Legends of Amarna
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Winter, Year 1

Where is the snow? As autumn fades into winter, the temperatures are still unusually high, and excepting areas in high elevations and of normally frigid temperatures, snow refuses to fall. Even rain is hard to find these days, and as the crystal clear skies beat down upon the earth, not a cloud in sight, one can begin to wonder what is going on with the world. The golden grass is crisp and dry, and though the fires have slowed with the seasons, there is still a hint of smoke in the air, and every now and then a small one crops up. The rivers are beginning to dwindle to a trickle, and mud has dried into thick cracked clay.

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Human Form

Eye Color: Red
Height: 6ft

Epoh is tall with an athletic build, her eyes are red that seem to glow slightly from her pale face. Her hair is black and tied into a ponytail, she has some bangs that always fall out and cover part of her face. She wears leather clothes, and some elbow high gloves-also made of leather. Her boots go to her calf and are colored black. She has one earring in her left ear, it looks to be made of gold. As for animal features, her teeth are sharp and come to points, and she has a black wolf tail.

Shifted Form

Breed/Species: Mackenzie Wolf
Height: 5ft

Her athletic muscles are still present while in this form, though they are under the shaggy fur that covers her whole body. Her red eyes seem to glow even more in this form, as they are surrounded by the black fur. Coming to five feet, she is built as a hunter and fighter, though she looks uneasy as she moves in this form. Her teeth are still sharp, and more than able of tearing into her enemies. Her black tail is always low, rarely raising past her spine when she travels in this form. Honestly she will not be in this form much.
Epoh is quiet, and only talks if she thinks it is necessary. She is the type to have a goal and aim for it without letting anything stop her. May seem strict and standoffish at first, but she is a kind and gentle person by nature. It may take some time to get her to warm up to you, but it is worth the effort since she is quite loyal to those she sees as friends. Beware if you try to become her enemy, she is more than capable of striking you down, even without a weapon at her side.
Hailing from a town called Nogard, in the land of Htrea, she was abandoned as a child. A kind man found her and decided to raise and train her. She became a guard and a fighter for the King of Nogard once she finished her training. As the guard she often got to travel with the King to other lands, and often aided those she saw were in need. Often the King would also send her out on missions by herself, knowing she was capable of taking care of herself in the often dangerous lands. One day a portal opened and dragged her to Amarna
Strength: Beginner Has more strength than an average person, usually used for when she fights. She does have to be careful if she is fighting hand to hand, holding back her full strength so she does not overly harm someone. Normally doesn't affect her everyday actions since she doesn't put the effort into the magic when just going through normal actions. If she overuses it, she needs to rest for a time, though eating a large meal might restore her faster. Though she could likely do things like break a stone wall or lift a heavy object, she usually refrains from such actions unless she has no other choice.
All art used here is by me
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