Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune.
speciesFriesian x Percheron x Andalusian
dewdrops 3,741dd


  • breed Friesian x Percheron x Andalusian
  • height 18.2hh
  • eye color Black
silence is the ultimate weapon of power.
And if you don't understand my silence,
how will you understand my words?

To put it bluntly, Shay is extremely intimidating. He is a cross breed of a Friesian, Percheron and Andalusian. Much like his human form, he is broad and well-muscled, but his lighter weight breeds make him agile and culminates to a deadly combination. His coat is made of the finest silver. Each strand is intertwined to create a metal coat, making him close to invincible to sharp objects. The only soft spots on him are his silvery velvet muzzle and his eyes. Although his eyelids are made of the silver strands, there are fewer strands so the metal is weaker. Sharp objects can be pierced into his skin, but there must be an incredible amount of force behind the stabbing if stabbed anywhere besides his eyes and muzzle. He has no mane or tail. Three paths of black adorn his upper left eye…a reminder of one of the most deadly attacks he’d survived. His eyes are a coal black and has to look fairly close to discern the pupil from iris.

Breed/Species: White Jaguar
Height: 3ft

A newer form to Shay has been that of a white jaguar. Although it's his smallest form, it's also his lithest making him almost deadlier than the others because he is able to prowl and stalk his prey in complete silence. Like his other forms, his coat is made up of predominantly silvery white strands; however, it is interrupted by a speckling of black spots. His eyes are still a soulless vortex with the unique scar running above the left one. He is about 6.5 feet in length from nose to tail and is able to run upwards of 50mph and jump upwards of 10 feet from the ground. Unsurprisingly, his body ripples with pure muscle underneath the silky coat, and beneath a velvet covered muzzle are sharp teeth that one should avoid at all costs.
Human Form
  • height 6'5"
Impatience is a mortal failing
Born from our impermanent existence.
The fact that we are transient beings
Is what causes leaders to cling to power.
But I am not afraid of
The End.

Tall and muscular, Shay exudes masculinity. With bulging muscles and a broad frame, he towers over most of the world at 6 foot 5 inches. He keeps his head shaven in a military style buzz cut though if he ever lets it grow out, it's a jet black. While he looks rather cruel, he is not harsh on the eyes if you can get past the frightening aura. He has a square, well-cut jawline and strong cheekbones that lead up to his piercing black eyes. Three jagged scars cut through his left eyebrow further enhancing his deadly but handsome appearance. His mouth is normally pressed into an unamused firm line and no laughing wrinkles adorn his face, for it is rare he uses those muscles to emote joy. His voice when he decides to talk is a low silky rumble. He has so much potential to be quite the lady's man if he ever chose to drop the off putting demeanor.


shyness is inherently uncomfortable; introversion is not.
the traits do overlap,
though psychologists debate to what degree.

Smooth like whisky but deadly as fire, Shay is cold and anti-social. He has no friends and likes it that way. He’s a fighter, not a lover. His cold demeanor is very off-putting for many, but is attractive to others. He sometimes finds himself surrounded by women trying to woo him because they are under the illusion he’s just playing hard to get. Males admire, and slightly fear, him for his impressive record concerning fighting and many will hire him to do their dirty work. He finds a thrill in fighting and conquering. Although he may seem harsh, he’s not completely cruel. He has a weakness for children and has never harmed one in his whole life and he doesn’t plan on it. He has no problem with hurting females though if he feels they deserve it. He is not one to be fooled by good looks. One can never tell what he’s truly thinking because his face is so expressionless. Shay holds no loyalties to any particular leader, having fought under too many corrupt ones that attempted to make him their killing puppet. Instead, he hires himself off as a hit man or a spy, choose to ally himself with whomever suits him, and sometimes he will ally himself with both sides, ensuring he comes out on top no matter what.


Thrones change hands and crowns vanish
bodies disappearing without a trace,
but in the midst of this absence,
the world still stands.

Shay was born early in the morning. His mother had been a pretty, but naïve woman. She had thought she had changed his father’s outlook on life, but she soon paid the price for such a thought. His father’s only motive was to have a child with the woman and then he would dispose of her accordingly. After Shay was born, he grew up with his two parents until he was a yearling. That first year was filled of happiness and kindness. Around his mother, her father was every mare’s dream. He was considerate, kind and the model father. After Shay no longer needed his mother’s milk, his father killed his mother. It was nothing particularly brutal or gory, just a simple snap of her neck did it. His father didn’t try to hide the fact either and that was Shay’s first lesson; mares were only to be used to create foals and carry on the family lineage and then should be taken care of as one thought appropriate. Shay didn’t catch onto his father’s ‘lessons’ right away though. He didn’t believe in his father’s primitive and brutal ways, for his mother had raised him to be considerate and kind-hearted towards others. She taught him to be selfless and to treat those how you wanted to be treated. To avoid his father’s anger though, he pretended to agree with his father. Shay lived with his father until he was 17 and his father died in a fight. Shay had not been a part of that particular fight, but instead had been sneaking down the land below where he was meeting a woman he’d become besotted with. If he had been in the fight, he surely would have died that day also, but instead he was visiting a mare of a neighboring herd. The mare had been gorgeous, her coat was a soft lavender color with a white mane and tail and a glass horn. She was a few years younger than he and a complete sweetheart… at least that’s what Shay had believed. After his father died, Shay decided to talk to the lead stallion about joining the herd and becoming a part of the security system. The stallion readily agreed, for Shay was a valuable asset. His father had taught him well and he was a brilliant fighter. The job as security was time consuming and he very rarely got to see the pretty lavender mare, but they had promised to wait for each other and perhaps become mates. Shay felt honored to be charged with duty of protecting lives, even if it meant he could only see his love a few times a month.

One day, Shay was just coming back home from patrolling the borders of the lands which took a few days travel because there was so much land. Shay had been gone for almost a year due to increase in attacks around the borders and the lead stallion wanting to expand the herd’s property. Once he was within a few miles of home, he galloped as fast as his legs could carry him to his love… only to find her not as he left her. She was pregnant… and mated to another. When she saw him, a coldness had glazed her eyes as she explained to him that ‘she could not keep waiting forever for him, for her foal-bearing years wouldn’t last forever and she had never really loved him, merely been infatuated with him’. Those words broke his heart; Shay left the herd that night. He had nowhere to go, but he just kept running. His mind was a flurry of thoughts. His father was right… in a selfish world the selfish succeed. His thoughts were running rampant that night and he was not thinking clearly. Shay headed towards the bachelor lands in hope for a fight, and a fight he got. He ended up provoking a dragon that night who claimed he wanted retribution for some of his father’s debt and if it weren’t for his instinctual fighting skills Shay would have died… instead he ended up with three claw jagged claw marks above his left eye that had been charred black by the dragon’s fire. He still isn’t sure how he survived that night, but is forever grateful to the fates for letting him live. From that day on, Shay never trusted a mare and never trusted a dragon for both were greedy animals who would do anything to get what they wanted.


a man of iron blood
wielder of earth metals

Current Level: master

beginner | made of metal, it is only natural his magic reflects his genetic make-up since one could say it's in his blood - as it is everyone's. At this level he can begin to manipulate metal that occurs in large concentrations to begin to form small objects such as small metal balls; however, even summoning that small amount from the earth takes a significant amount of energy, and the shape does not always come out as desired. He is restricted to only being able to pull up metal that's buried ten feet under the ground or less, and thus, is limited in the quality and kind of metal.

apprentice | he has begun to properly study the metals in the earth, and has gotten a better sense of what is around that he can work with. He is able to summon metal from deeper in the earth, upwards of 25 feet, allowing him access to things such as gold reserves and more valuable metals. He can then morph that metal into medium sized objects with a greater success rate of it becoming what he envisions, but it is unlikely he can summon the metal and transform it all in one continuous session, for it takes too much energy.

master | he has begun to tap into the nuance of metal, no longer restricted to sensing metal only if it's in large quantities, he has become attuned to everything that has metal in it - including iron in blood. Although the smaller the concentration, the more work it is to manipulate, he can begin to cause some discomfort in animals with their blood. It's nothing deadly or even permanently damaging, just a momentary feeling of burning in the veins that can slow a creature down just enough for him to gain the upper hand in battle. The feeling quickly dissipates, for he does not yet have the power to extend it for longer than a couple of seconds, and being a relatively new development of his powers, he sometimes also feels the affects in his own blood though not to the same degree that he is imposing on his enemy. He is also able to easily collect enough metal to assemble a medium sized object all in one attempt although larger items still might take two or more sessions. By now, his accuracy in items is near impeccable and rarely does it come out flawed.

mage | He is the master of all things metal. He is able to adeptly assemble fairly large items in one session though the larger and more complex the item, the more energy it drains. Additionally, he can draw metal from great depths in places that would seem like no metal resides. His accuracy in shaping items is near perfect, but the greatest addition to his skills is his advancement in manipulating the iron in blood. He can now cause enough pain in another creature enough to at least momentarily stun them for several seconds with lasting effects of several minutes, for it feels like fire is burning through their veins. The greater the pain he is trying to inflict, the less time he is able to sustain it, but at a mild discomforting itch, he can sustain for upwards of an hour; however, he has to be in close proximity (about battling distance). The pain he can inflict is not deadly nor permanently damaging though even at its greatest strength. It's only meant to stun his enemy for him to go in for the final blow.


Adelar | 5 yr old female bald eagle

Much like her master, her name is descended from German meaning "Noble Eagle". For much of his life, Shay was a loner; however, he picked up Adelar as one of his war prizes, and she has quickly become one of his only friends. Much like her owner, she is quiet and built for war. She's fiercely loyal to Shay and incredibly protective. Weighing at around 12 pounds with a 7.5 foot long wing span, she is not one to trifle with. Being that Shay is earth bound, she acts as his eyes in the sky, being able to survey the territory and report back with a good possibility of either being undetected or ignored as just another bird in the sky. She is about 3 feet tall, and can often be seen perched on his back and ensuring no one can sneak up behind him to attack.


Human Image from Unsplash.com
Bald Eagle Image from Unsplash.com
Jaguar Image from Unsplash.com
Reference painted by me
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