Legends of Amarna
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Summer, Year 1

As the mild spring fades into summer, it is realized that a drought is beginning. Rather than watering the grass, the sky is a solid blue. Beautiful, but hot. Showers become less and less frequent through the months, and a foreboding is felt in the air. While wetter climates still experience showers, it is not quite enough to keep the grass green and the foliage lush. Smaller creeks shrink to a trickle, and large rivers become narrower. While things aren't completely dry, fires become more frequent, and the dessert becomes a wasteland. Hopefully times will begin looking up, but as the summer wears on, promise of a respite dwindles.
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For whatever reason, it appeared that the winged woman was stuck in this form, she had yet to figure out how in the hells to change back to her normal form but she had found a useful thing in that she could make her wings disappear if she really focused at it. It felt odd not having them against her back as she walked along the deep black sand that led into the ocean. The weather was warm and as she breathed in, she could smell the sea breeze, feeling it play with her hair. She hadn't been in this land for long but she'd spent some time flying over it, trying to get a feel for this land that she'd so unceremoniously been pulled into. It didn't seem too terrible of a place though she could have sworn she could sense other speaking creatures here and it puzzled her.

She'd taken her shoes off when she'd stepped onto the sand and it felt warm between her bare toes. Everything was a new experience for her in this new body, even how the world felt and how cold felt. That was a new sensation to her as cold had never bothered her before but with this human body, cold was more prominent as she had no fur to cover the delicate skin encasing her. She smiled, feeling cool water cover her toes as the tide came in and she couldn't help but close her eyes, just breathing in the freshness and the experiences this new world had brought her so far. It was odd that she had been plunked into a human body for whatever reason but at least she still had her wings so she didn't have reduced mobility.

Being a naturally curious person, Rina had to wonder what it would be like to go swimming. Of course she'd swum a little bit in her home world but that had been in her equine form, surely it wasn't all that different in human form, you simply paddle and keep moving forward. She shed her outer clothes, not wanting to get them wet and put them a fair ways up on the beach. She didn't exactly have anything appropriate on for swimming but she wasn't willing to go skinny dipping and this whole concept of clothes was odd to her, wearing cloth to cover bits that were apparently inappropriate to show off even if they were out when she'd been in equine form... The whole thing baffled her but she was willing to go along with it and not cause a fuss. She was in a bra and a pair of underwear which she'd found herself in when she'd been dumped her. The water was cool against her skin but not uncomfortably so and as she waded deeper, her hair fell into the water and floated around her. She took a deep breath before diving under the water and trying to swim only to find it wasn't quite as easy in human form to swim as it was in her previous form and she flailed about, finding it more difficult but she wasn't too deep that she couldn't stand if she needed to. Come on Rina, this isn't supposed to be that difficult she chided herself.

Notes: Anyone is welcome to come help her figure out how to properly swim in human form.
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Paws silently stalk through the forest, carrying with them a rather thoughtful lion. 

Trees reach their long arms out toward him, threating to catch his fur and snag his mane. But the man in lion form does not notice them, ducking and dodging the branches without paying them much mind. 

Thoughts wander, blurring his eyes and making the man feel nostalgic for times long past. Usually he is not one to ponder things gone but today he finds himself reminiscing and even longing for things no longer to be his. 

Perhaps this is why, when the trees disappear and the ground shifts from dirt to sand, the white lion takes no notice. Only when the cool water laps at his giant paws do the thoughts flee and reality hits. 

The brute has walked straight into an ocean. Instead of being distressed by this fact, Ntwa decides to relish the change in scenery. 

Stepping back away from the water’s edge, the lion contemplates his next move. 

Casting his eyes about for any sign of others, the man decides to take this chance to enjoy the day in his human form. Focusing on his body and willing it to change, the lion becomes a man. 

Inspecting himself he finds that his black t-shirt and jeans are immaculate and his grey sneakers are well worn but have been taken great care of. 

Ice blue eyes scan the horizon of the ocean and drink in the cool blue of the water. The gentle breeze picks up the feathers tied in his brownish red hair and plays with them. 

He inhales the salty air of the ocean and closes his eyes as his skin soaks up the sun. After a long moment, Ntwa opens his eyes and moves to sit upon the sand. Even through his jeans he can feel the warmth that the little granules have drunken up. 

Carefully, the man unties his shoes. Once they are off he ties the laces together. Removing his socks and stuffing them into the shoes are his next step. Finally, he rolls his jeans up over his knees. 

Satisfied with his work, Ntwa stands up and slings the tied together shoes over his shoulder. Striking off down the beach, walking in the cool, crisp water that laps at his feet, the man enjoys the day. 

He watches the ocean as it does its relentless push, pull with itself. Eyes find little treasures of rocks and seashells as the water deposits them on the shore before receding. Here and there he spies little creatures also left behind the water. Some race back into the liquid while still others explore their new land.

Ears pick up the rolling sound of waves and the restless cry of seagulls searching for food. The sound as his feet splash through the water delights the man.

He walks, feet going numb from the water but enjoying the sensation all the same. 

Soon, on the horizon, Ntwa spots someone splashing in the water. Pausing in his forward motion, he contemplates if he should approach or turn around and walk away. 

With a shrug of his shoulders he walks toward them. As he gets closer he notices it is a woman, with pale skin and pale blond hair. When he is within earshot he calls out, “Hello! You okay over there?” 

Trying to kind, the man offers a smile and ambles closer. 

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