Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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  • breed Equine
  • height 25 hh
  • eye color Red & white
- Very rarely seen in this body anymore.
- Red knees, muzzle and crest.
- Red brindling up her limbs into the black.
- No mane, but a long, dark red tail.
- Dual red horns that curve backwards and are razor edged and tipped.
- One red eye and one silver eye.
- Her silver eye is blinded permanently and cannot be repaired.
- One red hoof, and three black hooves.
- Red speckling across her body.
- She is solidly built, standing very tall, and looks more Baroque than she is Thoroughbred.
- Selene has a serious flaw as well - she cannot feel true pain. Not at all, and it is a part of her not understanding love. However, while one might think not feeling pain is a good thing, it is not. Selene has to be very careful after fighting, and must consult with healers. She has learned how to guard herself, and she can feel very deep serious wounds but they do not hurt her - and one day it will get her in trouble.
- Selene is omnivorous, seen by her teeth being sharper and made for ripping and tearing rather than eating the flat of grass and her internal organs are different as well to allow for this.
Human Form
  • height 6'0
Selene stands at just on six feet tall, with a slender build that is also finely lined and is not as strong as she carries herself. From her head she has deep black hair that falls to about her midrif, though she usually puts it up when she is in human shape so it does not annoy her. Her skin is pale and marred with scarring ranging from small to large, with a significant one over her heart. She usually wears dark, form-fitting clothing and always has a chain around her neck with varying pedants on them - the pendant in which her curse is held when she is in human shape.


Callous – Cold – Aloof – Merciless – Cruel – Blase - Unmovable - Unable to Feel Pain - Fighter - Agile

She has always been a terrible creature. Full of a cold dislike for the world, she went out into it with this and learned quickly how strong she had to be, and it made her merciless machine, who killed and slaughtered whatever stood in her path. She stood up against the way the world was at the time, with the men being the stronger, and she showed she was just as fierce as them. Yet when it fell apart, it made her more hateful and only made her want to see the world burn before her very eyes, in a way that tainted it forever. She has no aspirations of leadership nor does she want to be the strongest; she just wants to be where she can use her abilities and rise in the ranks, taking up a position and making her name known again. It was something she craved – the only thing she craved. Love is not a part of her vocabulary, and she is not good with manipulation – her method is more, threats, maybe a little charm, but then beat them unto submission. Now, Selene wants her fire back. She hates existing without being able to feel like others - she wants to have a name again, and not be just a face... but to make her name, she needs to learn how to be who she was again, with the weakness imbued in her by a demon.


The filly was born in the time of Liridon before the fire and the darkness, born to a stallion who would become one who was strong and then fall, becoming a laughing joke that the world would never respect again, not even his name bringing fear – and her mother, who raised her long enough until she no longer required parental supervision. Sangre, the Red Woman, left her daughter Selene alone beneath a full moon. She left her with only one life lesson that the little girl had never forgotten; you cannot trust any living creature, so never do it. So she had wandered, living amidst the Leotrims for a short time, learning what she could, but she left them.

The woman grew into the young mare she would be, and she became an item of desire for many eyes. Her appearance was desired by many of the harem rulers where she had walked for a time, and she alone had managed to keep them at bay. She fought them tooth and claw, ripping at them and learning how to fight. She gained scarring, but it was one stallion who finally managed to get past her boundaries – he bowed to her prowess and yielded before she could maim him, and she in turn became a part of his herd. They became the desired herd, with her rising to the position of matriarch as she beat the others down and out of her way.

She was callous, cold, and she never cared who stood in her path. She and the stallion waged a war in that land together, fierce and terrible, and soon they ruled their home. Their herd was the strongest, and it remained so. When the stallion though became too old and his body weakened, it was she who ended his life at his desire. There was nothing but a cold glint to her eye – she would never allow any to know she had grown to care for him.

Left alone, Selene became colder and uncaring. She raged at the world, and soon it fell apart. The kingdoms rebelled, and their dominion fell with it. Selene was unable to stop the turn of the tide, and so she was dragged into a pit along with her herd mates – those who were not killed – and they were kept there and tried for their so-called crimes against the realm. One by one by they died, or were exiled. She was not either; she was forced into servitude, and they blinded her in one eye intentionally, thinking it would frighten her into submission. She played along for a short period of time, and all the while she was gathering the pieces she needed to perform a ritual; a demonic summoning, to pull one from the nether who would help her in her world. She finally had them all, and the demon gave her what she wanted for the price that her soul was his, and for it as well he took her pain, ensuring she would never again feel anything of the sort. The demon gave her a vial of liquid, which he told her to keep hidden until the right moment. That moment came when one of the families she was slave to had her kept in their quarters for their eldest son, who wanted nothing more than to spend a night with her. Selene saw this as her path out, and so she allowed him to take advantage of her, and in his moment of sleep she drank the liquid. Pain ravaged her but then it was gone, and Selene found she had been given a set of horns, and her appearance was frozen. She turned her attention to the eldest son, and she attacked him without hesitation, ripping open his barrel and sending his guts falling to the floor, as she tore him apart. The demon provided, and she killed anyone who blocked her path, and Selene was able to leave - but she slaughtered the entire family to get out.

With nothing but hatred in her heart, she left. She snuck out before she was found by the guards of the rectory, and she was on her way and gone. Leaving the world behind she had become a part of, she rarely stopped to see others. She found for a short time a small bandit group where she became stronger again, finding her old ways so easy to slip into, but she no longer cared for rising to the top. All she wanted to do was hurt others who spoke back to her, who stood in her way.

It was on her path away from this bandit group that she came across her mother. Sangre, who was on her own trek. She and her mother knew each other, and they stopped. They talked, she telling her who her father was, along with a little about herself. It seemed that she and her mother were kindred more than she thought, and oh it amused her. Selene parted ways with her, understanding why she was who she was more than ever.

It was many years passing though, before she found her way into Caeleste. A handful of other little groups, marauding and pillaging, refining her practice, earning it by the scarring that marred her hide, before she was lost in the forest. After spending time lost and without purpose, it is returning to her.

She became a murderer, cold-blooded and wicked in her ways. She enjoyed it intensely, and continued on her path out of there and finding herself lost and wandering. She became trapped in this world. The experience left her much colder and more calculating, enjoying watching prey squirm - and left her with a wanting for more insanity.


- Coming soon.



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