Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

Scorpion Queen

Iseret Offline

speciesStraight Egyptian Arabian
territoryTabar Domain
dewdrops 344dd


  • breed Straight Egyptian Arabian
  • height 17hh
  • eye color Nile Blue
A lithe dark frame that stands at a tall 17hh, Iseret is very clearly of the Arabian breed; she has a well-dished face, perfectly dainty muzzle, and all around a perfect specimen.

She boasts a completely black coat, decorated only by gold markings; the rims of her ears, nostrils, and mouth, in particular, her hooves appear as if they themselves are solid gold, and there are twin bands around her front upper right and back upper left legs. She also has a gold Eye of Horus around each brilliant blue eye, although her hair often hides her right side from view.

However, there is something more unique about this desert child. In place of a long luxurious tail to match her mane, there is a long curved scorpion tail. It is as black as the rest of her coat, with gold bands around some of the exoskeleton sections, and the stinger at the end is solid gold as well.

Due to her love of all things gold or valuable, she is decorated in gold chains of various styles, draped down her neck (held in by being woven into her mane), and down over her back.
Human Form
  • height 5'7"
She stands at a reasonably tall 5'7", although she wears her long golden blonde hair up in a high ponytail, offering the illusion that she is a few inches taller. She is slender and lightly built, and whilst she is quite strong, she prefers to have others lift things for her so she won't chip or break a perfectly black and gold manicured nail. She is decorated in makeup typical of her homeland, being quite fond of the blue and gold eyeshadow rimmed in kohl liner with an Eye of Horus under either one eye, and gold painted lips.

She scarcely wears clothing that covers more than 50% of her body, preferring to move around in little more than a loincloth skirt and halter top; these are then typically accessorised with gold ropes and chains and other such shiny trinkets and jewels. Cuffs and bangles can also be seen both on her upper arms and around her wrists, as well as her ankles.


Iseret can be tricky to accurately describe, but if a single word had to be used, it would be actor. She can seem like she's the friendliest soul on earth, whilst she's really just trying to figure out the best way she can utilise you. She is terribly materialistic, no thanks to being gifted so many fine jewels over the years - many of which she is incredibly bitter about having been forced to leave behind - and so she often seems to behave like a magpie, hunting down anything shiny that crosses her path and coveting it. She doesn't like to spend if she doesn't have to, yet at the same time, if there is something that has caught her eye (or heart), she will not think twice about making it her own - even if that means the occasional act of theft (usually by way of Sekhet; Iseret distracts, whilst Sekhet does the stealing).

She is reasonably friendly, though, but also fairly judgemental, even if she doesn't mean to be, and prefers to keep the company of those in a fair amount of power. She is also incredibly flirtatious (sometimes she means it, sometimes she doesn't, but who really knows which it is?), and has no issues in using that to try and get her own way with just about anything.

Shower her in gifts and praise and she'll keep you in her good books; speak down to her, and you'll have her venom and Sekhet's teeth to face with no second chances.


It is, perhaps, best to start at the beginning.

She was born as Akoren, a tiny, completely black filly - nothing more, nothing less. Her father was unknown, and her mother was incredibly sick even before the birth, so it was no surprise that not quite a week after she had come into the world, her mother died. This left Akoren alone. Alone in the sandy dirty streets of a world she didn't know anything about, least of all how to navigate.

So she wandered. Like the lost child she was, she roamed the streets starving and filthy, ignored by the townsfolk that lived in their own shelters whilst she had to face nature on her own. She didn't know which creatures were safe and which were dangerous, with no one to teach her these things, and as the fatigue of malnutrition began to settle in, she had sought to rest in an abandoned half-ruined hut. As she slept, she must have disturbed a nest of scorpions, for she awoke to the terrible stinging sensation caused by their stingers. She fled from the hut as fast as her weak little legs would carry her, terrified and in immense pain, until she collapsed on the stairs of a temple.

There are weeks of her life after this point that she does not remember, largely due to falling in and out of consciousness as she was cared for by the temple priests. When she did eventually recover, there was someone there that she felt she recognised; perhaps he had been there each time she had recovered some semblance of consciousness before she'd faded out again? The horned man introduced himself as Khaa Se-Isi Bakari, and helped explain what had happened to her and that she would be okay. They exchanged questions and answers as he spent the time to get to know her, and he explained how they had saved her.

The stings from the scorpions had almost killed her, but it was by the intervention of Serqet, the Goddess of Scorpions herself, that the child had been saved. Rather than trying to heal the damage caused, Serqet instead altered the filly, providing her with a natural immunity to the venom by way of making her part scorpion. In place of where a normal tail would have grown out, there was now a curved black scorpion tail with golden sections in between, and a brilliant golden stinger at the end; this alteration also changed other parts of her appearance as well, as her little fluffy black mane was now golden as well (and would grow out long and luxurious as she grew), and her eyes had gone from brown to brilliant Nile Blue.

Potentially due to her age, it didn't take Akoren as long to get the hang of her new tail as it would have if she'd been older. She only managed to knock the stinger into the back of her head and neck a few times before she learnt how to avoid doing it, and narrowly avoided injuring others around her. Khaa became like an older brother to her (although he was old enough to be more like her father), and so he unofficially adopted her as his little sister, providing her with both a middle and a last name. They were travelling together after a large gathering of the Gods when they had come across a sick jackal pup; immediately she knew it had been stung by a scorpion, and with Khaa's help to carry it back to the temple, she nursed it back to health whilst simultaneously injecting it with small doses of her own venom to build up an immunity.

Over the years, she grew up to become one of Serqet's priestesses, just as Khaa had become a priest to Ma'at, although she was a bit more fiery in nature. Their positions kept them from seeing each other frequently, as their Goddesses did not share temples, and so they were stationed in different areas of their amazing lands. Though the desert itself was their home, the huge city they lived within was truly phenomenal; it was like a giant oasis with the huge river weaving beneath bridges built a mile in the air, with golden pyramids dedicated to specific Gods, and lush greenery lining almost every street. Even the Gods themselves were a sight to see: they were exceptionally tall - at least double in height of the average equine - but lived and walked among the mortals, performing their roles in society directly as opposed to living solely in temples and working through others.

But there came a time when one of the crueller Gods of their world waged a war against their city, killing any and all who dared stand in his way; mortal and God alike. Many of her fellow priests and priestesses were evacuated, but Akoren refused to leave Serqet's side. She was adamant in this decision, as she was both horribly stubborn and fiercely loyal. However, as the fires raged and ravaged the city and Set took control and was on the hunt for those who remained, Serqet forced her charge through a secret portal that had been constructed in one of the hidden rooms of her pyramid, only having time enough to tell her to find a new land to call home, and that it would be best if she chose another name to go by.

And so, here she is, a unique creature in a strange new place, but this time she is not entirely alone. Sekhet, the now-large black Jackal she had rescued as a pup, stays at her side as her social companion and protector.



Sekhet is a large black Jackal that Iseret found as a pup, poisoned by a scorpion's sting. She took pity upon it and nursed it back to health, whilst at the same time, she would inject tiny doses of venom into it again so as to build up an immunity. Sekhet has been with Iseret for many years now, and shares her mistress's love of valuables; she has become a skilled thief and hunter, and will not take offence to Iseret lightly.

Sekhet is predominantly black, with matching blue eyes like Iseret's, and also shares similar gold markings over her body; her ears, lips, and teeth, as well as her claws and paw pads, as well as the Eye of Horus around both eyes.

(She looks more like the Alien Jackal from the Chronicles of Riddick movie, vs an actual real Jackal).


All art by me; lineart from ArgaMux
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