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Into the Deep - Vivendel - 03-04-2019

Shine Brighter than a Shooting Star
The freedom was exhilarating. To run free through the endless woods of his brother's new domain seemed like a dream come true. Had he died? Perhaps on the ship from Ellennora. Perhaps he had been washed out to sea, or else starved on the voyage. Perhaps he was killed when the ship crashed. Gods knew he sould have been upset about that – guilt prickled at the edges of his consciousness that he had not yet shed a tear for the fallen, not even his own mother, who had not yet been found. How could he be so cold?

And yet... the forest beckoned, cool and green, even in the early autumn heat, still whispering of memories of summer past. It sang in him like a divine chorus, and he couldn't help but laugh. He had always known his dogs looked happy, but now he knew it was less happiness at seeing and being with him than the pure, boundless joy of just being a dog.

He ran all day, on and on through the summer woods, until the sun began to set and the world began to cool. On the other side of the forest, as the mountains melted into foothills, he came across a little house. Or... a guard shack? It sat before a tunnel into the mountainside, but seemed not to have been touched for many years.
Vivendel peered into the dark.

The tunnel stretched on and on, and in the quickly-diminishing light, he could pick out only the edges of brackets embedded into the walls. Once upon a time they may have been lit by bright torches, but now they sat unused, gathering dust. This was built. It was meant to be walked.
It was meant to be explored.
He trotted into the tunnel.

It stretched even farther into the endless dark than it seemed, and then suddenly the path opened wide and he stood on a ledge overlooking an entire subterranean city.
“Gods above...” the young wolf gasped. What wonders awaited him here? Was it as long-forgotten as it looked, or would he run into some foul denizen of the deep? In Ellennora, they told tales of dark elves beneath the earth. His mind ran wild with daydreamed adventures against them in this hidden world. He would defeat them in combat, of course, or perhaps sway them with offered friendship.

Dreams of grandeur kept his head high and his fur proudly fluffed, but he could shake the feeling of being watched.
The feeling of eyes in the dark...

images by Felix Mittermeier and Brigitta Schneiter (Unsplash) & code by bailu


RE: Into the Deep - Illudra - 03-06-2019

Letting forth a cackling laugh at the top of her lungs, Illudra waited for her voice to come back at her. This city was empty, it was dark, and it echoed. In her insanity she had stumbled upon this place, and to her great joy she found that empty subterranean cities echoed.

Coming back to her in what seemed fifty distorted waves, she listened in sheer pleasure as she started again. The overlapping sound roaring ominously through the deserted hallways. She had left Vith behind again some days ago, and sought out the adventure of... well she wasn't quite sure. She always found her way back to his side, in some weird obsessed way she saw him as family... or maybe something she could bang... or perhaps she saw him as her master... it was likely an odd mix of both... either way it didn't matter. She was mad and knew it, and there were a lot of blurred lines she enjoyed keeping blurred in her life.

"Blood, death, strangling breath. Musty odors, misty nights. Rising, sleeping, causing, dowsing." She screamed into the openness before letting off another maniacal laugh. Falling to her knees as the garbled sound came back to her, she let herself enjoy the odd sort of bliss. Finally after several minutes, she rose to her feet, maw wide open in a smile, and her teeth gleaming in the dim light.

Moving forward, she trotted upwards back towards the entrance when she smelled something that had not been there before. Tensing, she realized it was a wolf. This would be fun... Remembering that creatures here seemed to be able to talk she moved forward as stealthily as she could, stopping some distance away and watching silently. He seemed rather careless. Perhaps she could eat him. It had been a while since she had feasted.

As she contemplated this creature's murder, a much more enjoyable though filled her mind, she could toy with him. Yes, that was much more enjoyable. Smiling cruelly from the shadows, she waited until he moved closer to her, seemingly ignorant to her. Finally, when she though he was close enough, she yelled at him at the top of her lungs. "BOO" With that, she started her mad cackling again, before revealing her spot in the shadows, opening her frightening maw, and looking at him with mad eyes like some sort of foul spirit.

Notes: Bahaha
Muse: 10/10
Word Count: 400

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RE: Into the Deep - Vivendel - 05-26-2019

Shine Brighter than a Shooting Star
Something was out there. He felt the eyes, heard a sound on the stone like... hoofbeats? And a voice echoing through the dark.
Vivendel padded on, putting nerves aside. Tiarsus would have to give him a little respect if he took down some sort of hideous, cave-dwelling beast on his own.

The city lay dark and still all around him, so very different from the bright, lively forest outside, every sound echoing, every scent dulled by stone and water. The voice echoed around him, reverberating as if screamed from a great distance, and his hackles began to rise. What kind of monster was out there, making that kind of noise...? That cackle... like a witch. Like a demon.
The wolf prince shuddered.
Was this such a good idea...?

No. Enough of that. It had to be a good idea. It had to be enough. How was he ever going to prove himself worthy of respect if he was always cowering under everyone else's watchful gaze? He wasn't a child anymore, gods-damnit! He grew up without anyone noticing and they could damn well notice for once!

Caught in his thoughts, he didn't notice the creature approaching, didn't smell her foul breath or hear her hoofbeats chiming on the stone.


He yelped and instinctively recoiled, scrambling backwards on the stone and nearly tripping over his own paws as a vicious maw melted out of the dark right in front of his nose – a maw of fangs like a shark, like a vampire. A maw of fangs hungry for his flesh and thirsty for his blood.
”Gods above--!” he gasped, heart thundering in his ears. The thing – the mare? How was this thing a horse?? - started laughing again, and her mad cackle chilled him through blood and bone. But as terrible as her teeth were... her eyes were worse. One look into those fuschia orbs told him all he needed to know: that she was mad as a hatter, that she wanted blood, that he may very well have gotten in far, far over his head. The prince gritted his teeth and snarled.
”Is that how you say hello on your planet?”
He wanted it to sound fierce and brave, but he couldn't stop his voice from trembling, or how breathy it was with the panic of moments ago. ”What the hell is wrong with you??”

images by Felix Mittermeier and Brigitta Schneiter (Unsplash) & code by bailu

RE: Into the Deep - Illudra - 06-24-2019

Letting forth a cackling laugh at the top of her lungs, Illudra waited for her voice to come back at her. This city was empty, it was dark, and it echoed. In her insanity she had stumbled upon this place, and to her great joy she found that empty subterranean cities echoed.

Laughter finally ceasing, the echos from her insanity fading in the cavern, she grinned at him cruelly, letting her fangs drip with the tiniest bit of saliva. She didn't care. In all her mad laughter, she had forgotten to swallow, but saliva was a small thing, especially when frightening another. His yelp of fear had brought her a great sense of joy, the quivering in her voice brought her more so. It was a pleasure to her, and it made her want to toy with the poor creature standing in front of her even more.

Ignoring his first statement, she gave a small cackle, moving to trot around him in glee while speaking. "Nothing. Everything. Maybe something. Maybe nothing. Maybe everything all at once." It was with her normal rhythm. Poetic. Frightening all at once. Stopping, she stood there, lowering her head and stepping towards him. "But you... you are all alone here... in this dark cavern with meeeee." With that her voice rose again as she started her maniacal laughter, with the last word, the sound echoing again, distracting her thoughts for but a second before returning to the starry pelted canine.

"So tell me, little one, what would you like to be? A snack? Or would you rather be my pet? Huh???" As if a switch had flipped in her mind, she closed her maw with a thoughtful look and began her chanting. "Pink dresses, bonnets, lace. Pretty wolf, furs and face. Mine, yours, toys, boys. Come to play. Just today. Now. Forever. Prisoner sweet."

Notes: Bahaha
Muse: 9/10
Word Count: 309

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RE: Into the Deep - Vivendel - 06-25-2019

This mare, this... this thing... looked at him the way his dogs had been known to look at rabbits. Her fangs oozed, though if it was saliva or poison, the young prince couldn't tell. And her eyes... oh, those eyes... they caught what little light lived in the darkness of the cavern and seemed to glow, as though they could see into his very soul. She responded to his demanded query in a string of nonsense and he slowly began to back away, not yet fleeing, but knowing he would be safe only with some distance between them. He would not run. No, this was a foe to face, not a monster to flee. He was a prince, master of the blade, leader of his people... he would not run from a demon in the dark.

"But you... you are all alone here... in this dark cavern with meeeee."
He retreated as she advanced, but now his hackles began to rise, and his gums to draw back over wickedly sharp canines of his own.
”That's not your advantage, witch,” he snarled. ”Back off.”

But his warning was in vain, for the creature kept advancing. Step, step, step, hoofbeats ringing in echoes off the cold stone walls.
"So tell me, little one, what would you like to be? A snack? Or would you rather be my pet? Huh???"

His blood ran cold, then boiling hot. ”I think you'll find I'm rather bitter, and I'll definitely give you indigestion.”
Vivendel snarled again, snapping deadly teeth all too close to the demon's nose – she deserved it, really, for continuing to force her face so close to his. ”And I'm no one's damn pet!”

"Pink dresses, bonnets, lace. Pretty wolf, furs and face. Mine, yours, toys, boys. Come to play. Just today. Now. Forever. Prisoner sweet."
So... that was how it was going to be, was it? Fury coursed through his veins that this purple bitch would dare talk to him like this. Didn't she know who he was??
Probably not, if he was honest, but that didn't matter – she would know soon!

Drawing on innate magics so new to him since arriving in this new world, Vivendel's shaggy form rose onto hind legs, and the wolf-now-elf drew his rather ornate sword.
”Come any closer and I'll run you through, demon. You won't find me such easy prey.”


RE: Into the Deep - Illudra - 07-01-2019

Feeling the wind rush from his closing bite, the mare cared not for his threats. She didn't think he would hurt her. Not yet. He was too scared. He looked as if he was going to pee himself. It brought her so much amusement, joy, to see the horror written all over his canine face. This was one of her favorite things. Toying with others playing with them. Making them her toys. Not just for dresses, but watching their mentality corrode under the assault from her insanity.

"Naw, naw," she cackled wickedly, cruelty dripping from her voice like poison. "I eat little doggies all the time. They taste good. The more blood the better." As if she made her own joke, she giggled and hummed a bit to herself as if contemplating how to cook him. "But toys... toyss are better... Trailing off she watched as he shifted into a strange scrawny creature who apparently needed only to stand on hind legs.

He was pale, ugly, looked like a maggot to her. "Oooh, maggot with a poky stick, even better. Do you eat flesh too? Hehehe" Shaking her head, she stopped her advance, unsure of what the sword was, but cautious all the same. He sounded serious, but at the same time, she did not like to let her prey go so easily.

"Demon? Demon? Demon I am. Bloodthirsty, hungry, lusting, seeking, eating flesh, baby bonnets, little scrawny maggots." Circling him, she looked for a weak spot. The stick was of considerable length, and though she could tolerate pain, and even enjoyed the sight of her own blood on occasion, she had no intention of dying. Not to a scrawny maggot wolf thingy.

Grinning, she found a rock on the ground, picked it up in her mouth, and tossed it at him. Perhaps it would startle him, or something... she really didn't have any solid plans except that she was going to take him home to Vith to torment.

Notes: Bahaha
Muse: 9/10
Word Count: 329

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RE: Into the Deep - Vivendel - 07-14-2019

Whatever this thing was, Vivendel was more than tired of it. Its taunts were infuriating, even as they made his blood run cold with adrenaline and fear. All of him trembled. Fear, yes, but more than fear, it was battlelust that roared through his veins. Killing this thing and bringing its head back to Tiarsus would bring such glory...!

It was still talking. The horsething seemed to like hearing her own voice. At least she seemed to fear his sword – that was a good thing, he supposed. Not that she seemed to understand it. She was watching it like a baby watches something it has never seen before, like a particularly odd-shaped carrot.

”Heh... yeah, I eat flesh. Never tried demon, though.”
A clumsy threat? Perhaps. The thought of consuming something so foul made his stomach turn.

She started to circle him and he turned with her, keeping the sword and a healthy distance between them, but hating that now she was between him and the exit.
”I'm warning you, demon – stay back unless you want a taste of cold steel!”

Suddenly, with all the fluid motion of a predator (truly, this thing seemed more cat than horse – no horse on the blessed earth was ever so horrifying) the creature's head went down and back up again, and Vivendel barely saw the rock coming as it flew towards him.
He barely had time to parry, side-stepping as gracefully as he could manage and slapping the rock aside with the flat of his blade. The rock clattered off into the dark, and the noise of it echoed so vividly through the cavern that a flock of bats exploded off the roof and rushed for the nearest exit, thankfully far enough away that they wouldn't interfere with the near-battle at hand. Still, the noise and explosion of activity was enough to pull the young prince's attention away from the demon for a moment, and as he drew his sword arm up instinctively to protect his face, he realized his fatal mistake. He tried to get the sword back down, but by then, it was probably too late. Time slowed for the wolf prince. His breath froze in his throat. His heart stopped between beats. His sword slowly, so slowly, lowered again, but was it enough? Was he fast enough?

A single second stretched into infinity.


RE: Into the Deep - Illudra - 09-27-2019

Just as the fluster of bats exploded in the cavern, the noise of the rock still echoing through the chamber amid the beating of many wings, the man's arms went up over his head. Smiling a wicked grin, Illudra would have let out a loud laugh of victory if she had had the time. This was the perfect opportunity. The foolish maggot thing had let his surroundings distract him. Not that Illudra wasn't prone to such things herself, but she refused to see her flaws and imperfections. She preferred the narrow view of a predator hunting it's prey. Which was a strange thought for a horse, but Illudra was anything but normal.

Jumping towards him, she reached her neck forward, her long maw open, her serrated fangs glittering dimly in the light. She had no idea what the stick thing that glinted with steel was, but that was her first concern. He had threatened her death by it, claimed that he was going to eat her, and she had no plans of that actually happening. She didn't think she tasted so good, at least not to others. She had tried her own blood a couple of times for curiosities sake, but it was hers not someone else's perception of how she tasted.

In that split second, all those wild thoughts going through her mind, she aimed for the clothing on his sleeve arm, perhaps his arm itself. She wanted to take it in her maw, fight it away from the other hand. She wanted to take control of his weapon so he could not use it on her. If she could cause him to drop it, half the battle would be won. If she accidentally cleaved his arm off with sharp teeth, she didn't care about that either. He would have been a mighty fragile thing, and even if she was an herbivore by species, she craved meat. She could always eat him if she accidentally mangled him beyond recognition. Though a play toy would definitely be more fun.

Notes: Bahaha Ew. Only Illudra xD
Muse: 9/10
Word Count: 339

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RE: Into the Deep - Vivendel - 09-29-2019

His arm came up, time froze, and the creature lunged. Vivendel watched her move, just as slow as he, but so much faster, too. He tried to get his sword between them but she was right there, all teeth and gaping maw and disgusting spit. There wasn't even time to blink.

For a moment, as her jaws closed around his arm, he felt nothing. He blinked in shock, but was numb. Seconds later, the pain rushed in – pierced flesh and broken bone and blood rushing into her mouth and onto what of his arm wasn't between her teeth. Vivendel cried out sharply and tried to pull his arm back, but this just made it worse, and the shock of it caused him to drop his sword. The clatter it made as it hit the stone sounded like the bell signalling his coming execution.

Fear flooded him with the anger, icy and hot in waves, and he wasn't sure if it was the fear or the adrenaline or the pain making him shake like a leaf in the wind.
He dropped to his knees, lunging awkwardly for his sword with his arm still in the beast's grasp, but fumbled to take hold of the hilt.

”Let go, monster!” he cried as he fumbled for it, cursing his scattered brain and clumsy fingers. He only had two choices: pick up the damn sword or die. So why couldn't he do what he had to?


RE: Into the Deep - Illudra - 10-02-2019


Feeling his flesh in her mouth, the coppery taste of his blood on her tongue she felt a sense of satisfaction go through her. She felt bloodlust rip through her veins. The thought of eating him was very real, but that wasn't her goal, her intent. She could find other flesh to chew later.

As his cry rang through the chamber, she saw him fumble for his sword. His arm still in her fanged mouth. She did not want him to poke her with the pointy stick. She did not mind her blood being shed, but she did not want it to be shed now. Not in this moment.  Reaching one of her forelegs forward, she shoved it away from him, the metal clanging against the stone.

Problem solved, she went to push the man away from her away from the sword. Letting go of his maimed arm. She would not eat him. Not yet. She did not particularly care about his arm, but she wanted him strong enough to go with her. Not fainting completely from blood loss.

Turning her body into him, wanting him pushed up against a wall so he couldn't get away, she laughed manically. She would win this battle and take him home to be her pet. Oh yes she would.

"Mine. All mine. You'll be mine now. To play with, to coddle, to dress like a doll. Play toy, Day toy. Mine. All mine." She could dance with cruel mirth. If only she wasn't occupied with this ugly maggot wolf thing that had caught her attention.

Notes: It's a bit short. Hope that's alright
Muse: 9/10
Word Count: 262

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