Legends of Amarna
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Summer, Year 1

As the mild spring fades into summer, it is realized that a drought is beginning. Rather than watering the grass, the sky is a solid blue. Beautiful, but hot. Showers become less and less frequent through the months, and a foreboding is felt in the air. While wetter climates still experience showers, it is not quite enough to keep the grass green and the foliage lush. Smaller creeks shrink to a trickle, and large rivers become narrower. While things aren't completely dry, fires become more frequent, and the dessert becomes a wasteland. Hopefully times will begin looking up, but as the summer wears on, promise of a respite dwindles.
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The sound of the waves lulled him in and out of sleep.  
Boom-hiss, boom-hiss.  They crashed against the sore and rushed back again to their mighty mother sea.  From time to time his eyes drifted open, but more often they stayed shut, rejecting the blurry, unfocused world in favour of the warm darkness of slumber.  So easy it was to rest in the dark, cozy and warm and more comfortable than he had been in weeks.

Eventually, when he could no longer ignore the cold, Vivendel opened his eyes.  The world stayed out of focus for as long as it could manage, but finally gave up the fight and slipped into something resembling clarity as he lifted his heavy, heavy head.  The young prince pushed himself upright, resting on his elbows as he gazed out across the land before him, waiting for his vision to truly clear.

Stony grey beach stretched out like a dusty blanket for a way before giving in to scrubgrass and moorland, and the sky above lay as still and grey as the sand.  The air was far cooler than the lazy warmth of sleep had led him to believe, and a cold breeze lanced in off the ocean to ruffle his still-damp fur--

Boom-hiss, boom-hiss.

Vivendel blinked, otherwise frozen.  
The dark-haired prince slowly looked back, towards his own legs, and saw them stretched out behind him in languid repose.  Saw dark fur.  Saw paws.  Saw a sodden tail.  Saw the surf swallow them up as the tide covered him to the waist.
”Gods-- I--” he stammered aloud, and was surprised to hear that his own voice was yet unchanged.  ”What??”  He could manage no more words, and not a single thought.  What could possibly have happened?  The last he remembered was the ship and the storm... bailing out water and failing...
Vivendel had been in the hold when it flooded.  He remembered the ship hitting something, being thrown back into the water under barrels and boxes and debris--
The suddenly visceral memory flooded him with adrenaline and he lunged to his feet to bolt away from the water, only to trip over his own paws and stumble back onto the sand.

”I'm dead,” he muttered.  ”I drowned and now I'm... apparently a wolf... in purgatory.”  The phrase, so crystal clear when spoken aloud, silenced him for a moment, then brought on a fit of laughter.  Vivendel turned his face towards the grey sky and crowed, ”Joke's on you – I bloody love dogs!”

But then... what had happened to the others?  The children, the refugees, his own family?  He climbed to his feet again and took closer note of his surroundings, actively looking now for any traces or clues that could show him their whereabouts.  Debris littered the beach, wood and canvas and rope, some of it tossed ashore in such a way that he could only imagine how lucky he had been not to have been impaled or strangled or killed... assuming he wasn't correct in thinking he was likely already dead.  It was hard to say – he certainly felt alive.  

He was about to start walking down the shoreline when a sudden howl rang out far in the distance, grief-stricken and raw and so full of pain that the young prince-- wolf-- whatever he was-- knew it had to be a cry from his own people.  
Knew?  Hoped.  He hoped it was one of his own.

He started to walk.  One foot in front of the other, exhaustion making itself more and more known as he forced this new body to move.  Clearly whatever sleep he had gotten was not nearly enough.
It didn't matter.  All that mattered was getting back to his family, or at least finding someone who could help him reunite with them.

One foot, then the other, then the other, then the fourth.  One at a time, picking up speed, learning to run faster and faster.  Vivendel bolted down the shoreline and his fear melted away as he felt the wind in his fur, the sand between his toes.  All his life he had searched for adventure, for meaning, for something beyond his sheltered palace life.  He had looked upon his dogs with envy – they were so free of worry, never expected to be anything more than dogs or to do more than... dog things.  
He started to laugh as he ran, feeling as though he could fly, and then he howled, long and loud and clear – an exultation to the heavens, even in the face of such tragedy.  
He was free.
For the first time in his life, he was truly free.

The dark wolf lunged over a sand dune, and on the other side, others came into view.  Other wolves.  Others like him.  He didn't know how he knew – something about their scent, maybe, so strong and familiar on the salt sea air – but that had to be Tiarsus... Magnolia... a horned wolf?  That one took him aback.... and one at the waterline with Magnolia.  That one was hurt, it seemed.
But... at least she was alive.  It seemed others weren't so lucky.  The shore was littered with bodies, some having changed like his family, others still in their elfin forms.

He didn't care.  He would think about them later.  Only one thing mattered now.
”Hey!”  He cried as he lunged across the sand.  ”Tiarsus!  Magnolia!”  
Vivendel skidded to a stop before his brother and the horned wolf, throwing up a dusting of sand before lunging to shove his face into Tiarsus's ruff.  So strange and yet so familiar... It was a wolf, but it bore his brother's lavender eyes, smelled so strongly like their childhood, like grass and leather and animals.. and so much now like the sea.  He pulled away again, all toothy grin and eager eyes.  ”We made it!  Can you believe it?  We gods-damned made it!”
The stranger's scent piqued something in his memory and he tilted his head slightly.  ”Ryndir...?  Is that you, you old stick-in-the-mud??  Why're you so much cooler than us??”
A question in jest, but all too real, as well – Vivendel couldn't help but wonder why only one of their party seemed to have been blessed with antlers and wings on top of everything else.  Perhaps it had something to do with the shaman's magic.

And at the water's edge, Magnolia still laid with the other stranger.  At this distance, Vivendel was fairly sure he recognized Ava – a relief the little one had survived, no matter the state of her.  He jerked his head towards the girls and started trotting out towards them.  ”Nevermind – tell me later.  C'mon.”
He crossed the beach in a few easy bounds and stood over them to appraise the situation, surprising himself with how easily he moved in such a short time.
”Hey, you two.”  The mast lay over Ava's legs, pinning her.  Little Mags stayed in the water when she could be out and dry.  Vivendel's heart melted a little for the pair of them – close as sisters, despite the odds.  ”It's going to be ok.  We're going to get you out of here.”  
He reached down and nudged Ava's cheek with his nose.  ”No more tears, right, love?  Everything's going to be fine.”

images by Felix Mittermeier and Brigitta Schneiter (Unsplash) & code by bailu
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Moving towards the pair of wolves below him, Ryndir noted the soreness in his muscles. It was as if cords replaced flesh, and though he was stiff, his four-footed pace seemed almost natural. From his spot on the rise, he could see the remnants from the ship scattered as far as his eyes could see. Some pieces in the water, others completely washed upon the sandy shore. Scattered among them were so many bodies. He could feel dread fill his soul. Though some were alive, and his howl had been answered, how many more had passed on to the next life, faded from the physical world, to the one beyond the veil? He could howl in anguish once again, but he was here, now, and he needed to be present to help in this situation. He doubted any of the others had any experience with healing or herbs, and he would be needed to treat the injured, even if he lacked the hands he knew he would need to do the job properly.

"Yes, I am. Do you know if any others survived?" He could see the smaller of the two wolves tense, Magnolia, by her voice, but as he spoke, and as recognition seemed to dawn in the prince's lavender eyes, and Mag's muscles relaxed, Ryndir neared them, reaching his muzzle towards Mags and touching her, a gesture of comfort and solidarity in the situation. To him, she was still a child, and his heart went out to her in these moments of sorrow. If he felt weak, he would be strong for her and the others who survived. It was his place as a healer and a shaman.

Finally, he stopped weakly before the pair before answering Tiarsus's second question. "I do... I do not know." He had paused before finishing his sentence. It seemed odd to him that he had wings and the others did not, but he did not know why it would be so. As he stood there pondering the gravity of it, the unfamiliar weight of wings against his back, the sodden feathers held tightly against his fur, he flexed his muscles outward, feeling the unfamiliar sensations of his new body. If the weight of the world wasn't pressing against his shoulders, the stresses of the moment eating at his soul, he might be overwhelmed, but in his weakness, in his exhaustion, his mind could not process fully the strangeness of the outcome. It seemed a strange irony of fate that they all became wolves. That in this new, strange land, they were what their symbol of hope, loyalty and strength embodied. It was a question for a later time, as the importance lay in the strength of the living, of those still bound to the laws of fate and the living.

With that, he too heard the cry as Magnolia did. As the she-wolf turned and ran towards the noise, he folded his dirty wings against his side, wincing silently at what must be a gash hiding beneath the mass of feathers. It would be an issue for later, as all things were. He... They... had to take it one step at a time.

Just as he folded his wings, another wolf came bounding towards them bearing the same white marks upon his pelt as the two others, yet his was also dashed with white and a deep cerulean. Vivendel? Rolling his eyes at the youngster's enthusiasm... though hardly a youngster he could be called, he ignored his question. What did it matter if he was "cooler" than him? "Vivendel, now is not the time..." He growled. His tone wasn't particularly hostile, but it was irritable at the youth's boundless energy and optimism at the present moment. Couldn't he see that life wasn't all fun and games?

Plodding towards Magnolia, Vivendel already bounding towards the pair of females, Ryndir stopped by a mast from the ship. A near-ivory and tan wolf was caught beneath the wreckage. Magnolia was there comforting her, the soft sounds of her weeping bringing another sharp pang of anguish. Noticing her mismatched gaze, filled with pain and sadness, Ryndir leapt forward, ignoring the trembling of his muscles. Ava! It had to be Ava! She was alive, yet stuck, and she looked like she was in pain.

Feeling a rush of protectiveness, he moved forward, considering Magnolia's words. He had not realized he had antlers, what an oddity he must be considered, but she was right. Now that he was focused on it, he could feel a weight upon his skull, one he had ignored in the mass of other sights, scents, and sensations. He could feel their heaviness, the way they changed the balance of his skull. "You are right, I think with everyone's help, we should be able to get her free. However, we need to be careful. That mast looks very heavy, and she's obviously in pain. We don't want to make it any worse for her than we ought to."

Taking a step back, he glanced at the others with his chocolate brown gaze, determination seen strongly, though his eyes seemed glazed in exhaustion. Magnolia, do you think you can pull her out while the rest of us lift? Shooting a glance towards Vivendel, he wanted to make sure everyone was on board with the idea. He didn't see why someone would choose not to help, especially in this situation. Finally, he moved towards the mast, scraping his antlers against the sturdy wood, testing to see if he could get a feel for the growths coming from his skull. He knew not how strong they were, nor how they were shaped, but once he became sure that they would hold, he found a way to latch them against the wood. Motioning towards the other, he locked his antlers beneath the mast, and he lifted, putting all of his remaining strength into the effort, hoping that he would be able to get the child free.

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The past weeks had been in many was a living hell. The whole attack on Ellennora and having to leave so many others behind broke his heart. So many lives lost. Not just his father's, or his beloved Evergreen, but guards, maids, knights, traders, normal citizens both old and young alike. Now washed up on some strange land in some strange forms with even more dead was a complete nightmare. They were supposed to have lived, supposed to have survived instead many laid in the sand motionless and Katie couldn’t help but feel responsible. He had been suppose to look out for them, it had been his duty to keep them self and he had failed. Even with his dear sister and Ryndir having been found he still felt very sick to his stomach. So many others needed to be found. His mother and brother among them.

Speaking of the devil, it had been the voice of Vivendel that had brought him out of his silent panic. Blinking as the world around him came back and his mind when from hazy but to in the moment. He had heard Magnolia say something, but it had been Vivendel’s over excitedness that made him focus. Eyes shifted to the Shaman as he scolded the boy, but said nothing after all he was right now wasn’t the time.

Moving forward now Katie found his footing as he followed after everyone. Only slipping a couple times as he moved across the sand. That was until he came to a stop a few feet back as the mast came into view and he realized that someone was trapped under it. Looking at the beam of wood, and at the wolf under it his heart raced. Having seen battle before you would think that this would be a walk in the park for him to keep his head on straight, but honestly it never been easy for him. His father once told him it most likely won’t, but he just has to suck it up and fake it. If he isn’t confident in himself why should anyone else be?

So taking a deep breath the man sucked in air before exhaling and putting on a brave face. His eyes became serious and his voice the same, yet he still had a tone of gentleness in it. ”That sounds like a solid plan.” He said moving closer. Honestly he had been surprised that his brother had came up with it. It wasn’t that he didn’t have faith in him, it was that he hadn’t ever really thought of him as a leader. Perhaps he should have given him more credit.

Moving to stand near the others he lowered himself as he dug a bit of the sand out and around Ava to help give some more wiggle room. ”First let’s dig some of the sand out and make a bit of a ramp of sorts to help Mags when it comes time to pull.” He ordered as he worked. He didn’t expect to simply be able to dig her out from under there, but if they could make it easier for Mags to help get her out that would be good. When that was done he went to stand next to the beam and got in place to help push it. Not having hands he would use his shoulders. ”Ryndir when you are ready to left with those antlers of yours give us a countdown to push.” He said as he looked at the others and nodded. ”And when it is lifted Mags pull with all your strength. Ava I know it hurts sweetie, but you are going to have to help her get you out. Okay?” His serious voice became very gentle and kind when speaking to the girls.

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Her world was broken, shattered and lonely. Laying there under the mast of the ship that had taken her away from her homeland was heartbreaking. Not knowing if anyone had survived was madding, and knowing that if no one else had she would likely die slowly and in pain was very scary. She could only wonder how she would die there. Would it be starving to death, drowning in the tide, freezing, or eaten by some random passing evil? Oh how her mind raced as she laid there crying and shivering. ’Mama, Papa I am scared.’ She whispered softly. As she laid there the sounds of sand moving and paws running across the land closer to her made her panic. Eyes closed tight as she expected some evil beast to come pick off her as an easy meal she was surprised and shocked to hear the voice of Mags.

Eyes fluttering open the girl looked at the other in complete shock. It had been her voice, but that wasn’t Mags. It was a wolf. She was a wolf too, why was she a wolf? It was ironic, but with how much pain she was in the girl failed to see that at the moment. ”It hurts so much Princess.” She said between choked tears. ”I...I..what? Antlers?” Ava was clearly confused. Why wouldn’t she be? Looking towards the others she simply blinked.

Listening to Vivendel she tried to stop crying, but found her lip quivering as she let out a whine. ”I’ll try your majesties.” She said softly replying to all of them as she looked at Ryndir without saying anything to him with her words. Instead she looked at him with eyes that said she was scared before she looked back at Magnolia and attempted to lean her head against her sister.


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