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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Full Name: Magnolia Entris Marsus

Nickname: Mags

Younger sister of Tiarsus Katar Marsus & Vivendel Istevier Marsus
speciesTimber Wolf
dewdrops 346dd


  • breed Timber Wolf
  • height 2"7'
  • eye color Lavender
Mags is on the tall end for a timber wolf. Measuring in at two feet seven inches at her shoulder. However, her height is not what catches ones eye. From the dark blue that splashes across her shoulders and down her back, to the light gray socks that cover her feet, Mags is sure to turn heads.

Her base coat is dark gray, almost black in certain areas, and runs from the base of her neck to her rump. Splashes of the base color can be found on the tip of her tail and around her ears and nose.

A medium gray, that darks and lightens at will, covers her neck, face and runs from her rump to the dark gray on her tail.

Light gray rings her eyes and covers her feet, running a little way up her legs. It can also be found on the underside of her tail, on the underside of her neck and the tufts on her hindquarters.

The most beautiful feature on her, however, is the dark blue of the night sky covering her shoulders and back. Within the swirling hues can be found white dots that resemble constellations from her home land. The dots seem to glow with starlight, lending an otherworldly quality to the already unique wolf.

Her body is slender but muscular, allowing for quick movement. Do not let her leanness be mistaken for weakness for Mags can and will fight.
Human Form
  • height 5"5'
Standing at five foot five Mags is slightly tall for her age. Her soft features and marginally angled ears make her seem even younger then her mere fourteen years. With high cheek bones, sloping nose, and rosy cheeks, Magnolia is considered beautiful in her home land.

Pale skin seems to give off an almost otherworldly glow. No blemish’s or scars litter her body. On her back, from her shoulders past the middle of her back is splashed with the blue of the night sky. Tattooed constellations from her home seem to sparkle with starlight from within the blue backdrop.

Long, flowing silver and blue hair hangs down past the middle of her back. Most often it is meticulously braided with two smaller braids, from either side of her head, feeding into a larger braid that flows down her back.

Pale lavender eyes assess the world around her, judging it with all the angst and heartbreak of a child forced to flee her homeland. While not unkind, her eyes have taken on a hard edge that speaks of challenges overcome.

When in her human form Mags prefers to wear a simple gown. The thick, yet surprising light, fabric, the last gift her homeland gave to her, has been woven into a dress. With long sleeves that cover her wrists and the skirt touching the ground, the dress looks ready for any special occasion. However, when the need to fight arises, a string fashioned on the underside of the skirt ties the fabric up to her knees to allow for quick movement. The sigil of her family’s house (a wolf and a rose) is stitched onto the right sleeve.



That word sums up a lot of Magnolia’s personality. It is evolving, changing with her as she grows into the woman she will be. Right now, she is filled with typical teenage angst. Well, not totally typical. She did lose her homeland and her father. Prone to mood swings and bouts of depression, the girl is a multifaceted gem. One day she might be happy, go lucky and the next, well, depression is dark hole that she struggles to crawl out of.

Naïve to a fault, Mags does not know how the world really works. Growing up in a palace, surrounded by servants and guards can do that to a child. While she read about faraway lands and how a land is governed, the young girl never made it out into the domain to actually see how it runs.

Because of this, Mag’s is extremely curious, which leads to her getting into a lot of trouble. It doesn’t help that the girl has a temper too. Quick with the wrong word and to step on others toes, this teen makes the perfect recipe for trouble.

However, for all her faults, Magnolia is a family person. Looking up to both her big brothers, Mag’s hopes to follow in the footsteps of her oldest brother, Tiarsus. To her, he can do no wrong in her eyes. Often sneaking off to watch him fight, the girl longs to wield a sword as expertly as he does.


Ellennora. A land of beauty and justice. The good King Selanar and his Queen Rosemary ruled with kindness and love. They were fair rulers and the kingdom thrived under their leadership. Her eldest brother, Tiarsus, was born to her parents and they showered him with love. When Tiarsus was nine her second brother, Vivendel, joined the family. Their happiness expanded and love was showered upon him too. When Tiarsus was seventeen, she came into the world. Magnolia, her mother named her after the flowers that grew around the castle.

The first seven years of her life were peaceful. The moment she learned to read, the child could be found with her head in books. Life in the castle was boring to her and so she escaped into the worlds between leather-bound covers. Dusty tomes and yellowed pages held her attention more than any of her father’s tutors.

That all changed in her seventh year of life. Fires started in the outskirts of the kingdom. Written off at first as random, things changed as evidence was unearthed that the fires were being set by someone. That is when he left, her big brother, Tiarsus. She watched from a window as he set out with the captain of their royal guard, seven knights, and two healers. He was handsome, noble and Magnolia knew at that moment that she wanted to be a warrior, just like him.

Months passed. People were murdered and still her brother did not return. Mags traded her books for wooden swords and shields. Her father would look at her with disapproval when she came to the dinner table with bruises. However, he would send sword masters and weapon trainers to teach her. When Tiarsus marched back to the castle, he had in tow with him prisoners. The girl snuck down into the dungeon to watch her brother question the prisoners. They were dead, all of them. Rumors circulated the castle, an inside job, it was said.

Three years passed. Three years of chaos and danger. The killings continued and so did Mags training. To their great exasperation, tutors found their lessons always turned back to tactics and wars.

Just when the kingdom was in the throes of chaos, the murders stopped. Faith in the royal family had diminished. Yet, when the killings stopped, the land started to pick up the pieces. Her wooden swords were taken and replaced with books. Her father stopped her weapon training, citing no need for it now.

That is when it happened. The Yensora attacked. With armies from across the ocean they descended upon the kingdom. Darkness took the kingdom as war raged across the land. They made a mighty stand, holding off the enemy until one summer night. Armed with knowledge of the underground tunnels, gained from their jealous uncle, the enemy army came for them. Her father ordered the city to flee. With only a group of loyal knights, the king stayed to give his family a fighting chance.

So, they fled. Servants, guards and royal blood all ran together. They escaped through the tunnels and when the tunnels were too dangerous, they bolted through the city. They ran, for days, for nights, they ran. Only when they loaded onto a ship and set sail in search of a new land, did they pause to look back at Ellennora. With tears in her eyes, the child turned away one last time from her home.

Darkness took over her vision and when she awoke, Mags found herself in a new land. But more than that, her elven body was gone, replaced with that of a wolf instead. So, the girl begins a new journey.


Earth Manipulation

In the early stages of learning to manipulate the earth around her, Mags can feel a strong connection to the earth. When she focuses on the connection, Magnolia can feel the particles within the ground around her. With a subtle movement of molecules and the arrangement of their space, Mags can form small spikes (about three inches long) of hardened earth.

This takes a lot of energy and concentration on her part. If she makes five spikes she gets a migraine. More than that and her nose starts to bleed. Ten or more and she risks an aneurism in her brain.

While Mags can form other objects with earth, it takes more concentration than to just to form spikes. As such, Magnolia is less likely to make anything but spikes right now.



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