Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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  • breed Equine
  • height 22hh
  • eye color Golden
She blends in to a thick jungle without any hesitation, even with her brilliant colour, but at night she can be see due to her glowing unless the forest glows with her. Her colouring hides her, cyan and deeper cyan stripes running down her short coat, her skin blue and her eyes golden and large. Her ears are slightly longed, pointed, and her body is littered with bio-luminescent makings that shine in the darkness, in different patterns depending upon her mood. Her tail is long, lithe and ends with a tuft of black hairs. Her mane is long and black, with a thick braid at the base in which her dead nerves used to work and allow her to connect with the world. Her skeleton is stronger than others, reinforced with carbon fibre and she is fairly agile, able to twist and run and turn readily but while about to twist on a dime she is not fast and not as strong. She usually stands at 23.1 hands, but here she is trapped shorter than she would usually be at 22 hands.
Human Form
  • height 7'6"
In this shape, Tai'ath has regained her Na'vi appearance. She is very tall and slender though she is still on the small side for her true species. Her skin is a beautiful cyan with darker striping, marked by small bioluminescent specks that alternate depending on her mood, and only appear in shadow or at night. Her eyes are larger, spaced out further by her wide nasal bridge and nose, which is also flattened against her face. Her ears are slightly higher, and are elongated and can swivel like a feline's ears. Her hands only have three fingers and a thumb, and her feet only have four toes. She has a long tail from her lower back that is not prehensile but helps her to balance. Her hair is deep black, with a long, thick braid coming from the base of the back of her head. She often wears feathers or leather banding.


She is very calm, able to keep a cool head in heated situations with a very slow temper that is very difficult to snap. She feels pain inside her when living things die, not because she is attached but simply because of her deep affinity to the world around her. If she does become angry Tai'ath cannot control herself as well but is quick in movement, and her actions are over the top and wild, and therefore a danger more to herself than anyone else. However, she hates being so angry, so much so that she readily avoids it. She is willing to commit to a cause, she may be 'marked' but she was never marked by a demon during her time at Nocturne. She does not like the way they wield themselves, calling themselves the strong and the evil and lording it over others. Her spirit makes her very spiritual, and she follows those who are peaceful, calm, with the ability to fight when it is called upon. Tai'ath is not religious per-say; she is spiritual, she believes in energy coming from the heart of the world, of Eywa who back where she was originally from was the life and death cycle, all the energy of the world. She believed the Mother in Oblivion was no different to Eywa and calls them the same - but she does not believe in a 'god' - she doesn't believe in a single being having supreme power, rather that energy flows in and out of the heart of the planet and is inside all living things - and the Moon is the eye ever watching, and in Caeleste she felt the might of the autumn god in her veins, but she still believes it was Eywa.


Tai'ath does not come from this world. She was born in another, walking two limbs and riding the winds on her winged companion, stalking through the forest of Eywa alongside her fellow tribe, her family and friends combined. She was a swift warrior, providing for her family and those above, but was always thankful to their Great Mother. So when it happened, she accepted it as a part of the web of life. She had been in the trees, when her sister had fallen from a limb, not as readily educated and learned as the rest, but she had landed in the path of a palulukan; one who was not domesticated by any tribe. It raged at her sister, but Tai'ath leapt and saved her sister by sacrificing her own life. Eywa took her soul and sent it along, breathing her life into a new form. She woke in Dreamscape, a world cut from reality, walking upon four limbs and lacking the dexterity of her former self. Yet she walked tall, and learned fast. She lived in Dreamscape, moving from world to world; she lead a resistance until a cataclysm broke the world, and since then she had been living without purpose. Upon entering Oblivion, Tai'ath found one who told her the stories, teaching her of the world she had found herself in. From this, being strongly attached to the spiritual way and knowing that all magic came from a special place, she found herself wishing to be a part of the T'Fynia, finding great affinity with the ways there until that time came to an end and she lived in Caeleste for a time, where she met Landon Jax and mated to him, being his until the day she died. Now she is here... and she is different here.


Rather than manipulating the earth, Tai’ath is the opposite – she asks, and when it listens, it yields itself to her. As she walks she can feel the earth, the life around her, and she can feel the pulsing, radiance of life from the very core of the planet, which is of no benefit in warring but ties her to the world. She can feel when others approach, only those who know how to tread lightly can surprise her. When she asks, the earth allows her to use it to become stronger. She can wield most forms of earth, but metal is not movable and plants, while of the earth, are only those she can hear and speak to. They rarely talk about. She can shift the earth though, in amounts enough to case another to trip, fall, and can sling rocks, pebbles and small boulders can be shifted. She can use it as a shield or attack. She can compress some earthen materials and create special weapons, just as she can use it to create beauty. The earth gives her any kind of attack or defense she requires from it but nothing beyond what she can handle at the beginning level. She cannot create any earthen material and never will be able to create it out of nothing, and she is weak to electricity, due to the manner in which electricity travels the earth and breaks it.


(coming soon)

After going on what she knew was Iknimaya, Tai'ath was united with an Ikran, a Banshee of the mountains. Though smaller than those she'd known by a longshot, the Ikran named Peyral could stand with his head to her shoulders, tall and strong. He was a mix of marbled colour, pale underneath with a myriad of blues, cyan and some purple and teal across his back with dark striping, and golden eyes, even wiht a little gren and yellow mixed ino the markings (click here for a look at what her head looks like, applies to body with bigger markings, but more cyan to him!) - He is slender but agile, walks slow but flies swiftly and strong through their air as she ever had remembered them. He knows her mother tongue and is learning the Common with her help, and he is now a part of her world and taking up a space in which she thought she had lost.


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