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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

Helbid Offline

Give me freedom or give me the rope.
For I shall not take the shackles that subjugate the poor to uphold the rich.

– John Goldenwolf

Full Name: Helbid Jor Skullfist
speciesEquine/Gypsy Vanner x TB x Clydesdale
dewdrops 165dd


  • breed Equine/Gypsy Vanner x TB x Clydesdale
  • height 17.2
  • eye color Lime Green
Unlike his human form, Helbid’s shifted form is a large beast of an equine. Standing at seventeen point two hands tall he has some pull in a crowd. He isn’t just tall, being made up of drafts he has some bulk to him as well. Though some of the thoroughbred that runs through him helps to slim him ever slightly. The man has a base coat of tan, with patches of dark purple-ish blue that fade to a bright purple with a small tint of pink. He isn’t all color though, his face is mostly white, with black swirls that branch off into threes under his eyes. His bright lime green eyes, that are almost as bright as the white spots that oddly enough twinkle like starlight on his body. His tail is long and lush, but his mane is mohawk like. Both are colored black with green highlights running through them.
Human Form
  • height 5'4"
A rather stocky man. Built with thick muscles upon a shorter frame that stands at five foot four inches. Though don’t let his lack of height fool you he is a man of strength. Being that he has spent much of his life on a ship, and doing odd jobs that required him to stay in shape. His skin is kissed by the sun above, though he isn’t very dark in appearance. Mostly just a darker tan then what can be found on his shifter form. His hair is short on top with some length though as it has a few inches to it. On his face he has a scruffy looking beard, both the hair on his head and on his beard are black, with small hints of dark green highlights. Upon his face coming from his bright lime green eyes he has black swirls. Three of them under each eye. Some assume these are tattoos, but they aren’t. Overall he has a tough guy appearance he even has a few scars to go with it. Two in fact that are large enough to really be of importance. One just over his left eye reaching from the top of the brow up an inch on his forehead and the other is an ‘X’ that reaches three inches wide on the back of his right hand.

Helbid doesn’t show these off, nor does he hide them away with how he dresses either. For the most part he dresses simple. Black pants, with a dark colored shirt. Normally covered by a black cloak made out of furs. On his head he has a dark brown leather pirate hat, and he wears black boots. As simple as it all is the man is never unarmed. He keeps a small dagger hidden on him at all times. Even when he sleeps he keeps it near. When out of public or around those he doesn’t trust he carries a long sword at his side no matter if it is on land or sea, or river for that matter. When on land though he always carries a brown wooden bow and arrows with black feathers at the the end. In his left ear he has what looks like an earring, but is really a small Roselynn Stone fused into his ear lobe.


A creature of wit and sarcasm. One who isn’t the smartest in the world of course he isn’t some smansy-pantsy feline, but who is still bright in many ways. He is street smart, able to go with the flow and figure things out. Yet he doesn’t always use his head and often relays on brute force to get things done. Blunt and a bit harsh Helbid doesn’t sugarcoat things preferring to tell it like it is. The way he sees it life is too short to be tip toeing around the feelings of others. This does rub others the wrong way at times, which has lead him to be a bit paranoid that someone is out to get him. Still he deals with it. Mostly he just looks over his shoulder and chooses his friends wisely. To those he does call his friends he is very loyal, just like he is very loyal to his crewmate. Being able to trust them is something big in his books, but break his trust and you are out. Do it when not docked and he will throw you overboard in a heartbeat. It seems cruel, but that is life. Yet he isn’t a very cruel man. Not as bad as others who take the lifestyle as a pirate can be. To those who really know him, know he is a ladies man. Only flirting and telling tales to try to impress the women. Though those of the land aren’t what he really looks for it a mate. Hoping to one day find the one for him he is careful with his heart. Yet that is easier said than done, because one of his true loves other then the open waters is rum and he has been known to be a bit of a drunk. One can normally tell just how drunk he is by how loud he is singing. His voice isn’t that bad, but when he is screaming in a drunken fit of moroness it can be a tad unsettling.


Born of the sea, Helbid’s father was a pirate named Vafvol Skullfist, and his mother Tavia Bane was the daughter of a trade merchant whose ship was taken over. Vafvol fell for Tavia right away, and Tavia was glad to give up the life she had been living for something with more excitement. Being treated like a doll by her father had gotten old on the girl long before her father’s ship was raided.

Helbid was born three years after that meeting, and he grew up learning the ways of the lifestyle. He took to it with ease for he has both his parents, plus a crew of others to help him along the way. Life was never dull, but it was hard. When he was about nine his younger sister came into the world and Helbid became very protective of her as did everyone else. Overtime that eased up as she became much tougher than a newborn babe. Sarve would be his only sibling born. His parents did become to be expecting another babe when he was around fourteen, but that was when everything bad happened. One night while most of the crew slept another ship came along and raided the ship.

It turned out to be a ship of felines. Those damn Ventri ended up killing his mother, and blinding his sister. In the aftermath most of the crew was died and the ship damaged. When the Ventri ship retreated into the first light of the new dawn Helbid watched as his father swore revenge, but was focused to retreat to port. The ship needed repairs, and the crew still left needed time to lick their wounds. From that day on Helbid has always had a burning raging hate for the Ventri.

Years past and in those years his father few older and more bitter. Only having Sarve to keep him sane as it seemed that all Helbid and him did was fight. It got to a point where Helbid thought for sure he was going to get kicked off the ship, only instead his father made him Captain. That was a few months ago, and since that day much had happened. His father and sister had left the ship to live in a little house by the water. Now at the age of twenty-seven Helbid is trying his best to make a name for himself within the world of pirates and at the same time just live his life.


Physical strength - Beginner
Magic isn’t something that Helbid really has a true sense of for his magic isn’t at all that magical. Instead he is just stronger than others. His physical strength is something he uses all the time, but when it is really called for he uses that and becomes even stronger. Able to break down a brick wall is easier for him then say breaking steal. Though even with effort he isn’t that strong, not yet anyways. The most he can do is bend the steel. Yet opening jars is a breeze for him. He has to be careful though, for if he uses his strength too much he we become tired and even weak.This is normally fixed with some rest, though after he recovers from states of over use and weakness he does become super sore.

Getting better - Apprentice
Having worked with his magic for a while he is getting better at it. He is able to bend steel with ease now, and even crack it. Yet that takes some time and work still. He is able to uproot large trees with a good push, but he isn't the strongest in the world yet. He is able to break bone, but has to be careful still. Whereas he doesn't get tired as quick, nor does he get as weak there are still times when he over does it and if he isn't careful he is likely to break his own bones when he over does it.

Almost prefect but not really - Master
Helbid is very confident in himself now. His physical strength is something he has a handle on. Well for the most part. He no longer worries about breaking his own bones by not being able to judge how strong he is. Instead he knows just how much pressure to use so he can get the job done and now crush his own hand. He is now able to break steel, it is a little hard, but bending it is like nothing for him. He doesn't even break a sweat anymore. With one much he is able to break a good size hole into stone. Normally around two feet wide from end to end, yet he is able to make smaller ones with less force. It takes him time to lose his energy. When he does lose it it doesn't take nearly as long to get it back though. Just a good nap for an hour or two and he is good to go. No longer is he super sore, just a tiny bit sore that can be helped with some stretching. Though just because he is strong doesn't mean he can't get hurt. His skin is just like others. So if he does punch a stone wall it is more then likely he will make his knuckles bleed if he does it enough. At the very least he seems to always have bruises on him after a good fight.


Name: Torr
Type/Breed: Bird/Scarlet Macaw
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Having found an egg that had been abandoned by it’s family Helbid bought the thing to his mother when he was five years old. With love and care it hatched into a beautiful bird with bright colors. Mostly red for most of the body, with some white and black on his face. Though there was also some blue, green and yellow on his wings and tail. All the normal colors of a Scarlet Macaw. Growing up with Helbid and his family the bird who was named Torr by his young friend became very close and loyal to starlight giant. Torr is a creature who doesn’t trust that easy, but is much more of a sweet talker and a flirt then some would assume. He likes the ladies that is for sure, but at the end of the day he always returns to Helbid for that is who he is most loyal to.


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