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Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?


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Zamaille Atha'an - Windmistress of the Seas

"Zahm - elle Ath- ah- Ahn"
speciesMurgese Horse
dewdrops 109dd


  • breed Murgese Horse
  • height 16hh
  • eye color Sea Green

As with her human appearance, Zamaille appears a little rough around the edges. While she still holds feminine beauty and grace, she is heavier of bone, and holds a slightly Roman nose and convex features. Upon her head are teal feathers in place of a mane, and sprouting from her shoulders, powerful wings. She bears the markings of a bay paint horse, however, the markings near her head are tinged with the same teal as her feathers, and fade into a rich brown. Her ears are extremely long, and she has many earrings in them, preferring jewelry in her equine form, just as she does in her human form

Because of her white markings, she sports a long white tail (instead of black), and her sea green eyes peer from long white lashes. Even in her equine form, it is obvious she is a pirate, and she carries herself proudly and with a faint bit of vanity.

Human Form
  • height 5'6"

Zamaille is quite stunning in her human form. With dark bronze skin, flowing black ringlets, and startling sea-green eyes, she is bound to turn the heads of many men. However, don't let her beauty deceive you. She is muscular and about as rough as they come. Instead of wearing long flowing dresses, Zama prefers men's attire... well, dressed up men's attire. She often wears brown trousers with a fitted crop top that display a generous amount of cleavage as well as her slender stomach. She also wears teal feathers in her hair quite often, and she likes to wear a generous amount of jewelry. This includes all sorts of jewelry from multiple piercings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, bangles in her hair... the list goes on. It varies from day to day, but you can expect to see her with at least a couple of each on most occasions.

Though Zamaille prefers more simple dress (jewelry aside) she does dress up on occasion, and will wear colorful crop-tops and trousers. Sometimes the colors will clash, and will be jarringly matched, but this is not something she cares about. She is a pirate, not a fashionista, and if she must dress up, she might as well wear colors she likes.

No matter how Zamaille presents herself, she is always carrying around multiple weapons. At her side is a curved sword, and there is no doubt that she is carrying several knives hidden on her person. Sometimes she even has weapons disguised as jewelry.


Zamaille, or Zama, is a rather colorful type. Coming from a clan of traders, pirates, and smugglers, she has learned what it is to walk in the gray areas of unfounded morals. She does not easily distinguish right from wrong, but rather does what seems right according to her desires irregardless of the consequences. Oftentimes this lands her in some sort of trouble, but she does not see this as a problem, usually she can find a way out to take advantage of the system and get herself out of the trouble her actions initially landed her in.

Because of her shady morals, Zama can often be found in a bar gambling and drinking when she is not at sea. She has a propensity towards foul language, and after a few drinks is prone to getting into bar fights. She makes rough comments, and definitely is part of the rowdy crowd. She's rough around the edges, and is not afraid to admit it. Because of her tough exterior, she is not one for long-term romance. She prefers to have small affairs and one night stands. She views it as a "bit o' fun," and is appalled by the thought of anything more serious.

Because she was raised on the open sea, she feels best when near water. Being landlocked makes her feel trapped, and she prefers the freedom of the open ocean. Though she has wings on her back, and can fly at will, she does not use them often and would trade them for fins in a heartbeat. She does not much like the sensation of flying and prefers the stability of solid land or the comforting motion of a rocking boat.


Zamaille comes from a clan of traders, smugglers and pirates, and has a rather colorful history of crime, loss, gain, and bar brawls. While she does not see these things as out of the ordinary, nor does she talk about them, she is proud of her heritage, and prefers living out on the open water over the lifestyle of a landlubber any day.

Being born into the trade, she learned the ropes of a pirate lifestyle very early on, and learned deception, booze, and more booze. She learned how to fight, and get herself out of tough situations she got herself into in the first place. She learned to gamble, to make bawdy jokes, and how to lie while meeting one's eyes. She also discovered she was gifted as a Windfinder

In her society, her clan, Windfinders were rare, yet truly important. They could manipulate the wind, the water, the weather. They were responsible for setting the boat's course, for predicting weather patterns, for picking up speed, or moving the boat out of dangerous waters. They were picked after discovering their powers at a young age and taught their trade. Apprenticing besides experienced Windfinders, until they found a place besides the captain himself. It was a great place of honor and esteem, yet not everyone was born with such powers and even then, few would be suitable for the job.

Because Zama's gifts were discovered at the very young age of 7, she was brought into a tutelage and taught how to use her powers. They grew immensely and she was seen as a prodigy. Finally finding her way besides the clan leader and his ship, she made herself well known among her people. However, some things change, and for Zama it was for the worse.

One dark night, as their ship was sailing in the open ocean, they were ambushed by a smaller crew. Though her crew was normally on the alert, they were drunken and celebrating a recent defeat of an enemy. Falling into a late night stupor, they were caught unaware. Though they fought desperately, they were no match for the sobriety of their assailants. Finally, as they were subdued, Zama was taken prisoner regardless of her rank and bound up. She stayed that way for little over a month. Being fed little, and not allowed to leave her cell. She was lucky that she was not killed, but the new captain saw her as a prize, and planned to sell her as a slave.

However, to Zamaille's luck, the new captain did not have a Windfinder aboard, and since she was his prisoner, she refused to help him when a deadly storm came. They were several miles from land, but the wind and the waves tore the mighty ship apart, dashing it against the rocks. The woman escaped. Lucky in one piece, and strong enough to find civilization. She did not know where she was, it was a new land to her, but she was free, and she could build from there. She had lost her entire crew, her boat, everything, but she was not one to mourn her losses, so she gritted her teeth, found her nerve, and did everything she could to get to where she is today.


Zamaille specializes in air magic. This type of magic helps her influence the air around her. Since air is practically everywhere, she has no shortage of it to manipulate. However, since she came to Aspasia, she noticed that her magic is significantly weaker than it was before, and much more fickle when she ties her weaves. Instead of have complete control over large sections of air, she has to focus to manipulate small breezes around her. Sometimes she can blow out a candle flame, knock over small objects, manipulate here and there, but her efforts often leave her exhausted. Also, the air does not always do what she wants, and sometimes it will blow the other direction, or not work at all. This often leaves her irritated or frustrated at her own weakness. She was gifted among her clan, but now she feels weak and unable to match the power she used to have.



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