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Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Vivendel Istevier Marsus

Younger brother to Tiarsus Katar Marsus
Older brother to Magnolia Entris Marsus
speciesTimber Wolf
territoryIlumis City
dewdrops 41dd


  • breed Timber Wolf
  • height 3'
  • eye color Blue
As a wolf, Vivendel is as dark as the night, wearing a coat with a sheen like a magpie's feathers. Vaguely iridescent, it gleams brightly in even the moonlight with shades of blue and teal, interrupted in little bursts with speckles of shining white. His entire underside is also white, running from his throat, just below his jawline, to the tip of his tail, and all four paws bear white toes, as well. His eyes are just as blue in wolf form as they are as an elf, and as a wolf they carry great white swoops – the reverse of dark rings of weariness.
Human Form
  • height 6'6"
Built long and lanky, Vivendel stands at an elegant 6'6”, looking down at his world with an appraising eye. Pale of skin and dark of hair, with eyes as blue as the sky, he can give a slightly fragile impression at first glance, but his height and easy athleticism are quick to dissolve any such assumption. He keeps his hair long, most often in a loose braid, and ornaments it with a large silver ring at its binding.

Vivendel is something of a peacock and dresses to show off and catch attention, often in flowing coats and robes of the finest material he can get his hands on, brightly died and intricately crafted.

His prized possession is the sword he wears at his hip – a highly ornamental scimitar with a wide guard engraved with the image of a blooming rose that, despite it's many decorative carvings and engravings, manages to be a fierce weapon in combat.


Vivendel is, in a word, immature. Being the second-born prince in a seemingly secure lineage gave him and his family no reason to suspect he would ever need to be prepared to take the throne and as such, he has lived his life in the lap of luxury, seeking pleasure and comfort and adventure and feeling no particular need to settle down. He has a wide range of hobbies and interests, many of which are enough to drive his family wild with worry, and is quick to take up any and all challenges that come his way.
He's charming, intelligent, and more of a gentleman than one would expect... which only serves to frustrate those who would see him excel rather than just skating by and looking for the next fun thing that attracts his attention for two seconds before he puts it down again.

Vivendel is not, by any means, a bad person, but it will take significant growth and maturation for him to reach his full potential.


Many years ago, in the land of Ellenora, peace reigned supreme. The people lived in serenity and grace, led by their beloved King Selanar and Queen Rosemary, whose fair and just rule was known beyond even their own borders. In time, the royal family began to expand, first with the birth of the crown prince, Tiarsus, then Vivendel, and finally little Magnolia. The children were the light and love of their lives, and the people rejoiced to have such a kind and loving family to rule and guide them. Vivendel, knowing he would never have to rule, lived easily, shrugging off his studies to ride his grey mare as fast as she could run into the mountains to hunt and play with his dogs. He made a name for himself as something of a playboy prince – a charming and fiery young lad with a heart of gold shrouded in the dust and grime of whatever adventure had most recently caught his eye.

When Vivendel was 15, in the dying warmth of autumn, fires began to break out on the outskirts of the kingdom. He could see the smoke when he rode into the mountains, and the dogs paused to sniff the air as the acrid scent wafted to them on the chill breeze. Vivendel rode on – what danger could there possibly be to this paradise? It was a rash of late-season forest fires, nothing more. It would be dealt with by the local population and the world would move on.

But he was wrong: the fires were set on purpose, vandalism to draw up sparks of discontent in the peaceful kingdom. Tiarsus took a contingent of knights and healers to the border to help the affected farmers. Vivendel wanted to come along, to see the kingdom, to experience the adventure of going so far beyond the boundaries he was normally confined to – there was only so far a young prince could go, after all. He was kept behind.
He rode into the mountains and watched his brother's party disappear down the forest trail from a plateau. He dashed frustrated tears of disappointment from his eyes and hunted rabbits until sundown.

Months passed. Murders began to break out in the capital – peasants and commoners at first, but then a lord, then more and more. Vivendel was confined to the castle grounds for his own safety, and the servants thought he might break through a stone wall in his cooped-up frustration. He threw himself into swordplay and horsemanship, training himself and his animals into a perfect mirror of the soldier he would never be allowed to be, and fought the growing feeling of isolation and claustrophobia by charming anyone who would pay him any attention. While Tiarsus worked tirelessly to calm tensions in the kingdom, Vivendel spent his days trapped where his family could see him, becoming more and more reckless in his boundless energy and social drive. Only little Magnolia, so lovely and so wise at her young age, could calm Vivendel's aching, restless heart.

After three years, the violence finally came to an end, but the cost of the tragedy was high: not only had the kingdom suffered tremendous loss, the royal family had lost a great deal of their people's faith. Still, things went back to normal. Vivendel rode free for the first time in three years, and the young prince bolted into the mountains again, taking whatever young nobles of the court would go with him to hunt and drink and be generally far too merry for their own good. The war was over – what better was there to do than celebrate?

It was not to last.
The grand armies of neighbouring Yensora crossed the sea and struck a harsh blow against Ellenora as its people struggled to recover, and the shadow of war fell across the land once again. Vivendel was reined back in and, despite now being of age, was still not allowed to fight. He railed against the injustice, but could never have dreamed that his wish to see battle would come true in the form of invaders finding their way into the very heart of the palace, guided there by Vivendel's own uncle.

Vivendel crossed swords with the enemy as they struck at his home, and he knew true fear for the first time in his life. Fear for himself, fear for his family... blinding rage as the Yensori cut down servants and soldiers and Vivendel's beloved dogs. He wanted to stay, to help his father fight when King Selenar ordered his family to run, but once again he was pulled away for his own safety, comforted only by the fact that it was now up to himself and Tiarsus to protect their mother and sister and all those who ran with them.

For days and nights they fought and fled and bolted as quickly as they could manage to the distant sea shore. They lost many along the way. Only one of Vivendel's dogs made it. Many more joined them, mostly children. To ease his pain, Vivendel took it upon himself to entertain the young ones in the fireside nights, enchanting them with tales of his adventures in the mountains, how he escaped wild beasts and bandits, how he hunted bears and boars and deer with antlers as wide across as a child is tall (only mildly exaggerated, of course). He showed them swordplay, how to defend themselves and how to hide in the wilderness and how to survive on the little they would be able to find on their own.

Finally, they made it to a great ship on the far shore and set sail for... anywhere. Even Vivendel's boundless energy had begun to run low after the journey, and the idea of being trapped on a ship for an unknown length of time was only barely balanced by the joy and wonder of an adventure at sea.
The young prince, now beginning his 22nd year, revelled in the smell of the salt sea air and the crash of brine, the rocking of the ship on rolling waves, the utter despair of everyone who saw him climb so recklessly fast up to the crow's nest to share a drink and a tale and a song with the lookout. Perhaps things would turn out in the end, he began to think. Perhaps they would find somewhere to settle beyond the sea. Perhaps they would find adventure and fun and begin a new kingdom!

Several weeks into their journey, when even Vivendel was beginning to be sick of the ship, a storm struck. Despite the best efforts of the crew, the great vessel struck a rock and took on water faster than the crew and passengers could bail her out. The storm ripped the remains of the ship apart. The passengers were flung wide, separated in storm surge and rain and howling wind.

When the tempest passed, a body washed up on a beach.
The body of a great black wolf.

What new adventures await?


Upon his arrival in Aspasia, Vivendel began to have dreams. Strange dreams, vague and surreal and all too easy to forget. Sometimes they allow him glimpses of things that present themselves later as strong deja-vu. Sometimes he sees the dreams of others.

In time, this will translate into visions of past, present, and future and the ability to walk in dreams, but for now the magic is weak, still growing like a seed in his mind.
Completely at random, due to the unpredictable nature of his new magic and the growing pains of his expanding mental capacity, Vivendel will experience powerful headaches that can lead to nosebleeds, or even temporary incapacitation or unconsciousness.



Character design and art by TrinitySilph

Mini Profile:
-- "Rave Russia" by Alexander Popov (Unsplash)
-- Rose by Gianni Zanato (Unsplash)
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