Legends of Amarna
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Winter, Year 1

Where is the snow? As autumn fades into winter, the temperatures are still unusually high, and excepting areas in high elevations and of normally frigid temperatures, snow refuses to fall. Even rain is hard to find these days, and as the crystal clear skies beat down upon the earth, not a cloud in sight, one can begin to wonder what is going on with the world. The golden grass is crisp and dry, and though the fires have slowed with the seasons, there is still a hint of smoke in the air, and every now and then a small one crops up. The rivers are beginning to dwindle to a trickle, and mud has dried into thick cracked clay.

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Human Form

Eye Color: Grey
Height: 4ft

Being a Hobbit, he is quite short but surprisingly agile and has a muscular build. His hair and eyes are a grey color, and he wears clothes he finds comfortable. So a simple shirt and some pants, usually forgoing shoes. He also wears a locket that is under his shirt. For the animal features that stay while he is in his hobbit form he has some cat ears that poke through his slightly curly hair, some also claim that his pupils look much like they do while in his shifted form, but he has never bothered to confirm this yet.

Shifted Form

Breed/Species: Feline/Cheetah
Height: 3ft

While in this form he has dark grey fur with lighter grey stripes that go down along his back. His eyes stay grey, and his body stays agile and muscular in an athletic way. There is also grey on his paws, and he usually has his claws sheathed when he uses this cheetah like form. His tail is long and slightly bushy and usually doesn't rise above his spine while he travels. Sometimes when he travels he uses this forms natural speed to his advantage to speed up how long it takes him to get somewhere. Other than that, others would just see him as an odd colored cheetah
Laid back and calm, seems lazy and uncaring. Likes puns and jokes, and small un-harmful pranks. Will often be found taking naps, or just hanging around relaxing. However, if angered he will seem like a different person. Can fight better than it seems, and is stronger than he seems. Will fight until he is completely worn out until the point of passing out, but has a resolve to keep going. Is protective of his friends, so it is wiser to stay on his good side. If you get on his bad side, you may end up regretting it. That being said, it takes quite a lot to get him angry, since he is more inclined to be easy going. It would take something like hurting or killing one of his friends to get him riled enough to even think of fighting.
Cyran comes from a small group of felines, he was the oldest of a litter but was also the runt. Despite his smaller size, he was able to survive with the help of the others of the group and also helped watch over his younger siblings. The group of felines lived in a grouping of caves until there was a cave in. He fled with the rest of his family but lost track of them at some point. Then he started going from place to place, just traveling because he had nothing else to do. Has met many other canines, and often makes friends due to his easy-going nature. It was not often that his temper became the best of him, and when it did it would shock those who knew him. He chose to leave after showing his anger, thinking no one would accept him after seeing it.
Beginner: Teleporting His magic is often used for pranks more than anything else. Still, there is a limit to how far he can move, and it helps if he has seen the intended spot ahead of time. Often he uses this to throw people off, making them think he is going one way only to end up ahead of them. All his napping helps him conserve more energy, though if he skipped the naps it would be more of a strain on his body, perhaps even to the point of death if overused. He does his best not to use it to that point
Design for shifted form by Angie :D
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