Legends of Amarna
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Summer, Year 1

As the mild spring fades into summer, it is realized that a drought is beginning. Rather than watering the grass, the sky is a solid blue. Beautiful, but hot. Showers become less and less frequent through the months, and a foreboding is felt in the air. While wetter climates still experience showers, it is not quite enough to keep the grass green and the foliage lush. Smaller creeks shrink to a trickle, and large rivers become narrower. While things aren't completely dry, fires become more frequent, and the dessert becomes a wasteland. Hopefully times will begin looking up, but as the summer wears on, promise of a respite dwindles.
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The crashing of water could be heard around her in a wild crescendo of power and force as she descended to the land below. The moonlight glittered on her silver and violet wingtips making her appear graceful and angelic. She had been on wing once again, searching, ever searching for the one she loved and had lost. No, it was not her mate, but the hatchling dragon that she had been separated from when she left Caeleste. Her heart still throbbed for the youngling, and she worried for her safety. She hoped nothing bad would become of her. Alahna was young, outgoing, and sometimes foolish... not that she meant to be, she just had so much energy and she loved everyone so she knew no fear of others. Being so small and innocent was something that worried Aeo. It left her in a situation where she would fearlessly encounter others who might mean her harm.

Finally, with a flutter of wings and the tapping of her hooves against stone, barely muted by the cacophony of the waterfall, she made her way into a vast building. The half moon shone onto the white marble, making it glow, and the mist twirling with the faint breeze made the temple appear mystical. It was almost like a place out of a dream - magical, surreal. She moved forward through the columns, solemnly. She had seen a city below, but had carried on without stopping. She had seen this place upon the mountain, glowing like a beacon, and had chosen to stop there instead.

As she moved through the temple, the rushing of water became fainter as she approached the altar. It was peaceful stillness, like a deep breath after a storm, the waking of a child in the morning sunlight. It was peace. The altar itself was surrounded by a still pool of water, reflective of the moonlight shining through an opening in the ceiling high above. In the water she could see a reflection of herself. She could see the sadness at her loss, but also the strength behind her eyes. She could see the yearning, yet she could also see faint reflections of hope and joy.

It was here, before the altar that she stopped. She did not know the names of the deities represented here... she was still too knew to the land... but she could feel a presence here. Kind and watchful. No, she did not worship them, she had a god of her own from the land of her origins, but she still respected the deities in each land she entered. They were there for a reason, and she would respect them, even if she did not worship them.

Lowering her head, she closed her eyes and whispered a prayer. "While I am new to this land, and I don't know your names, I am here with a simple request. I lost my hatchling when I left my last home, and I am worried for her. If it pleases you, I ask that you keep her safe, and that if possible... you would lead me to her... even if it is just the smallest of hints. If you can do that, I will be very grateful. Thank you."

Stepping back, she gazed upon the altar with sad azure orbs, her hooves once again ringing through the space. Exhaling softly, a feather of the purest white drifted down from the ceiling, landing right between her hooves. Lowering her head to sniff it, she felt a whisper like a faint breeze in her soul. "Your friend is still alive, do not lose hope. It will not be long before you see her again."

"Aeoloni Speaks"
Aeoloni Thinks
"Alahna Speaks"

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