy her with it.


Chaotic. Cruel. Serious. Demented. Wicked. Sadist. Masochist.

All of these words, and many, many more, have been used to describe Vithmiris in some way or another. And, to be fair, they're all pretty accurate to some degree or another. He is a dangerous creature, a deadly killer that cares not for the wellbeing of others, and scarcely even for himself; when in battle, he will more often than not allow hits to land on him without a care for the damage it may cause, as his nature as a Vampire has resulted in minimal nerves.

He is, at any rate, a sadistic masochist.

A prince, a king, a commander. He is cruel and ruthless and rarely gives second chances. He is ignorant and arrogant. He is violent and a monster... But he is also calm and patient; he will rarely lose his head (ha, that's happened before, literally), remaining cool and collected even in the tensest of situations.

He is also affectionate and tender, when a situation calls for it, although this is typically only reserved for those he truly cares for, that he deems family. He will defend against any insult with cruel and often extreme punishments, all with a smile upon his dark face.

Architect INTJ-A Personality.
58% Introverted / 42% Extroverted
78% Intuitive / 22% Observant
99% Thinking / 1% Feeling
54% Judging / 46% Prospecting
90% Assertive / 10% Turbulent


Originally from a cold mountain range long lost to time and ruin, Vithmiris was not always the creature of the night he is now; although, when that turning point was, even he cannot recall. He once lived an exceptionally lavish lifestyle - both before and after becoming a vampire - being something akin to a prince in many ways without technically being one. He lived in a castle, commanded his own army, and held the fanciest parties (for his own entertainment or benefit, usually). But, of course, he eventually ran out of bodies to prey upon to satiate his lust of blood and fell into what can only be described as a deep comatose sleep.

When he eventually awoke, he had no idea what year - or what century - he was in, but however long he'd been asleep, it had been long enough for his castle to have fallen into complete irreparable ruin, and so he left it behind. During his travels, he encountered a pale woman being beaten to near-death and, for some reason or another, slaughtered her attackers and took her under his dark wing, so to speak.

He and Slythe travelled together for some years, never staying in one place too long until they found a place to call home in the mountains of a new land. It was whilst they were here that Slythe eventually wore through his resolve and they became a mated pair, despite her only being a half-vampire; without being a full creature, he warned her, their offspring would not survive birth. But as their children grew within, so did their hunger, and so Vithmiris gave his beloved a present; a willing sacrifice in the form of a young woman who wished for her own death.

There were very few he trusted in this new land, but within those few, he knew he could count on Illudra and Selene, so when it came time to leave those lands, he ensured messengers were sent to them to keep them informed he was taking Slythe into hiding.

But now he has come out, alone for now, to explore once again.


Regeneration. aka: #lifehack

It is unsurprising, given his bestial nature, that Vithmiris is capable of physical regeneration. This is due to something that he fondly refers to as a 'life hack', as the way in which this is able to occur is by way of the souls he has consumed since becoming a Vampire. He has taken note that certain places he visits often cause this ability's strength to fluctuate, but he typically regains it over time.

When he takes any kind of damage to his physical form, it will magically 'stitch' back together. This typically happens quite quickly on small injuries but takes a considerably longer amount of time (days in some cases) to regenerate more severe injuries. He did once test if he could 'pass on' this ability to his mate, Slythe, by having her drink his blood so that it may pass into her own and regenerate injuries she had sustained in a surprise fight; it did work, but took a considerable amount of time and a lot of Vith's blood to work. It is not something that he has had need of repeating since.

After spending some time silently exploring the new lands, it seems as though his regenerative ability has loosened up a little and become more responsive to his body once again. Minor injuries heal considerably faster than when he first arrived, and slightly more moderate wounds (bites, slight gouges, minor bone fractures, etc.) can usually regenerate within a few hours to a day. Larger injuries do start to regen sooner than before but still tend to take a substantial amount of time to fully repair damage caused. Sometimes consuming additional blood can help the process, but it is never a guarantee.

Something strong feels like it surges through his ancient veins, as if his stolen blood has been reinvigorated and courses through him now at a state as strong as he had been upon leaving the previous place he’d set up residence. His cells now regenerate at a faster pace, with surface wounds like scratches and scrapes, even some bites, disappearing almost instantly. Even moderate injuries like bites, gouges, and fractures tend to repair within a few hours, and major injuries like breaks and deep wounds are usually back to normal within two days. Life-threatening injuries or entire loss of limbs still tend to take a long time to repair.

By now, he is used to his abilities being suppressed when travelling to unique civilisations; he tends to just roll with it, as there is no point in banging his head on the proverbial brick wall. At this more basic level, his regenerative capabilities tend to take longer to take effect; such minor things as light scrapes or scratches to seem to repair within a minute or two still, but more aggressive injuries like bites, minor-to-mild gouges, and fractures tend to take a fair amount longer; more severe wounds like actual breaks or deep gouges or anything more serious take a considerable amount of time and can put him out of commission for a few days. This all leads to being able to feel the pain from these injuries now as well, at least, more than he used to; but he seems to enjoy it. But he is, after all, a masochist. However, the longer he spends in these lands, it seems, the more his regenerative capabilities return to their normal state. The more the ability returns, the less time it takes for injuries to regenerate and the less pain he feels. As regenerating does consume a various amount of souls, sometimes he is left feeling a little emptier which may result in an accidental feeding frenzy.

Hematophagy & Aestivation (passive; not actual magic.)

Rather obviously, Vithmiris is able to consume blood raw; this may be done by the traditional way of biting his victim or being more aggressive and tearing them apart and quite literally devouring their entire being. Due to the copious amount of souls (and therefore blood) he has consumed over the years, he rarely truly needs to consume blood to survive, but he can enter a dormant state if he does go too long without drinking any (similar to entering a dehydrated-induced-coma).



This beast is connected to Vithmiris in a way unlike any other. He is bonded to him in a very literal sense. And when the word 'beast' is used, it is also quite literal. For you see, this demonic mutt was once a mighty Hellhound, a large black dog with huge red eyes; typically he could appear with just a single pair of eyes, or multiple. However, during a battle with Vithmiris, the vampire ate his soul, and so he was forced to become a familiar.

Being that he is only a soul, Baskerville does not travel around as an ordinary companion would. Rather, he lives within Vithmiris, and is a prominent voice within the vampire's head; they frequently argue, usually calling each other names over and over, although he does greatly enjoy pestering his master during important moments, like during battles, or mid-conversation. Just like his master, too, he is cruel and vicious and often muses about eating things that would normally be morally unacceptable by more sane minds (y'know, like foals).

He can actually be physically summoned, to a point. He can emerge from Vithmiris's mane; the hair seems to turn into a sort of smoke, from which the beast forms within and grows. Due to being part of Vithmiris, he obtains some level of physical status, which enables two large paws, his mouth, and his eyes, to take form and enabling him to deal and take damage as required, but this can only last a certain timeframe - or certain damage taken - before the soul retreats back into its prison.

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