Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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  • breed Saddlebred
  • height 15.2hh
  • eye color Fuchsia

Graceful, dark, feminine. Those are three words to describe Illudra. She has everything it takes to master the art of seduction. A silky purple mane, beautiful fuchsia orbs, a sleek sinuous body covered in tantalizing swirls that draw the eye in. She is beautiful, she is seductive, she is cruel.

Once one gets past her outer traits, the beauty, they can see the corruption of the soul in her bright eyes, they can see the darkness that lies within. Her elongated smile is filled with sharp teeth. Ready to shed blood, to bite into flesh. Her darkened maw is filled with a hunger, a want for blood, a desire for meat. In her gaze lies the hunger unsated, a fascination with all that is dark. It is in her smile where her cruelty is most obvious, where what she wants comes to the surface for all to see.

Human Form
  • height 5'7"

While Illudra's equine form is seductive, charming, her human form, while beautiful, is sinister. Her slender curves move gracefully, artfully, the way she holds her shoulders display a seductive ruse, however, the sinuous display of beauty and grace ends here. He long purple locks, that extend past her hips are often well kept and flowing. However, on her worse days, this hair can become eccentric and matted, belying her crazed fuchsia eyes. If this alone wasn't enough to intimidate, her smile is what holds her true terror. Instead of perfect white teeth, her mouth is full of sharpened and jagged ivories. Much like you'd find in a shark's mouth. These teeth are naturally sharpened to points, and they help her eat meat, and drink blood. While not a vampire by birth, she is one now, and her fangs help her achieve her preferred diet.


First of all, Illudra is cruel. She finds pleasure in death and dying. She is fascinated by it, and finds no problem in helping small creatures reach their final breath. To her, death is the ultimate fate, one everyone must face, and as time ticks, so does ones life towards death and decay. She loves to spend her time thinking about it, dwelling on it. It is a curious morbidity that she must feed. Nothing satisfies her more than taking the last breath from a creature, snapping the spine of deer, or crunching a mouse in her sharpened maw. It is an addiction, a pleasure of hers, and she loves nothing more than taking the life of another.

While Illudra is fascinated with death, she is also fascinated with time. She sees time as a way to death. The law of entropy mesmerizes her. Everything decays, everything rots, everything dies eventually. It is the fate of all - a constant spiral downwards into nothingness. A state where all energy reaches its lowest level never to be brought up again.

While both time and death are Illudra's fascinations, she is also cunning and manipulative. She comes across as very crazy, and indeed her eccentricities make her so, but she is also very smart. She has no problem lying and twisting one to her own ends, and she loves the struggle that comes with bending one to her will. She will use sweet words laced with poison just as quickly as she may insult. She can bend, snap, and break, and the one who is being manipulated may not even realize it until after they are already under her whims. She finds pleasure in this. Pleasure in twisting and destroying. Shaping and molding.

Illudra is also very seductive. She uses her feminine beauty to entrap a man's mind. She loves to pull them in, fill them with lust to satisfy her own sexual desire. But it is not just that. Not just desire. No, it is also the power that comes with it. The power to leave a man senseless at her will, the power to bend and manipulate with her sweet soft words and her sleek beauty. It is a game to her, and she loves every second of it.

While Illudra prefers men, she will also use her feminine whiles on women who lean that way. She finds no attraction to them, but she will use her beauty, her honey-coated words to gain power, and if she sees a weakness, she will exploit it. She will use and abuse, simple as that, and in doing so she will change herself to reach her own personal ends.


Illudra was born and raised on Cimoron island, knowing neither of her parents. At a young age the mare was cast out from her home and forced to fend for herself. She remembers naught of her parents, but in her younger years she was able to find her way into the graces of a brothel. From a young age she learned the art of seduction, the ways of arousal. She learned how smooth words can entrance another to her ways, how graceful actions can hypnotize men, and sometimes even women. However, while she learned smooth words and graceful actions in the brothel, that was not the place for her. She was too eccentric, too fascinated with death. She scared the other prostitutes, she scared the home owner. They were tired of her morbid curiosities and threw her out, made her leave. That was when she snapped. Instead of hiding her fascinations, she let them overwhelm her. Instead of simply dwelling on death, she would mutter poems, rhymes about it. She would sing songs of entropy, of wasting away, how time takes all.

At this time she made her way into Tartaros Pit. She passed the ultimate tests and was allowed into their ranks. She was used as a mercenary. As an assassin, a seducer of men, a spy. It did not matter, she was theirs to use for evil ends. However, her time among the rank of the pits did not last long. No, Cimoron Island changed. A volcano erupted, the island shook. It was up to Illudra to find a way off, to escape. Unfortunately during this time, she lost her cat, Illusin. She did not know what became of her, but in losing the cat, she went into despair... or as much as her eccentric soul could muster. However, she had to move on, to leave the island or be destroyed, so she did.

Fleeing the island, the mare made her way to the mainland where she became a wanderer, a denizen of the land. She did that for many months, never satisfied with her way of life. She wanted to be of use to someone. To seduce men, to kill others, so leaving her humble home, she made her way on. In search of a place where she would find exactly what she was looking for.

With her constant searching, the woman finally came upon the lands of Caeleste. Finding her way from the maze of trees, and the dreaded labrynth, she found herself drawn to the icy mountains. There were whispers that the herd there needed horses, and the woman, cunning in the ways of killing offered to become an assassin.

Finding the rank satisfying, the emperor, Vithmiris gave her the title, and the woman sent to work terrorizing the lands. She was insane, and in a sadistic way, she enjoyed the trauma and drama she brought into the lives of others. None of this changed, and as she gained esteem in the lands, Vithmiris brought her into the deepest dungeons of his castle where they could talk "privately."

This talk turned into a bit of fun, and led into Illudra becoming a vampire. She took the change willingly, with a lust for blood she had never known before. It swelled her veins with pride, a thrill of the chase. It was new, it was exciting, and during that night she also became his regent. She considered herself his hound. She was his loyal servant, there to do his work. Willingly and proudly. She had no desire to overthrow, only serve willingly as best as she was able.

However this time did not last long, and after his throne was challenged, not once, but twice, he destroyed the beautiful castle in which she lived. While she did not mourn, this threw her life into a mild chaos, and taking advantage of the wealth within the rubble, she looted what she could and fled.

Finding herself in a dilapidated home in ancient ruins, she awaited word from her emperor, or this charming man she had hoped to live with. Finally word came. Not by pigeon... no, that was not the vampire way... but by bat. Vithmiris and his mate, Slythe, were leaving the land of Caeleste, and Illudra was invited to come along.

Cruel grin spreading on her widened maw, the mare packed up what she owned and left. Yes, things were looking much better now.


Mind Control:

At the beginner level of mind control, Illudra begins to discover that she becomes sensitive to the emotions of others. It is like a nagging feeling at the back of her mind, but if she focuses, she is able to tap in much more strongly to their moods and emotions. It is through this, and through focus that she is able to put thoughts into their mind, alter their emotions. It is subtle, and does not always work, but it is there, and it is with that that the mare begins spinning her webs. She can whisper lies into their minds, make their hearts full of lust, hate, love, whatever it is she wants to feel. It takes focus and concentration, and it does not always work. It is always more of a push and pull right now. She can alter a little here, a little there, but it is through the gentle planting of sensations, thoughts, emotions, that she is able to lay the groundwork for her own words and actions to do their work.

While Illudra finds it easier to manipulate and tap into the emotions of others, she finds it easier to recognize her own emotions and sensations. She is able to control herself with much more ease, and she can change her own mood at will. She also finds controlling her body to be easier, and she can move much more gracefully and elegantly than before.



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