Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Not all stars fall from heaven.

Full name: Ava Joyra Sylleer
speciesTimber Wolf
territoryLaurel Woods
dewdrops 31dd


  • breed Timber Wolf
  • height 2'5"
  • eye color Blue | Green

A slender girl with an long elegant frame. She has fur that is slightly thicker than normal Timber Wolves, but it isn’t too thick. Colored mostly in light brown in the same shade as the hair in her elvish form, she is an interesting looking girl. A fawny tan can be found on her legs, running down her undersides and belly. As well as on her chest and wrapping around her face. It can also be found on her ears. On both sides of her face she has two almost arrow like tribal markings in this same color. Though it isn’t too overwhelming for she has white to tone it down. The white can be found on all four legs, just above pink socks. She also has white over her nose on her muzzle and around her mouth and a spot of white on her chest. The pink that is on her paws is also inside her ears and makes up the color of her nose. Overall she is a pretty simple looking girl. Like her elf form though she also has mismatched eyes. The left being blue and the right being green.

Human Form
  • height 5'9"

A pair but fair looking young elvish girl, Ava stands at five foot nine itches which some say is small, but it is around her mother’s height so it isn’t expected for her to grow any taller. The girl is pretty, but not as pretty as some of the other woman from her homeland and is rather interesting looking though. She has long light brown hair that has grown for a long time. It reaches down to the back of her knees. Normally it is either straight or in pigtails. Mostly in pigtails to help keep it out of her mismatched eyes. Her left eye is a fine shade of blue, almost like that of the sea, and her right eye is a charming dark forest green.

Depending on what she is doing she is either found in a long light green skirt, with a light pink shirt that is so pale some would mistake it for white. Around her waist is a pink ribbon that is tied into a big bow in the back. On her feet she wears pink slippers. When out she wears a brown hooded cloak, and keeps a small dagger with her. It is a plain dagger with a silver blade and a wooden handle given to her by her father.


Polite, loyal, a bit sassy, klutz, clingy, caring, kind, shy.

Ava is a shy girl. One who is only ever really brave when around her dear Princess Magnolia. Being around the girl makes her feel safe and she is proud to be her servant. The girl is very loyal to her and would do pretty much another for her princess. That being said she can come off as a bit too clingy, which really shows when around the Princes. The girl becomes withdrawn and super shy. Sticking close to the Princess and has been know to even hide behind her sometimes. Even though this can be painful to watch she means now harm the girl has just had a rough time growing up. Though she is a polite girl she isn’t weak. Ava is a teenager after all. She can have her sassy moments as well as the times when she is a complete klutz. Tripping over her own feet, not being able to control her magic and throwing cups at people’s heads, or forgetting to breath. Simple basic stuff of that nature. Though it all though Ava has a big heart and is very kind and very honest.


Born to Lilly and Coleus Syileer Ava was her parents special gift. Her mother had been sick during her birth and where as Ava was born healthy her mother would sadly pass away. This left her father to raise the child all on his own which was rather hard as he was a guard at the royal palace. So for a lot of her younger years Ava was alone with her father off working. She did get to seem him sometimes though as he often couldn’t find a sitter and would have to bring her to the palace with him. Which was probably best for when she was young there was a killer on the loose. Often times she would follow around the maids. One day when she was still rather young she wandered down a hall and became lost. Crying it had been the king who found her. She liked him he was nice, but she did learn that he had been harsh on her father for just letting her roam the castle alone. After that she found herself around other child and a nanny. She didn’t know it at first but the children had been the princess and the royal nanny.

She wouldn’t spend all her time at the palace though. Sometimes a nice man who knew her mother would watch her. She never knew if her father knew he was watched her or not though but as she grew up she saw him as a big brother of sorts. Just like as she grew she saw the princess as a sort of sister. Though not a blood sister of course, but she felt close to her. When she was around ten years old Ava started working at the palace. She started off helping the other maids, but then was assigned to be the personal maid of the princess. A job she accepted with great pride. All seemed well for her, but then her father went away on a patrol and never returned. He was killed protecting a citizen from the serial killer that kept the kingdom in dear. Ever since then she spent most of her time at the palace and had never really felt like she truly had any family left in the world. Over time life would settle though. Until the kingdom was attacked and she and others were forced to flee. She bored the ship with the others, but woke up on a strange beach in a strange form.


Telekinesis - Level one

Ava has never been gifted with any sort of magic unless you count her kind heart. Though ever since arriving in this new land strange things have been happening. She has found things moving on their own uncontrollably. Normally it is a thing she either is thinking about or just was. Though she can make the things not more violently if she really focuses on where she wants it to go, most times she doesn’t know it is about to move so doesn’t. It doesn’t always work either. Not everything she thinks about moves it is only sometimes and seems rather random. Nor are the things that move even very big the biggest that anything is seemed to only be about six inches.




REFS: Designs by me & Lines from DA.
AVATARS: Images from Unsplash
TAG: Base by ASEN & Coloring by me.
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