Legends of Amarna
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Winter, Year 1

Where is the snow? As autumn fades into winter, the temperatures are still unusually high, and excepting areas in high elevations and of normally frigid temperatures, snow refuses to fall. Even rain is hard to find these days, and as the crystal clear skies beat down upon the earth, not a cloud in sight, one can begin to wonder what is going on with the world. The golden grass is crisp and dry, and though the fires have slowed with the seasons, there is still a hint of smoke in the air, and every now and then a small one crops up. The rivers are beginning to dwindle to a trickle, and mud has dried into thick cracked clay.

OOC Account Hoofbeats
Gender Female
Age 18 Years
Species/Breed Mangalarga Marchador X [Friesian x Andalusian]
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Alliance Vata
Territory Homeless
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Human Form

Eye Color: Starry Blue

Shifted Form

Breed/Species: Mangalarga Marchador X [Friesian x Andalusian]
Height: 16hh

Callisto is a beautiful mare that reminds someone of something that has been painted with the northern lights. Her multi-hued green coat is speckled with stars that actually glimmer faintly in dim light, the bright blues and greens sparkling as she moves. Her legs fade to white feathering like her father, however they still sparkle and glow as if a nebula exists within. Her gentle gaze is a soft azure, and her eyes sparkle with joy. Sometimes in the darkness, her eyes also pick up a faint glow of starlight.

Like her mother, the mare has purple dropped over the top of her. However, instead of it appearing like paint, it blends in gently with the sparkling galaxy upon her body. While she sports the colors of her dam, the filly wears her fathers traits like a gown. She has a long lithe lion's tail, but instead of a tassel at the tip, hair grows all the way down, while the longest silver-blue hairs grow out of the tip. She also has a partial lion's mane, but instead of covering her whole neck, it is simply grows from her underline, and where a normal mane would grow. Also like her father, she has sharp canines. However, they are not nearly as long and saber-like, instead they only peek out from under her lips when she smiles. A constant reminder of the beast that sired her.
While she is still young, and her personality is developing, Callisto is a very exuberant and playful youth. She enjoys exploring, and is always up for an adventure. She constantly asks questions, and her naturally inquisitive nature can get her in trouble on occasion. While she asks many questions, the filly is not necessarily a leader. She much prefers following the lead of others, in particular, the lead of her brother. She is not particularly headstrong, and while a stubborn streak can surface, it is very rare. She would much rather be sweet and amiable. She does not see the need, nor does she want to fight. She would much rather go along with what others say, even if it is a disadvantage to her. She is a people-pleaser, and a peace-maker, and can be very naive at times. Callisto also has an inborn adoration of animals, and wants to make friends with all of them. She is very kind and wouldn't hurt a fly, and likes to focus her attention on helping rather than hurting.

Callisto is the daughter of Andromeda and Ranuel. She was born peacefully in Blue Sage Meadows to her mother with no knowledge of her father. She was given a very protected life from the evils of the world because her mother did not want her to know the horrors of her own past. This, paired with Calli's care-free nature has made it so she is naturally innocent and naive to the horrors of the world.

After just a few years of her life, she ate the same mushroom her brother Alcaeus ate that caused her to age up to an adult. This caused great conflict between her mind and body, and while she bears the visage of a young woman, she is very much a child in her mind.

Animal Control

While Callisto was born with earth magic, she decided to abandon that path, let the legacy of her father slide away, and instead turn towards animal control.

While at first, the magic came to her slowly, she felt an infinity towards animals, and realized that she was learning to communicate with them. In the beginning, it was just an understanding of their emotions, she could feel their pain, their love, their joy, their fear - understand why they acted the way they did - understand the needs behind those actions, but could not understand them in a way one understands a language. While it was a language all it's own, she was not fluent, and couldn't speak with them, only have a greater (though not complete) understanding.

Because of this understanding, animals became drawn to her. Even animals seen as predatory and aggressive, would be calm around her. They would know that they were safe in her presence, and never saw her as an enemy, but perhaps as an equal. Because of this, animals are protective of her. If harm comes to her, there is a higher chance that one of her "friends" will leap in to defend her. She does not control their actions, cannot even suggest what she wants, but in developing these bonds with animals, her infinity towards them makes it so they want to guard her well-being.
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