Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Necalli "Battle" Citlalli "Star"
territoryLaurel Woods
dewdrops 250dd


  • breed wolf
  • height 5'2"
  • eye color red
His base color is that of rusted burgundy, with black and a brighter red throughout his fur. Wine eyes peer out from his skull that is quite large to be proportionate to the rest of his body.A sanguine red highlights over his snout and up to his forehead. Despite having a larger jaw, Necalli has an overcrowding of teeth as two pairs of canines protrude from his gums to come over his lips along with a pair of tusks that curve upwards from the top row of his mouth. On his chin is a small amount of black fur growth that can be called a ‘beard’. His ears are long and narrow and are placed aligned to his forehead. A mane of hair starts at the top of his head with several strands that fall over his forehead and the left side of his face to pass his shoulder and stop just above his chest. The black fur travels down the length of his spine and stops at his tailbone. His tail, also dark in color, is longer and thinner than the norm with a tuft of fur at the end and it is several feet long that it can easily come around the length of his body. Necalli’s front legs are black in color with tufts of fur coming from his elbows. His hind legs, are that of a deer with cloven hooves. The male’s physique is taut with muscles rippling underneath flesh and fur.
Human Form
  • height 6'2"
A pair of wine-colored eyes are framed by long black lashes. With a head of onyx and ruby ombré tresses the length falls to the middle of his back which is either kept tied back at the nape of his neck or falls in loose waves over his shoulders when left alone. His facial hair is dark in color, covering his upper lip, down the corners of his lips to end in a trimmed goatee style. Flesh saturated in a dark bronze, tarnished by the scars that mar across the defined sinew of his arms, abdomen, and legs. Hands are nimble and calloused by the strenuous work he has been throughout his short time. He walks with long strides with his shoulders back and head high. His eyes hold a taste of contempt for others with a slight curl of his lips into a frown when looking at others. Other times, Necalli merely ignores their very existence unless it bothers him to a point he has to waste his breath to say something.


Necalli is a being that seems to ooze confidence and superiority. The very way he holds himself is a way to notify that he holds himself above all others. The only being that he acknowledges or even submits himself to is his confidant, Eztli. He is a straightforward male and does not bother to sugarcoat his words. He does not lie, to himself or others. Where is the need in that? Necalli is a person that likes to hoard his possessions whether it be living or tangible objects. He does not give up his things so easily that they can just be taken away; the only way that his living possessions would be able to is in death. And even then, he does not let the body go; he keeps it as a trophy. During interactions, Necalli’s mood can change as quickly with a blink of an eye.


A pack of wolves had made their home in the wilds. Away from the bustling cities and towns, they took it upon themselves to return to their true nature of fang and claw. It was a custom, or unspoken law rather, to keep the bloodline pure. A pair would be chosen each spring to bear the next litter. As such, a set of cousins were elected. When the time came, the mother was in shifted form to birth the new generation. A set of twins were born, two boys.

Born in the form of wolf, the twins would not know their human form until come the time of adolescence. It was something the pack had forbade from any child as “they should know their true self first”. When it came the time for them to complete their transformation, Necalli was last since he was second-born. He was in awe at the sensation of the movement of his hands and feet. A new way to discover himself became known as he spent most of his time in his newfound form.

Another pup had been born during the time of the twins, a bastard, new blood. Quite noticeable with a child of purple and blue fur in a sea of reds and browns. Their seventeenth year together came quickly for the trio and with it disturbing news for Necalli. His older brother and Eztli were to be mated by the next year.

Eztli had given her complaint to him as well after they were alone. Why should they have to follow the pack’s rules? The only option that came to them was to disembark away from the pack. A small whisper in his ear that the parents had to go as well. It would only cause problems if they were dragged back.They just needed a right time. Weeks passed and still an opportunity had not shown itself. One night, a storm rolled in with heavy rain and thunderous roars. Necalli fortified his being, and crept into the parents’ housing to complete the deed with a swipe of a claw over their throats. Wasting no time, he went to rendezvous with Eztli with the blood still warm on his hands.

Weeks into his journey with no contact from Eztli he had come across a caravan that was driven by an older couple. With some information, the couple were traveling merchants that were heading back to their residence in Vasta. When offered an invitation, Necalli had readily accepted. An invitation had turned into a permanent home for Necalli as over the six years he had the ways of proper etiquette and business engraved into him.

As such, nothing can ever last. Necalli had become complacent with the way of his human form and the city worked. The couple they stayed with had went outside of the city and still had not arrived days after their scheduled date. Strange, but Necalli thought nothing of it, not until murmurs began through the city of bandits nearby and how there were recent attacks nearby. Guilt began to settle into him. All the why’s began to pass through his mind in quick session. Why did he not go with them? Why?

Necalli took it upon himself to inherit the businesses the couple had left unattended with their death. They had left a tailor shop, where they obtained their fabric, and a forge they received their jewelry and the like from. Necalli threw himself into the work until his emotions were far in the back of his mind.


Fire | Fire |

BEGINNER (current):

Starting out, Necalli can only manipulate fire that is already existing. It takes a toll on him just to maneuver a small flame. With him trying to direct a flame to his palm and compress it into a small sphere leaves him exhausted with headaches from his focus. It is easier for him to form a flame on the tips of his fingers, but it at times rarely become large enough for his eye to see. His body finds it hard to adapt to the extreme heat the element gives off, and majority of the time end his training with burns over his hands.

Earth | Metal |

BEGINNER (current):

With metal being apart of the earth, he can to some degree, control the earth, but finds it easier where metals are higher in concentration. It strains his energy when he tries to extract or compact metals that are found in the earth. For metals that are already forged (swords, rings, necklaces, etc), in order to reshape an object it would take longer and more focus the larger it is, or how many times he had done it in succession. If he stands completely still on solid ground, and feel he is able to concentrate hard enough to be able to sense the vibrations of another, but only works when the individual is a few feet away. His other senses are completely dull in the process.

Light | Light |

BEGINNER (current):

Small orbs of light begin to form one at a time, no bigger than the size of his palm. If he tries to make it any bigger, headaches start to form along with his eyes hurting from focusing too long at the light source. When he tries to configure the light into any shape other than a sphere, it flickers in and out swiftly before disappearing all together. He finds it convenient at times, as it can illuminate his path when in the dark, but only a couple steps from his position. With more usage, he found at a certain angle, he can bend the light to showcase different hues.


Etapalli is a male snowy owl with little to no coloration to his white feathers except the black specks that cover the tips of feathers on the crest of his head. His eyes hold the color of honey. His feat are heavily feathered to keep against the cold climate he resides in with his partner and sibling. The avian’s height reaches to three feet when measured on ground. His wingspan covers a total of six feet ( three feet each wing ). Etapalli does not always cater around his bonded, and is off doing his own. He is never too far though, often being a look out for any dangers that could be encountered.
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