Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

Serus Vapos Offline

Who let the devil out?
speciesDevil Equine
dewdrops 407dd


  • breed Devil Equine
  • height 18.3 hh
  • eye color Orange
Built like that of an Akhal-Teke, Serus Vapos is a very lanky yet shiny stallion with a unruly mane and tail made out of smoke that seems to grow out of him. Standing at 18.3hh, he knows that his height is far from normal from the breed of an Akhal-Teke but all the more to make others surprised. Ribs are clearly seen on his thin body while further down are sharp cloven-hooves. They match the very sharp fangs inside his mouth, just as his orange slit-like eyes match the orange found inside his dangerous mouth. Adding more flare are white eyelashes along with three dots on the bridge of his muzzle. Finally, upon his back, are bat-like wings that are usually folded against his sides. When spread out, they give him an even more intimidating feel. Don't be fooled though by his lankiness since he can carry another around his size and below - even when flying.

Upon his forehead is a dark stone known as the Roselynn Stone, granting him heightened senses, slower aging rate, and healing properties.
Human Form
  • height 7'
Dark gray skin with narrow eyes, the latter that looks to be glowing orange creepily, and smoke billows around him like he's made of shadows. Upon his back are bat like wings, spanning out quite large at full width like a monster when he feels like a devilish fiend (which is always!). With such a lanky, tall yet intimidating appearance makes Serus a nightmare to behold even in this form! Not many sees this form due to him prefer his typical equine form, but either one he chooses, he likes to tease and cause trouble everywhere he walks or floats. His face is sculpted angular like your typical villain in a villain while his hands have medium length nails that aren't in tips like typical claws, but squared.


Serus Vapos is an evil spirit from Hell itself that enjoys feeding and messing around with those in the physical world. He likes to fool others to make a pact with him or create a ritual so that he can get out of Hell and have fun. As a devil, he isn't entirely evil, as shocking as that is. He's more of one that scares others just for fun and being sneaky. However, he gets moody when he's hungry and will probably attack anything on sight when not fed fast enough so be careful! His tolerance for loud noises are quite high as well as his mastery of being witty.

He's quite the tease and prankster, often going after the sweet ones than the fellow evil archetypes since ugh, PREDICTABLE and he values his time of looking for sheer amusement. You'll often find him be neutral, shockingly so, of occurrences going on with herds and relationships, not caring if tension is sky high since he can go back to hell at any time! This is his vacation and he's going to enjoy as much as he can and not let silly mortal wars and drama get in the way. Partially because he has a 91.34% of him being the reason of said problems. Even those who accuse him thanks to his wiley wiley ways will find him being coy as if he did it when in fact he did not. He just loves to toy with emotions after all!


Serus Vapos is from hell, having been created as a fire spirit but with a darker appearance to fool others thinking he's weak when he is in fact, the opposite. For the past years, he made pact over pact, fooling the poor equines, to grant him power and cause chaos.

After gaining power, and with Winchester out of the way, he traveled far and wide from Elysium and then the world of Caeleste before disappearing without a trace. Of course no one missed him but they could've at least written! Now he's here, loving the terrifying human appearance he conjured up but he's still a pain in the ass.


Dark Matter

He wouldn't be much of a shadow demon if he didn't know how to control the very dark matter that seems like shadows and darkness to the untrained eyes. Not usually harmful until Mage where it can choke others if they're caught in it but he still has to guide and build up the volume with them.


They're harmless at this level, only allowing him to hide in the dark or sneak up on others. Sometimes it allows him to float if he's lazy but it's not fast, only at a relaxing pace as one would walk leisurely. Serus loves to use this often more than the black fire since pfft, what's more fun than sneaking! They can sometimes look like little black clouds and he likes to make tiny artistic images with it when bored but again, harmless.

Black Fire

Thanks to being born as a devil straight from hell, Serus has the talent of summoning the black flames that truly burn in the darkness. They're hot but the degrees varies each level he gains.


Serus now has a little more control with the black hellfire, now it's easier to set himself on fire if he so wishes, allowing himself to be fireproof, and thankfully he has no mane and tail since eep, they're hot but a great reminder of home. When in battle, he has more control but still can't send large bursts of them, but he can create a big campfire if he wanted to to keep him nice and toasty during the winter months. The flames aren't weak anymore either, laughing as the wind tries to douse it like a meager flame.

He can even use it to block some wind or any other element that doesn't weaken fire so much but it's still not reliable at this stage to use as defense, only offense. When he stomps his hooves on the ground now, a line of fire can reach up to someone or an object that is still nearby standing in the way up to 15 feet. If they dodge, he can't use it again until the 2nd turn after, having to use his brilliant wits instead.


A small line or radius that only surrounds his two front hooves in a whole circle can appear and blaze hot. Has little danger unless he sets it upon you directly or you run into it on accident. Can easily be dodged though since it's so laughably small or doused with any water, wind, and/or ice since they're weak flames at this level.

He usually uses this as a prank, summoning it by a stomp of his hoof on the ground since he has to summon it from hell.



Intro Art/Original concept by NeptuneDivinity (was posted on LTTS for adoption, had it since)
Full body ref by ailanor
Avatar/icon by Hoofbeats
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