Legends ofAmarna

The hourglass drips on and on, and over time history fades.

What is truth to a king? A tyrant? A god?

And you? What do you value most?

Once upon a time, the land of Aspasia prospered under the peaceful rule of a grand council. Now it's kingdoms lay shattered, its people divided, and its most ancient civilization forgotten. After a thousand years of struggle and the recent opening of ancient portals, long considered obsolete, the world is changing, and its inhabitants struggling. Each choice, each decision, now more important than ever. And you? Which side will you choose?

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Achievements List
Post Count Achievements
Icon Name Description
Has Good Opinions on the Internet Not only do you have opinions on the internet, but they're good opinions! They must be, right? You've posted 1,000 times so you ought to know what you're talking about by now!
Cause I Would Walk 500 Miles Wow! Look at you go! Even though you didn't walk 500 miles, you posted 500 times, so that's got to be equally as challenging!
A Lot Of Shiny Silver Quarters Wow! 250 posts. Not only do you have a single shiny silver quarter, but you have several of them. That's what happens when you work hard!
Bicentennially Brilliant Not only did you make it to 100 posts, but you made it to 200. You must be brilliant!
Has Opinions on the Internet Now that you've made it to 100 posts, you have made your opinions known on the internet. Keep it up. The internet needs your voice!
50% More Awesome I mean, you were awesome already, but you made it to 50 posts, so that makes you 50% more awesome than before. Keep up the hard work!
Shiny Silver Quarter Oh look! A shiny silver quarter! Awarded for all your hard work making posts and all that jazz.
Custom Achievements
Icon Name Description
1 Year Loyalty Wow! An entire year has gone by. We're glad you stuck around as part of our crazy family. Here's to many more years!
2 Year Loyalty Wow! How time flies! You've already been part of the site for two years, and it's like you've been here all along. Thanks for your loyalty. It means a lot to us. Here's to many more years!
5 Year Loyalty 5 Years?! Wow! You're amazing, and we can't tell you how thankful we are for you. You've been a vital part of this site so long, and we just want to know that we value you! Here's to many more years!
6 Month Loyalty You have been a member of LOA for 6 whole months. It's gone by pretty fast, but we're glad you've stuck around as part of our crazy family. Here's to many more months!
Achieving Achiever Who doesn't want an achievement for achievements. Might seem a bit counter-productive, but if you collect badges, you get another shiny for your profile. Awarded after 25 Achievements have been earned
Admirably Angelic You are amazing! Astonishing! Kind, generous and helpful. You are the best of the best at being good. No one can beat you. Of course, being as good as you are, you're probably humble too. Keep up the
Adventurer Wow! You have completed 15 quests. You have been on many adventures and faced odds that were definitely not in your favor. Not many have done the same. You rock!
Ageless Somehow, somewhere, you gained a Roselynn Stone (or immortality) and are now ageless. You could be 500 years old and no one would know the difference. Keep lookin' great!
Alpha Character Congrats! You have been a long-time supporter of the site and have been around since before beta DATE HERE! Keep up the good work. We thank you for your loyalty!
Amateur Adventurer Congrats! You have successfully completed 5 quests. You have faced huge odds and come out the winner. Enjoy your badge, you deserve it.
Bonded Whether it was love at first sight, or a difficult path, you are now officially bonded with your mate. Hopefully you keep those starry eyed gazes through all the good and bad times!
Colosseum Champion 25 NPC battles! Wow! Not only have you won and lost, but you've seen and done a lot. You've faced many challenges, earned a few scars. Only a champion can say they've done that!
Colosseum Trainee You're just starting out NPC battles in the Colosseum, but you've already won a few and lost a few. Before long, you'll be a warrior. Keep up the hard work! 5 battles is a good start!
Colosseum Veteran 50 battles later, you can say you're a veteran at NPC battles. You've battled pretty much whatever is thrown at you, and you've made the crowd roar at your victory. Glory and honor to you!
Colosseum Warrior After 10 NPC battles in the Collosseum, you're starting to get the hang of the way it flows. You've done this a time or two, and have shed your own blood as well as others. Keep up the hard work!
Daringly Devilish Wow! You are the baddest of the bad. Evilest of the Evil. No one can beat you at what you do best, bad deeds. They'd better watch out. That devilish grin of yours could scare the bravest heart.
Death Match Coward Whether it was because you feared death or because you simply couldn't handle the pain, you fled from a death match. How can people trust you now, you coward?
Dedicated Shifter You have worked hard, and in addition to your main shift form and your human form, you have learned how to shift into three additional forms. This took hard work and dedication. Congrats!
Deed Holder Look at you go! You own your own sub-board. You own your own little plot of land. King of your own castle, and no one can stop you!
Emperor/Empress Look at you! You're now the head honcho of the land. No one tells you what to do... well, except maybe your significant other... Good luck!
Enemy of the State This character has been exiled/banished from a land.
Grim Reaper Oops. Looks like you have ended someone's life. Doesn't matter if they were good or evil, their life is over, and you were the one to reap it.
Immortal Wow! You are now immortal. For good or ill, you'll now live on forever. Hopefully it's not too bad, because... well, you got a long ways to go!
Indiana Jones Look at you! You're just like Indiana Jones. You have dedicated your life to exploring, to finding riches, and it has paid off. 50 quests later, you have won this bad. Wear it, because you deserve it!
Infused Soul Congrats! You have collected all your soul shards and maxed out your magic. Your soul has now been infused with some great goodness (or evil), so keep up the hard work!
Life Saver Someone was about to die, and you stepped in and saved the day. Well done. It's always good to have a kind heart (unless you saved someone evil, then were your intentions truly selfless?).
Mage You have successfully completed the fourth level of at least one type of magic. Time to wipe some of that sweat off your brow. That was certainly some hard work you put in. Well done!
Master Adventurer Dude! Look at you! You've been there, done that. There's not many things you have not seen, not many places you have not been. You've completed 30 quests, and that's amazing!
Monarch Even if you're not the head, head honcho, you're still up there. I mean look at you, running your town like a boss! Nothing (except the emperor/empress or your significant other) can stop you now!
Parent Congratulations! Whether planned out, or completely by accident, you have created your own mini-me, a miniature spawnling. Of course, if it's a spawling, that must mean you're spawn. Right?
Pious No one ever said it was bad to be religious. Perhaps they could learn from your dedication. This is awarded for praying at one shrine.
Pious and Dedicated Not only have you prayed at each shrine once, but you've prayed at each one at least twice! Can you get more religious than that? Only the gods and goddesses will truly know.
Pretty Pious You have prayed at all the shrines, we suppose that makes you pretty pious? Either way, others can learn from your dedication. Don't let their criticisms drag you down!
Purchased Companion Sometimes the perfect pets can be bought from others. This companion was purchased from the store and is now your best buddy. How sweet!
PvP Champion You are a champion. After 25 battles fought, you have learned the ins and outs of fighting. There are not many things you have not seen and blood does not phase you. Keep up the hard work!
PvP Trainee You've successfully completed 5 battles. You must be a warrior in training. Whether it be planned duels, bar brawls, or Colosseum matches for honor and glory, you're sure learning how to fight!
PvP Veteran Not only are you a champion, but you are a veteran of PvP battles. You've seen it all, and there is not much that can surprise you. You know how to fight, you know how to win, you know how to lose.
PvP Warrior You've been around the block a time or two, especially when it comes to battles. You're hardcore, tough as iron. With 10 battles under your sleeve, we can officially say you're a warrior!
Quested Companion This is a companion that was hard-earned through either a long, arduous quest, or won in a contest. Though you didn't buy it, it certainly was meant to be. How sweet!
Sacreligious Look at you go! You have made an enemy of a shrine or a temple. We're not sure how hard it had been, but we know it was done. There's no going back now, or is there? Perhaps the gods are forgiving.
Shape Shifter Not only do you have your main form and a human form, but you have worked hard and acquired an additional form. Shifting is fun! Just don't confuse everyone with your guises.
Site Supporter Thank you for being so wonderful! This achievement is awarded to those who donate money to the site or purchase dewdrops. Without you, we would be nothing!
Site-Wide Plot Participant Look at you! You've completed all parts of a site-wide plot. This is quite the feat, and because of your hard work, you've earned a cute little badge for your profile.
Site-Wide Plot Veteran Congratulations! You've completed all the parts of at least three different site wide plots! That's quite an achievement. Wear this badge with honor, and bask in the glory of your hard work.
Super Advertiser You have completed 100 advertisements in an advertisement cycle! Not only have you done an amazing job showing off the site, but you won some spiffy prizes and a shiny little badge!
Super Sacreligious Wow! You have done the impossible and angered every god and goddess. Hopefully you won't hit hard luck since they're obviously not on your side anymore. Hopefully they're forgiving?
Unkillable You have won a death match and are now unkillable (well at least for now). Hopefully you can keep up the win streak, we'd hate for an enemy to catch you in your sleep.
Points Achievements
Icon Name Description
Filthy Rich Dang! You're pretty rich, actually... you're filthy rich! You must live in the lap of luxury. Speaking of that though... How'd you get so much money anyways?
Super Rich If you had a super power, it would be wealth, and your super hero name would be "Super Rich." Perhaps you can be that vigilante or villain. We could call you nah nah nah Batman!
Very Rich Woot! You're very rich. Must have taken forever... or else a few crafty deeds. Either way, you're sitting pretty nice. It'd be hard to blow all your wealth now!
Rich You just keep gaining earning that dough. Stockpiling it and making a nice comfy living off of it. Must feel great to sit on a pile of those fancy gold coins!
Wealthy Sitting in the top dollar field, ain't ya? It feels great doesn't it? Having servants to meet your every beck and call. Keep up the hard work!
Well Off You're very fortunate to be well off. Luck (or hard work) has done you well. Keep it up and you'll be sitting pretty comfortably. If you're not already!
Fortunate Look at you go! You're doing pretty well. Guess that's what you get for all your hard work. Keep going and you'll be rich in no time. Don't spend it too quickly though, it goes pretty fast.
Mediocre Well it can no longer be said that you're poor, but you're not rich either. Guess you're just hanging out in the mediocre money court. Someday perhaps, you'll be rich!
Poor Well you're still poor, but at least you're not broke. 2,000 dewdrops ought to count for something. Don't spend it too quickly though, it goes fast!
Broke You have earned a total of 1,000 dewdrops, and now have some money to speak of. Don't spend it too quickly! It goes fast!
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