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Into the Deep - Vivendel - 03-04-2019

Shine Brighter than a Shooting Star
The freedom was exhilarating. To run free through the endless woods of his brother's new domain seemed like a dream come true. Had he died? Perhaps on the ship from Ellennora. Perhaps he had been washed out to sea, or else starved on the voyage. Perhaps he was killed when the ship crashed. Gods knew he sould have been upset about that – guilt prickled at the edges of his consciousness that he had not yet shed a tear for the fallen, not even his own mother, who had not yet been found. How could he be so cold?

And yet... the forest beckoned, cool and green, even in the early autumn heat, still whispering of memories of summer past. It sang in him like a divine chorus, and he couldn't help but laugh. He had always known his dogs looked happy, but now he knew it was less happiness at seeing and being with him than the pure, boundless joy of just being a dog.

He ran all day, on and on through the summer woods, until the sun began to set and the world began to cool. On the other side of the forest, as the mountains melted into foothills, he came across a little house. Or... a guard shack? It sat before a tunnel into the mountainside, but seemed not to have been touched for many years.
Vivendel peered into the dark.

The tunnel stretched on and on, and in the quickly-diminishing light, he could pick out only the edges of brackets embedded into the walls. Once upon a time they may have been lit by bright torches, but now they sat unused, gathering dust. This was built. It was meant to be walked.
It was meant to be explored.
He trotted into the tunnel.

It stretched even farther into the endless dark than it seemed, and then suddenly the path opened wide and he stood on a ledge overlooking an entire subterranean city.
“Gods above...” the young wolf gasped. What wonders awaited him here? Was it as long-forgotten as it looked, or would he run into some foul denizen of the deep? In Ellennora, they told tales of dark elves beneath the earth. His mind ran wild with daydreamed adventures against them in this hidden world. He would defeat them in combat, of course, or perhaps sway them with offered friendship.

Dreams of grandeur kept his head high and his fur proudly fluffed, but he could shake the feeling of being watched.
The feeling of eyes in the dark...

images by Felix Mittermeier and Brigitta Schneiter (Unsplash) & code by bailu


RE: Into the Deep - Illudra - 03-06-2019

Letting forth a cackling laugh at the top of her lungs, Illudra waited for her voice to come back at her. This city was empty, it was dark, and it echoed. In her insanity she had stumbled upon this place, and to her great joy she found that empty subterranean cities echoed.

Coming back to her in what seemed fifty distorted waves, she listened in sheer pleasure as she started again. The overlapping sound roaring ominously through the deserted hallways. She had left Vith behind again some days ago, and sought out the adventure of... well she wasn't quite sure. She always found her way back to his side, in some weird obsessed way she saw him as family... or maybe something she could bang... or perhaps she saw him as her master... it was likely an odd mix of both... either way it didn't matter. She was mad and knew it, and there were a lot of blurred lines she enjoyed keeping blurred in her life.

"Blood, death, strangling breath. Musty odors, misty nights. Rising, sleeping, causing, dowsing." She screamed into the openness before letting off another maniacal laugh. Falling to her knees as the garbled sound came back to her, she let herself enjoy the odd sort of bliss. Finally after several minutes, she rose to her feet, maw wide open in a smile, and her teeth gleaming in the dim light.

Moving forward, she trotted upwards back towards the entrance when she smelled something that had not been there before. Tensing, she realized it was a wolf. This would be fun... Remembering that creatures here seemed to be able to talk she moved forward as stealthily as she could, stopping some distance away and watching silently. He seemed rather careless. Perhaps she could eat him. It had been a while since she had feasted.

As she contemplated this creature's murder, a much more enjoyable though filled her mind, she could toy with him. Yes, that was much more enjoyable. Smiling cruelly from the shadows, she waited until he moved closer to her, seemingly ignorant to her. Finally, when she though he was close enough, she yelled at him at the top of her lungs. "BOO" With that, she started her mad cackling again, before revealing her spot in the shadows, opening her frightening maw, and looking at him with mad eyes like some sort of foul spirit.

Notes: Bahaha
Muse: 10/10
Word Count: 400

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