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Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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speciesTimber Wolf
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  • breed Timber Wolf
  • height 2'8"
  • eye color Chocolate Brown

Very similar to his elven form, Ryndir is lithe and lean. Though his long chestnut fur tends to give him a slightly stockier appearance than as an elf, his leggy appearance is still obvious. Mixed in his chestnut fur are tan swirls that catch the eye and draw them across his long pelt. His paws are large and have long fur growing along the backs, and he has a long leonine tail.

Upon his back is a set of large feathered wings that can carry him long and far, and he has a thick mane of umber hair on the back of his neck. He sports a pair of antlers on his head, and his ears are long and pointed as they are in his elven form. From beneath his brows peer deep brown eyes that sparkle with an otherworldly knowledge and seem to see past the veil. Within them also seems to be a store of wisdom and insight. Also, similar to his elf form, he has a mystical silver blue mist that floats up around him when he moves.

Human Form
  • height 6'

Lithe and lean Ryndir has a very athletic build, though he is of average or even below-average height for an elf. He is built to run, and has more endurance than he has strength (though he is not necessarily weak). The sides of his head are shaved, and the remainder of his hair is in long chestnut braids and dreadlocks. He also adorns his braids with gold threads and gold jewelry.

Like every elf, he has long pointed ears, and he appears ageless due to his kind. From beneath his brows sparkle the same wise chocolate brown eyes that are seen in his wolf form, though he lacks the wings and antlers that it has. Due to his shamanism he also has a silvery blue mist that seems to float around him at all times


Ryndir is an old soul. Because of this he rarely partakes in the activities of his peers. Though he sees no problem with occasional festivities and merriment, he has much better ways to occupy his time, and prefers the quiet solitude of a good book, or the beauty of nature. Rather than spending his time indoors, he'll go on long walks, and study different plants, animals, and stones. He enjoys finding the connections between all things and he considers himself a student of the universe.

Because of his more serious nature, he can at times get into bad moods, and does have a temper. He tends to be blunt, and doesn't care so much what other people think, and even when he's in a good mood he tends to be very direct and straight to the point.

He's not a very social creature, though he can be caring (in spite of his bad moods), and is a natural healer. He finds himself taking in the weak and wounded and while he has little patience for teaching, he has no problem using his skills to assist others.


Ryndir was born in the Land of Ellennora, the land of elves. While he was not part of the royal family he was closer to them than most others. Due to his aloof nature, and his enjoyment of the outdoors, he spent the majority of his childhood wandering the fields forests around his homeland. During this time he learned much of nature, and he befriended Ava's mother, Lilly. She was four years older than he, so he looked to her as a mentor and as a big sister. As he grew older, he developed a crush on the woman, but had his heart broken when she chose someone closer to her in age.

After overcoming the sadness of rejection, Ryndir's attention was caught by the shamans. They had noticed his affinity towards nature, herbs, and the unknown and took him under their wing. He was still a child when he was rejected by Lilly, so it was not long before he took it upon himself to learn the tasks of a shaman. He learned how to use objects commonly found in nature to find kinship with spirits, and also how to use those abilities to heal.

As it turned out, he was extremely gifted with his abilities, and became the second most powerful shaman in his land. Many came to him for his gifts, and one tragic day, Lilly came to him after the birth of her daughter, Ava. She was very ill, and unfortunately nothing he did could save her. With Lilly's last breath, the elf passed from life to death, and he mourned her as did others who loved and cared for her.

At this point, the man decided that he would love and care for her daughter like a father and an older brother. He had kept his distance before out of hurt and longing, but now that she was dead, he treasured the friendship they had had once again, and wanted to make sure that Ava was loved and well cared for.

As the years continued to pass, his kingdom came under attack. For the longest time he refused to partake in the turmoil, and refused to blame the royal family. However, when Yensora fought against his kingdom and the royal family fled, he felt the need to care for them, Ava, and those that followed them. Escaping through the tunnels and onto the boat, he cared for those who needed his skills, however, when the ship wrecked, he woke up on the sand in a new land, hoping that everyone survived the accident.




While his shamanism is powerful in comparison to what it was before, he is still learning the extent of his powers in Aspasia. At this level, Ryndir uses materials such as crystals, plants, feathers and the like to create a connection with the spirit world, this allows him insight into what is going on beyond the veil as well as giving him additional powers in healing and insight. Speaking to good spirits often lends him wisdom and learning beyond what many others know, and the knowledge gives him an advantage with herbs and other materials needed for his craft.

While Ryndir gains many advantages with his magic, there are also significant weaknesses. Right now Ryndir's connection with the spiritual world is weak and inconsistent. He does not always hear messages clearly, and if he is able to come into contact with a spirit at all, sometimes the message is not relayed in the way it needs to be addressed. Also, while he is able to increase the rate in which he heals himself and others, it is nothing spectacular or far outside of the ordinary. He cannot magically heal cuts,bruises, broken bones, injuries or illnesses, rather the time it takes to heal fully and regain stamina is reduced. The smaller the injuries, the larger the increase in the rate of healing. Because of the use of plants and herbs, his abilities take only a small toll on his energy levels, though larger more focused things take much more energy and are more prone to fail. Also, sometimes Ryndir becomes trapped in a trance-like state at this level, and has little control of how long he is under. He also can go into a trance while sleeping, and will have a difficult time waking up from such incidences.



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