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Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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"Turn your face toward the sun, let the shadows fall behind. Don't look back, just carry on and the shadows will never find you."

speciesSaddlebred x American Paint
dewdrops 295dd


  • breed Saddlebred x American Paint
  • height 20hh
  • eye color Cerulean Blue
In his shifted form, Jostaki is a tall, towering stallion with a slender yet muscular build. He has a traditional saddle bred type nose which is long and convex, yet also holds many masculine features. From beneath his brow, sparkle keen cerulean blue eyes. Though he shows an agelessness that belies his years, his eyes seem to hold the depths of wisdom and experience. His pelt is a shimmering gold with white dancing across it.

His wings are long and powerful, with the undersides being a soft cream, and his tips being a brilliant blue. The top is the same brilliant gold and white of his body. His mane and tail have long locks that alternate between a golden cream and the same blue that enhances his body. His tailbone is also very long and almost leonine in its shape.

Upon his head is a crystalline blue spiraling horn. It is completely straight and has a very sharp point. Around his horn is a sapphire that his mate, Aeoloni, gave to him as a gift. He also wears a white cloak with royal blue trim quite frequently. No one knows the make of the material, but it is strong, silky, and never appears to become dirty.
Human Form
  • height 6'5"
Tall. That is the first thing one will notice about Jostaki. Standing at six foot five inches, Jos is indeed tall. However, that does not begin to describe the man.

With a slim body many can mistake him for a weakling. However, beneath the white robe with blue trim that he usually wears (think old Roman attire), lay the well-toned muscles of a fighter. Never one to seek attention for himself, Jos will sometimes hunch to make himself appear smaller then he really is.

On his feet is a simple pair of sandals that can be quickly slipped off if he needs to fight. Preferring to have his feet on solid earth when in battle allows the man improved movement but also an enhanced connection to the earth.

Blond hair adorns his head. It is kept slightly long, and falls in soft curls around his face. His cerulean eyes are always on the watch for danger. Full of knowledge and understanding, his eyes twinkle with mystery. Secrets lay hidden behind them.

His body speaks of an intensity that his demeanor belies. Ready with a soft smile when needed, there is also a fire that burns within his eyes.


Quiet: While words are often necessary to convey what one is thinking, Jos is not one to speak without putting much thought behind each carefully picked remark. Where many words could suffice, the blue man prefers to use one well-placed term. This does not mean that he won't talk. Willing to talk at length on subjects and people near and dear to him, Jostaki always relays his information in a delicate and calm way. Slow to anger and almost never raising his voice, one should be weary of the ire of the quiet man.

Loyal: While the blue and white man picks his friends carefully, once one has earned his trust and loyalty, Jos can be loyal to a fault. While it may take a while to earn his confidence, once gained, he will do anything for his friends. This includes fighting battles that they cannot. Not one to seek out fights, he will end them if those he loves are involved. Once his loyalty is gained be sure not to break it. One might get a second chance but there will be no third or fourth.

Kind: While he is built with a warrior heart, this does not mean that Jostaki is not kind. Putting others’ lives before his own, Jos will stand up for those he loves. He will gladly give his last dewdrop to help a friend in need. Defending the and helpless seems to be his life mission. Always ready to stand for justice and peace at any given moment. Words are carefully chosen so as not to harm another in word or deed.

Patient: Life is wild ride, and as such, Jos knows that anything can happen. Instead of getting frustrated with the delays that get thrown in his path, he rolls with the punches. Anyone that crosses his path is met with the same patience. It takes a lot to ruffle his feathers and Jos can forgive most slights. There is, however, one thing he cannot forgive. Anyone who wishes to harm his loved ones will be met with force. Deadly force.

Stoic: Not wanting to burden others with his emotions or pain, Jos will hide them from others. This can be problematic if he is injured or sad. His need to be the rock for others can lead to inner turmoil at times. It takes a lot for the man to show tears or pain around another. The only person he will show his weaknesses to is Aeo. Jostaki can endure a lot both mentally and physically but this does not mean he should do it alone.


Coming from a land of immortals, Jostaki's history is a long and detailed one. As far as he knows, he has always been. He was born as an adult, and while he is not the first, nor the eldest, he is still old beyond years, and he could not give an age if he was asked... indeed, from his land, time is seen differently... from the view of an immortal it is irrelevant and passes without age or decay - there is no blood, no physical death. In fact, time is based more upon experience rather than seasons or years, and of that Jostaki has much.

It started with his birth, or perhaps it was his creation. He never had to face infancy or childhood, rather he was an adult with the first breath he took. Molded and shaped into the beginnings of the creature he was to become. However, that does not make him experienced. Rather he had to learn and grow into the purpose he was created for - that of a warrior and a fighter. Learning quickly, he ascended in the ranks with speed. First a warrior, then a general, then a commander. He was a strategian at heart. He was able to rout the enemy to win battles and even wars. The enemy, also knew immortality, but they lacked the good that ran through him and his family’s veins. The enemy was the Fallen. Those who had sacrificed the one who created them for dark deeds and vile actions.

For millennia both sides fought adamantly with tooth and claw. While there was not death, there was pain, there was isolation, there was torture. The good sought to reconcile what was lost, to save those who fell into the dark night of the soul, while the evil sought power, to overthrow that which was inherently good. They threw away their birthright, and instead of repentance, they sought to forcefully gain that which was never theirs.

It was this war that brought Jostaki his first true pain. While he was not captured, his mate, his bond, created together with him to be his partner, became their captive. Not knowing where they took her, and having other battles to fight, Jostaki could not save her right away. He tried as hard as he could, but his responsibilities pulled him away.

Fighting against them, fighting against the chains that pulled him away, he eventually freed himself to search for her. He did not exactly lose his position, nor did he forfeit it, but he let someone else command in his stead.

It was a long journey, an arduous one, but eventually, nearly one hundred years after she had first been imprisoned, he found her. Finding his army once again, they stormed the garrison. Freeing her. For many years she was not the same. The trauma she had faced, the horrors she had overcome festered within her. Jostaki, ever loyal was at her side. It was not always easy, and sometimes they fought, sometimes they yelled, but they were ever faithful. Slowly, she let go of her pain, her bitterness, her anger, and again she found the light.

As the world changed, and again millennia passed, war again crept to the surface. As Jostaki began preparing the armies, dividing and congregating the warriors and squadrons, his mate, Aeoloni received a prophecy. He witnessed it as it was spoken, and a dagger crept into his heart. He did not want to be without her for so long again, but he knew this time it would not be for evil that she left, but for good.

As the battle carried on, he noticed that she had slunk away. As always she was so determined to strike the core and win the battle. It was her boldness that complemented his strategy that made them such a great pair in battle. However, as the war brought him away, his focus drifting, he noticed a bright flash, and looking over, he noticed his mate, Aeo was gone.

Letting forth a loud cry, the stallion doubled his efforts. She had disappeared into thin air and the enemy commander shouted in triumph. The battle was not lost for those who sought good, but a major loss had occurred

Redoubling their efforts, the army fought onwards, against the darkness. The battle was not won right away, rather, it took many days that eventually led into months. Finally, in the last desperate effort against darkness the light won, but this time, just by a hair.

As months passed, and the war raged on. Jostaki lead his armies to many victories, and a few defeats. Sometimes they were outnumbered, other times they were outmatched, but they were persistent, and believed that evil could always be defeated with good.

However, during this time, the stallion began to miss his mate. He could peek in on her, not through natural means, but through magic to see how she was doing, but those moments were few and far between. He could never communicate with her, touch her. Things were not the way they had been. True, to an immortal, time was a small thing, but loneliness could wear on the strongest soul.

During this time, Jostaki wished to see her again, but had received counsel that she would not be coming back yet. It would take time, and she would need to complete her mission, whatever that may be, before she could fully return.

This did not stop her from visiting though. One afternoon, Jostaki was relaxing in his quiet corner, when there was a commotion. He needed to visit the throne room of the king. Travelling down, his heart beat faster. Even with her so far away, he could feel sparks of her from time to time. He could watch from a distance, but couldn't’ touch. He was an ethereal being beyond the senses of her limited magic in the mortal land. But now, it was as if she was here, nearby, back in their world.

As he made his way down he found her. No worse than wear. Her spirit was still strong. She had battled a great evil, and even though she was in the mortal world, she was sent back as an immortal. Her time had not yet come. He drank the few moments with her in, like water in the desert During the moments he reassured her of what was ahead, her plan. He knew she could not come back so soon, but he would always be here for her, even as she would always be there for him.

As many months passed in a heartbeat, Jostaki was pulled into the throne room once again. His mate had wanted him, and he was offered a break from his duties as a commander. It was not life or death, but rather a choice that would set his course for a while. He could be here and fight the battles that raged ever on, or he too could become mortal for a time and rejoin his mate as she wandered the realms that filled the universe. Dipping his head, he considered the offer. He would not be shamed for leaving, and he knew where his heart had been. Often times, he caught himself missing her, knowing that she too would be missing him. He could tell that she was not completely lonely, that she had found friends, but as the ache in her grew, it also grew in him.

Finally, after many long minutes he spoke. “Yes, I think I would like to join her. Send me and I will go.” With that, Jostaki was brought from the room and given a short amount of time to say goodbyes. After all ends were tied, he walked to the place where he had been guided to, a doorway with many intricate carvings. Not knowing quite where it led, or what lay before him, he stepped through to the unknown, ready for whatever times lay ahead.


Light Manipulation


In his homeland Jostaki had the ability to manipulate light to help him in battle. Now he find himself in the mortal realm and Jos is having to relearn his affinity with light.

For now Jostaki finds that he can summon orbs of light. While not very helpful in battle, they can light the way. The smaller the orb the less energy and concentration it takes to make them. Because of this, the orbs can last for a long time. With more focus he finds that the orbs can become far more intricate and brighter. However, because these take more energy to make, they do not last as long.

Jos can also make the outlines of weapons, swords, shields and bows will appear but will not solidify. The faint outline can be seen but nothing that can be used in battle. Forming this will take considerable energy and drain him quickly.

When making the light orbs Jos finds himself quickly drained. Head and body aches accompany his efforts. Nosebleeds and migraines can occur if he pushes himself too hard. When making the outlines of weapons, they last about five minutes and leave Jostaki with a migraine and completely exhausted.



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