Legends ofAmarna

The hourglass drips on and on, and over time history fades.

What is truth to a king? A tyrant? A god?

And you? What do you value most?

Once upon a time, the land of Aspasia prospered under the peaceful rule of a grand council. Now it's kingdoms lay shattered, its people divided, and its most ancient civilization forgotten. After a thousand years of struggle and the recent opening of ancient portals, long considered obsolete, the world is changing, and its inhabitants struggling. Each choice, each decision, now more important than ever. And you? Which side will you choose?

The History of Aspasia

As with all things, history fades into legend, and eventually legend into myth. It is the way of time. The details fade into obscurity, and those things known as true, fade into mystery, and are eventually lost. So is it with the dragons who dwelled in the lands of Aspasia, the true Amarnans. They are the ones of whom history rose and fell around, history that fades away as one season fades into another - being made and remade according to the memories of each age.

In the beginning there was peace and everything was good and beautiful. There lived, in harmony, all people - all creatures - as diverse as the stars in the sky, and numerous as the sand on the sea shore. Each appearing slightly different, some bestial, some sleek and regal, yet they were different from the beasts and plants of the world, the spark of intelligence in their eyes, the sentience in their minds and hearts setting them apart from nature and the natural world.

During this time Amarna was an oligarchy, ruled by the Lords of Bakkuthar. There were four lords, two male, two female, each governing over one of the four Courts: The Court of the Sun, the Court of the Moon, the Court of the Earth, and the Court of the Spirit - with a dragon always at this court’s head. Justice, equality, and virtue were given to all Amarnans freely and centuries passed without war or strife.

However, as with most things, peace never lasts, and pride, like a poison, took hold of the courts.

It started when the Court of the Sun became power hungry. They saw themselves as the most intelligent, the most able to prosper and grow. Arrogance poisoned their minds and led them to believe that they alone should rule over Amarna. To set themselves apart they adopted the name Ventri, or ‘the clever ones’ in the old tongue, and they whispered into any ear that would listen. At first it was nothing, boasts of strength, great feats they had accomplished, but the damage had been done.

Rumors caught hold like wildfire and soon people started seeing daggers in the dark. Grouping together according to their court, fear creeped into the consciousness of the populace for the first time. Inevitably, attacks followed. At first, they were just small raids, no blood shed, just items of importance taken or broken. But soon the attacks escalated, blood staining the hands of many.

As the unrest grew, murmurs began to reach the ears of the Bakkuthar. The unrest had rooted itself firmly in the hearts of the citizens and spread like a poison throughout society. As the races pulled away from each other into their own little sects, so too did the hearts of the Lords of the Bakkuthar begin to harden, and their bickering grew.

Blame was thrown firmly at the Ventri, accusations brought forth in the court, hearings held to lay the blame. Even with all these things, their emissaries would not listen to the slanders of the others, would not hear the accusations out. In an action that further spilt society as it was, the Ventri left their seats as Lords.

The Court of the Earth, most prone to attacks from the Ventri, vowed to put an end to the terror that The Court of the Sun had caused. Relinquishing their seats as Lords, and seeking what they saw as justice, they moved into the region that consisted of plains and adopted the name Vata, or "the resilient ones." Fortifying themselves against outsiders, they became the first race to close their borders. They would protect themselves and their own. They would not become victims to those who saw themselves as their betters.

The Court of the Moon, who had always valued loyalty above all, saw the attacks of the Ventri as disgraceful. They too abjigated their seats and took to the mountains, calling themselves the Vasta, or “the steadfast ones.” Though they did not consider themselves to be part of the problem, they let the division seep in and separated themselves from the others. The damage had been done, and there was no way they could go back to what the world had known before war.

With the amassing chaos, the Ventri rejoiced. The other courts were separated, weak, ripe for the picking, begging to be ruled over. As the Ventri moved to assert dominance, The Court of the Spirit, led by the dragons, watched in confusion. They had stayed quiet, watching keenly as the others bickered and fought. Being nearly immortal, their memories reached back further than most who still held breath in their bones. They did not understand the strife, the conceit, the pettiness of the others. When they began to sow seeds of goodwill among the others, they became the laughingstock, and were hunted for their troubles.

A few of the people saw the truth in the dragon's efforts and allied with them to restore peace. However, they too were hunted mercilessly. They were seen as old-schooled, vain, idealistic. How could the world return to what it had been before the chaos settled in?

As the races fought one another they united one last time to fight the dragons. The dragons were beasts, barbarians set in their ways and they needed to be eradicated… So too did those who aligned with them. the Court of the Moon had to fall.

So, the genocide of the dragons and those who followed them started. Years wore on, and their numbers dwindled - eventually fading from the land. The last survivors simply disappeared from the world, leaving the wise and majestic creatures to diminish into nothing but myth.

Some among the races still hold true to the old ways, the ways of dragons and peace but they are ostracized and driven to separate themselves from the rest of the world.

The dragons, and those who followed the old ways - the true Amarnans - became nothing but a legend in a great and long history.

Each court has a version of this tale. Each one glorifying their heroes and heroines. But with the ensuing chaos, the constant war and division that separates their hearts and pits friend against foe, the question needs to be asked:

Which side will you choose?

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