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The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

Nelayryn Offline

age25 (Immortal)
speciesAndalusian x Cob
territoryFaern Cascades
dewdrops 94dd


  • breed Andalusian x Cob
  • height 18hh
  • eye color Grey and white
A creature of grace and elegance, Nelayryn walks a fine line between simple mortal beauty and the imposing legends of her people. Though she wears her six wings with pride, her colouring is less the pure white you might expect and more a warm, mottled grey – a flecked coat most commonly called “flea-bitten.” Her colours are warmest on her belly and legs, and fade up to white around her back, neck, and head, though her muzzle and the insides of her ears remain that mottled grey. Her coat is darkest around her fetlocks, which are covered in long feathering.

Though her mane is short and bobbed, her tail flows like water behind her – both are white-cream and fade out to warm grey-brown, and both are struck through with the same.

Nelayryn has eight eyes, each with grey scleras and white irises, and no pupils to be seen. This can be unnerving, and so, when she wishes to offer a more comforting face, she closes all but her main two eyes.

Nelayryn adorns herself simply, with a draping white, highly ornamental scarf knotted at her chest and looping around her neck and back, and a series of fine golden chains in her forelock and mane, and looped over her wings in sets of two and three.
Human Form
  • height 6'
Standing at exactly 6 feet tall and wreathed in the soft white of her six wings, Nelayryn cuts a rather imposing silhouette. She holds herself with a regal grace but rarely looks down her nose at anyone. Rather, she greets everyone with a gentle smile and a kind word, and her kindness shines through every part of her.

Her hair (white and cream-brown) is as short in her humanoid form as it is as a horse, and her eight eyes sit in the same configuration, but that is where the similarities end. She dresses more elegantly in this form, in a floor-length gown of white and gold, though she retains the use of her familiar white scarf – in this form, used as an elegant shawl. Though it is rare to see her feet, she has a tendency to go barefoot, as if the rough earth does not bother her.

This is the form Nelayryn uses most often at home, whereas her horse form is more commonly seen in the wider world.

In both forms, her Roselynn Stone sits on her forehead - an iridescent diamond that, in the right light, can look something like a 9th eye.


There are few universal truths, but Nelayryn's favourite is that one catches more flies with honey than vinegar. She is a gentle and caring creature, sometimes aloof but always, above all, kind.

Having been raised apart from mortals, Nelayryn sometimes has trouble connecting to them on a personal level, but that doesn't stop her from trying. However, though she tries her hardest, her attempts can sometimes come off a little too motherly, almost as though she has trouble believing a poor, innocent mortal could solve a problem on their own.

Though outwardly she remains calm and confident, she keeps a secret worry that she's not living up to her calling, despite not having any idea what her calling might be. All she knows is that she is meant to be a guiding light to her people, and that's vague enough to give her a fair bit of anxiety. Still, Nelayryn sustains a kind and confident outer visage, hoping that one day things will click into place and it will no longer be only a visage.


In a far away land, a tiny herd wanders. Their ranks are immortal, and so new children are rare. They come together and part ways again and again, ever roaming, ever seeking those who need their help. They soar on six wings apiece, and took the name given to them by those they helped: seraphim.

Over time, the seraphim began to drift apart, and some believed they may never come back together. The world was too vast, too troubled to help if they stayed together as a group, and so the herd dwindled, the last of them held together only by the surprise and joy that one of their mares was pregnant.

Nelayryn was born amongst immortals, and though she grew as a normal girl would, she was never normal. She flew on 6 wings, saw the world through 8 eyes, and danced through fields of lavender with others just as strange, just as mystical. But in time, the herd began to drift apart again. The herd... the flock... the family. Nelayryn knew her own time to leave was coming – just as her family had missions and callings to attend to, she was a woman grown and it was time to find out what her own calling could be. They gave her a Roselynn Stone and a companion to help and guide her, and the last child of the dwindling herd set out into the world alone.

She came upon Aspasia by light of the setting sun, and let the wind carry her into Vata. She spoke to the creatures who lived there and found herself falling in love with their vibrancy, and with how very unique they were, each and every one, from the eldest mare to the youngest colt. And yet... they walked alone. Their leadership was gone, disappeared into the ether, leaving the population to fend for themselves. Nelayryn knew she couldn't leave them – they deserved so much better than abandonment.
These were her people now.


Light - The ability to create and manipulate light, from will-o-wisps, to illusions, to light weapons.

Beginner: A Candle in the Dark
At this level, Nelayryn is able to control light at its most basic level. This includes manipulating light that is already there, and creating little will-o-wisps like a thin cloud of dust motes to light a path or guide someone where she wants them to go. She can also cause herself (in full or part) to glow faintly, though no brighter than a candle or nightlight. At this level, the magic does not last long, and she can't sustain it indefinitely. Prolonged use can cause exhaustion and a need to rest and recharge for a while, though for how long depends on how badly she overexerted herself.

Apprentice: The Playful Illusionist
Now an apprentice of her craft, Nelayryn strengthens what she had already learned and adds a few tricks to her arsenal. Her ability to manipulate light now includes the ability to strengthen natural light, including brightening sunlight in a restricted area to warm anyone in a small radius. The light she radiates from herself can now light a small room if she chooses, and her dust motes have become proper will-o-wisps, able to zip around like insects and arrange themselves into shapes to mime out simple messages if she concentrates hard enough.
At this level, she gains the ability to create illusions – mirages in the distance, and powerful enough tricks of light to make someone who wasn't paying attention think they were seeing a ghost in a window or the end of a hallway. Her beginner abilities, though stronger, cause her little trouble now, but illusions and mote acrobatics still cause exhaustion.

Master: Light of the Guiding Angel
A master at last, Nelayryn's previous powers increase and no longer give her much, if any, trouble at all. She strengthens her abilities with them yet again, now able to easily manipulate light in a given space, though this is still restricted to a relatively small radius (a room, a cavern, a forest clearing... certainly not the whole forest). Her motes move easily and respond well to her thoughts now, and she can turn herself into a literal beacon of light if the need arises. Illusion magic has become very nearly easy, though prolonged use can still exhaust her badly. Nelayryn now possesses the ability to create very realistic illusions that hold up to scrutiny at close range, though if one were to know what they were looking for, they would still be able to see the shimmer of mirage-like light that is a dead giveaway for this magic.

As a master, Nelayryn has finally learned how to weaponize her magic, though she prefers to use it only for self defence. If she concentrates hard enough, she can focus her light into laser-like beams and even turn her motes into concussive weapons not unlike small grenades. At their most basic level, the latter gives off only an explosive flash, but in a pinch, she can have them cause real damage- bruises and burns. She has also learned how to create a shield of light, though this takes an extreme level of concentration and can be worn down and broken under enough stress.
If she uses these offensive and defensive magics for too long, Nelayryn can become exhausted and, at this level more than any other, runs the risk of incapacitating herself should she push herself too hard. The worst threat is the breaking of her shield – as it relies heavily on her concentration, to shatter it also requires the shattering of her very will, which can cause temporary mental trauma.


Upon leaving her herd, Nelayryn was gifted a travelling companion. Or, rather... the little creature attached himself to Nelayryn.

Llewel is a faerie dragon, no more than three feet long, scaly, and as iridescent as Nelayryn's Roselynn Stone. His primary colour is a soft, rosy pink, though depending on the light, this can become a whole host of colours and hues, most often a lovely periwinkle blue. His back and head are lined with rows of soft white pearls, and the undersides of his feathered wings match them in hue while the backs of his wings match his iridescence. His flight feathers, though definitely feathers, are as translucent and shimmery as the wings of a dragonfly, and the tip of his incredibly long tail is tufted in soft white.

His eyes are a rich, glittering blue, appearing often like a pair of dark sapphires inlaid in a crystal sculpture. This same colour appears at the base of his horns and claws, though it quickly fades into a lovely, pearly white.

Llewel is an incredibly vain, smug little diva creature, distrusting everyone who isn't his mistress and quick to making his displeasure at their presence known. Still, he is incredibly loyal, and his attitude tends to stem from a desire to keep Nelayryn safe, much like a small dog.


Nelayryn's original design was created by Mortoboe
All current art by TrinitySilph

All photos (avatar, table graphics, etc) come from Unsplash.
-- Chris Sabor, Casey Horner, Luke Stackpoole
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