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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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  • breed Fresian
  • height 17.2hh
  • eye color Molten-gold
A few defining features of Umbra would be her long arched neck, her well chiseled facial features and her short ears. Combined with powerful sloped shoulders and a compact frame doused in striking indigo. Various portions of her frame are highlighted in subtle purple hues especially around her barrel, hind quarters, around her upper limbs, and knees. Light feathering on her lower limbs is a lighter blue compared to the rest of her frame. Umbra’s blue hide gives off shimmering sparkles like the stars of the nights sky which bring her features to life, though it's only in the light you see it, an iridescence on her body . Though Umbra does have a pattern similar to that of a minimal tovero with molting around her lips, nostrils, and eyes. The tender flesh around her nose and eyes are a pale pink in color. Eyes are bright molten gold in color, almost giving off a yellow feline vibe. Ivory marking stretches across her face and down either side of her neck. Left side coming down onto the start of her shoulder and chest down the frontal part of her limb before engulfing her leg from the knee down in pure ivory. Where as the right side tapers off to her chest instead of going down her limb. Front left hoof is white in color where as the other three hooves are cerulean.

A single curved horn sprouts from her forehead which is white in color and offers a slight illuminating glow. The horn itself curves backwards similar to that of a scythe. The horn sheds off flakes, giving a shimmering dusting of it sometimes. Umbra’s mane is long and thick with a silky texture the forelock being the shortest before it tapers down falling just above her hocks. Most of her mane is indigo in color, except for the last bit by her withers which turns to ivory though both display both darker and lighter strands. Umbra’s tail sits lower than most other equines due to her Friesian heritage. It is a solid indigo with both lighter and darker strands, but also long and thick with a silky texture. The end of her tail just barely drags the ground.
Human Form
  • height 5'9


Soft-spoken - Cryptic - Observant - Intelligent - Cold - Seductive - Loyal - Short-tempered - Charismatic - Distant

In the beginning Umbra is a very complex woman during her early days. She was impertinent, idealistic, and often easily embarrassed or flustered. She often tried to maintain a certain image among her friends and acquaintances, but being quick to anger when dealing with taunts about her personal life, particularly love interests. This tendency to be caught off guard in romantic or sexual matters of both women and men will remain with her well into her later age. Umbra can often be seen as a rather mysterious individual preferring to be left alone to contemplate on her own matters at hand and will disappear without warning. To some she maybe considered cold and distant more abrasive in her youth and ready to tackle whatever life may throw at her. However, Umbra does come off as insensitive while she tries to push those away whom she could consider getting close to.

Umbra holds her own existence cheap and carries in her heart a guilt that prevents her from becoming emotionally close to the ones around her and compels her to a life of selfless personal sacrifice. Even with her prodigious skill as a fighter, Umbra refrains from wielding her greatest combat strength for her own sake; Only drawing on that power to protect the well-being of others. Though willing to face hate or judgment against her, believing that she does not deserve the same happiness. Spending much of her time alone in quiet contemplation over her past misdeeds and future retribution. As such, she has a tendency toward trying to solve problems by herself and alienating her would-be friends with secrecy to keep them from becoming involved in her risky endeavors. Umbra is reluctant to judge others for their personal actions, beliefs, or mistakes. Due to these reasons Umbra can be quite level headed when it comes to learning the histories of those that surround her.


Umbra didn’t quite have the normal childhood one would think. Instead it was filled with chaos, misery, and heartache from losing everything she had ever known. Though it all started many years ago when Umbra was first born into this world. Umbra’s parents had never been one of riches and trivial earthy possessions. They lived their days working hard in their peasant style life, not that they had ever really cared for ranks and the like. Umbra was born in this time her coat as blue as the nights sky with stars that twinkled high above, the white reminding them of the snowfall that gleamed under the stars. Her parents were proud to bring such a beautiful creation into their world, their home. Though it wasn’t long before eyes of nobles had been drawn into their small family.

As Umbra grew into a yearling she began to help her parents in the field until her mother fell ill. Times had been tough through this span of her life. Nobles requesting Umbra be married into their own clan once she became of age, but her parents wanted to to live a life without the bondage to find her own way her own love. Each time Umbra’s parents declined them and continued their route. Noble clans became irate at the small family for declining their son the potential love he’d desired. Though finding out both her parents health had failed them kept their course of action until they passed and she would be considered an orphan.

By the time Umbra had turned a year and a half her mother had passed from the illness. Her father only getting worse as the days ticked by leaving the girl working as hard as she could to try and keep her father well using the money she made to buy the medicine from the nobles. Only to realize once her father had passed days later that the entire time had been giving her poison. Fleeing from the life she had once known and instead taking up refuge with a traveling caravan finding a mother without a child to at least survive through what the next few years would bring.

The nobles upset with the outcome hired mercenaries to track down the young girl that they’d had their eyes on, but it wouldn’t be easy as she had fled weeks prior. The caravan always on the move from place to place with no real idea where to go aside from town after town. Setting off onto their travels they attempted to track the girl down under the heavy payment of the wealthy nobles.

Umbra turning two years had kept to herself most times making very few friends aside from those within the caravan. Adopting the woman as her new mother, but never forgetting her birth parents and a harsh resentment toward the nobles that left her in the dark place of her life. Though late one night the mercenaries had finally found them after half a year of searching. Slaughtering the caravan as the few older woman huddled around the three children, but even then the mercenaries were too powerful. Bringing down the women to reach the three children and tying ropes around their necks to drag them back to the nobles.

A stranger had been passing by hearing the commotion drawn by what he’d been hearing. Only to stumble onto a sight of carnage and chaos caused by these mercenaries. It was a blur of what exactly had happened next. Everything was moving so quick bright flashes of color and loud noises at least until everything fell silent and still. The mercenaries were no more, and instead there stood a stranger walking to the three children. Umbra held no fear, if the stranger was able to do what he’d just done single handed there was no where to run. The other two children feared for their lives, and Umbra didn’t understand why.

Though the stranger took a moment to remove the ropes tied around the children’s necks. “There is a village four miles North. Go there and find shelter.” He spoke his tunes were deep and rumbling through the small ears belonging to Umbra. That was it, the stranger turned and walked away as if he had never come in the first place. Two of the children had taken off in the direction the stranger had said, while Umbra stayed behind. She didn’t want to leave the dead how they were. Instead she began to dig holes to place the bodies within them.

The sun was beginning to rise and Umbra was covered from head to toe in dirt dried lines of tears etched into her features as she stood overlooking the graves of the fallen women who had tried to protect her. Giving up their own lives for the sake of hers, but why? Why did they have to go and do that? Umbra didn’t understand she was no kinship to them. The sound of footsteps rolled through her mind, but she refused to look instead staring at the graves she had made. Deep rumbling tunes filled her ears. The stranger was back, but why? “You know I went to that village. Two of your friends were there, but you weren’t. I was thinking you may have died after all.” Umbra could feel the smirk in his voice, but still refused to look. What else was she supposed to do?

The stranger turned out to be named Nikolai, who ended up taking Umbra in as his apprentice. Through the next few years Nikolai trained her to be stronger wiser than her opponents. Already having a good base to work with due to the strength of her limbs and her slender but compact body from working in the fields. It wasn’t until Umbra had turned four years that the rumors of war had become true. Nikolai refused to let her go and join, but she wanted to do right by her parents and help others that had gone through what she had.

Leaving Nikolai and forgetting the values he had taught her, Umbra began to work for the military. Quickly rising through the ranks and earning a title all her own. It wasn’t until the end of the war that Umbra had realized all of the pain she had created. Vowing to live a life differently than what she had she resigned and went into a life of wandering. Venturing from place to place unsure of what may befall her, but ready to take on the challenge of doing so.






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