Legends of Amarna
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Summer, Year 1

As the mild spring fades into summer, it is realized that a drought is beginning. Rather than watering the grass, the sky is a solid blue. Beautiful, but hot. Showers become less and less frequent through the months, and a foreboding is felt in the air. While wetter climates still experience showers, it is not quite enough to keep the grass green and the foliage lush. Smaller creeks shrink to a trickle, and large rivers become narrower. While things aren't completely dry, fires become more frequent, and the dessert becomes a wasteland. Hopefully times will begin looking up, but as the summer wears on, promise of a respite dwindles.
Leadership Auditions
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Leadership Auditions Are Open!
January 19th - February 20th


The auditions for Emperors and Empresses are now open! For each land there is need for governing bodies. 

You do not need the normally required five followers to be a leader. For a limited time, anyone can apply! Each land (Vata, Vasta, Ventri, and Tavarhi Desert) is open for auditions! Each member may apply with multiple characters to each land but there only one land may be one claimed per OOC account. If there are enough entries for a specific land, the runner up may be eligible to pick a village or wilderness to rule. 

Staff will read over and choose a few of the best entries from each land. Staff will then post a poll allowing all members to have a chance to read over each audition and vote for their favorite. Activity is a big must for leaders and as such the activity requirements of three posts every two weeks will be enforced. Please be sure to read the rules to see the criteria. There is no minimum post requirement to apply for a position! This means you may create characters specifically for the role of leader however that does not guarantee they will win. 

Please reply to this thread IC and provide the proper OOC form after your post. For each member (not character) that applies, they receive 100dd! This will run for a month (ends February 20th). 

If a member manages to get five followers for a land before the auditions close, and they wish to claim a land, the member with five followers will automatically win that land. That is all! Good luck and may the odds be forever in your favor!

[b]OOC Account:[/b] Link to your OOC Account
[b]Character Name:[/b] Name of the character applying to be leader
[b]Land Auditioning For:[/b] Vata, Vasta, Ventri, Tavarhi Desert
[b]Previous Land Lead Experience:[/b] What experience do you have leading a land? (Having no experience does not disqualify you)
[b]Plans for the Land:[/b] Just a short blurb about your schemes for the land
[b]Your activity:[/b] In your words please describe how active you are
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The world of Aspasia had offered so much in the short amount of time he had been within its borders. Shelter and safety were the two biggest of them all, though there was much more to the place. Between its beautiful landscapes and locals that roamed the lands of many different shapes, forms and backgrounds Tiarsus had found a life here putting back the pieces that had become shattered when he and his people had left their homeland. The navy haired elf missed Ellennora so very dearly, but there was no returning. Even if the Yensora hadn’t attacked it and they had simply ended up here while out sailing. The fact was the young noble hadn’t a clue how they ended up in this land, let alone how to return to the seas in which he - they had come from. So as much as he missed the place of his birth that land was now but a memory, and the soil in which he now stood was for better or worse his new home. It is the land that the Marsus family shall start anew, as well as all those who survived the journey with them.

Funny how things work out. Ellennora even with all her beauty had been in chaos for sometime, and now here in Aspasia things seem peaceful. He couldn’t help but feel like maybe it was a pretend peace though. It was strange that a land could be so divided, but calm at the same time. Maybe it had been that  Ellennora hadn’t been very close to other kingdoms as far as landscapes go? Perhaps. Or maybe it was just that Tiarsus had gotten so used to the unrest that just working on growing and not fighting some big bad army, or stopping bandits from starting fires in crop fields, or even finding a serial killer seemed stranger to him then being able to turn into a wolf or use ice magic. Two things he still very much didn’t understand.

What he did understand though is that he wanted what he thought was best for his people. Not just his people from Ellennora, but his new countrymen and women who made the Kingdom of Vasta their home. Raised to take over his father’s kingdom growing up so why wouldn’t he want to help lead the new kingdom he was in. Sure, Ellennora had been within the Marsus family for generations and Tiarsus had just arrived not that long ago. Still he would try.

With the Vasta throne being empty he could have simply taken it and demanded everyone bow down to him, but he wasn’t that type of man. Instead he stepped before the masses and would speak to them all as equals. His voice confident, serious, and yet still caring as he spoke each word. ”Citizens of Vasta, I am Prince Tiarsus Katar Marsus and many weeks ago I as well as my family washed up upon the shores of Aspasia after fleeing from our homeland which had been over ran by an enemy from across the sea. Though we lost our home, we still had our lives, as well as each other. Everyone of us felt great lost and sorrow though as we fled leaving behind many who choose to stay and fight so we could live to find a new home. A new place to live and thrive. The land of Ellennora in which we came had it’s darkness, but there was also much light. Being the heir of my father’s kingdom I learned many things. Bravery, pride in oneself and people, loyalty not just to those of my blood, but to all the people who I govern. I learned kindness, and to treat others how you wanted to be treated. As well as how to look at a bad thing and see the good that is hiding within it. I learned only in the darkness can you see the stars.” It was at this point in his speech that he paused. Taking a deep but silent breath as a gentle smile spread across his lips. ”In this time of darkness I see you all and I come to you today not as some mad man making a mad dash for the throne demanding you give it to me due to some wild entitlement from royal blood from some strange land, but as a humble man searching for his place of belonging within this world. I come not to demand, but to ask to lead you not as a tyrant, but as a kind Emperor into the unknown. Into a future that we as a people shall face together. Thank you. Long live Vasta, and long live Lazin and Freya. May they bless this land with their greatness.” He said with a cheer at the end. Now he didn’t know much of the god and goddess, but he did know of them from whispers. Something he wasn’t too happy with, but did plan to learn much more about them. In the meantime he hoped his speech carried out to Vasta with warmth and hope like it was supposed to.

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Words: 870 | Tags: | OOC: That speech he must so be out of breath. XD
"only in the darkness can you see the stars."

OOC Account: Angie
Character Name: Tiarsus Marsus
Land Auditioning For: Vasta
Previous Land Lead Experience: A long time ago back on CI I can a herd for over a year. I have also lead packs on and off over the years on other rp sites,  and lead my own guild in World Of Warcraft. (I know it isn't a land but still.)
Plans for the Land: I plan to try to make it a great land that is busy with lots of wolves. I plan to have at least one event every season. A summer festival, autumn ball, winter feast, and a spring tournament. I plan to have Army lead peaceful but build an army because if a war between another land broke out that could be fun. ;)
Your activity: My activity is okay. I have a lot of muse, I just got sick for a little bit so I didn't reply for about a week, but I am normally on at least once a day.
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It was time.

It was time for the felines to rule again. It was time for them to step forward, grab hold of the reins and show the world how worthy they were to rule, how powerful and deserving they were. She could feel it in her bones, every muscle in her body ached with the fact. They would not only bring greatness to their race, but dominance, power, beauty. Those that stood before them would crumble. It was inevitable.

Leaping onto a rock, the snow leopards silvery-blue pelt gleamed in the rays of the sun, the jungle alive around her. She sat and surveyed the scene around her, her haughty eyes cold, cunning. After several moments she spoke, her voice ringing through the jungle. The noise bringing the usual clamor of the forest to a quiet whisper.

"Felines of Aspasia, young and old, male and female alike. I appeal to you as your future empress, the want of the felines, the rightful standing that we deserve. For too long we have stood, equal to the other races who mock us, who eat the fruits of our labor, but now I say it's time to rise above. Rise above the toils, above the pain, above the shame that we have endured. We are the most intelligent, the most cunning. This is our birthright, is it not? Answer me this: Has there never been a time when you have felt you had been wrong by another race, another species? Have you felt it your right to show them who deserves to rule? This isn't simply about power, no! It is about who we our. Regaining what is ours. What was ours from the beginning. So now! Now! Stand up with me and fight. Claim what is ours. It is not just about one individual, but as felines as a whole. Are you with me?"

With that last call, the woman threw her paw into the air triumphantly, looking down at the crowd below her. She was hoping to inspire a cheer, pride, ambition. Perhaps they would regain their title soon. Yes, very soon. She could feel it in her bones.

OOC Account: Hoofbeats
Character Name: Sarmina
Land Auditioning For: Ventri
Previous Land Lead Experience: I used to lead a land on my old site, Present Darkness, I also ran a sub-board for a while on Caeleste
Plans for the Land: To start, I want to give Sarmina a land to lead. She's intent on making the felines the "top dogs," and believes that every cat is entitled to greatness and domination over the other species. She's very power hungry, so she will be intent on stirring up IC drama. Likely she'll begin building an army, and will want to begin taking prisoners and slaves from the other alliances. In short, she'll be a great way to stir the pot.
Your activity: Very active. I post several times a week and look forward to running a kingdom again Big Grin
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It hadn't been long since Nelayryn first set foot in Aspasia.  Like a leaf on the breeze, she drifted in on 6 white wings and alighted in the Witsend Wilds, not far from Faern Cascades.  From there, she travelled, learning all she could of this new world and its ways, of its people and creatures, and it didn't take long to fall completely, utterly in love with it.  For a time, she moved through the other lands, seeing with her own eight eyes the realms of the wolves and the cats, but evermore her heart pulled her back to Vata, with its sprawling grasslands and evergreen forests.

For all its wonder and beauty, one thing stood out to the young seraph: these people had no one to lead them.

Throughout her life, Nelayryn had wondered what her place would be in the world.  To her people, one's calling was a certain destiny that came about when the time was right, unforeseeable and unknowable, but to discover it would be to serve a purpose and to help those who needed it.  She dreamed of being so very useful, but... surely her place was not as empress of Aspasia's equines... was it?

The days drew on, and the young mare moved throughout the land that she now called her home.  She spoke with those who might one day be her people, her subjects, and slowly, so slowly, her decision crystallized.

If they wished to choose another, to reject her offer in favour of one who had walked Vata's grand plains longer than she, so be it.  There were other ways to serve her new home.
But for now... she would rise to the occasion.

She came before them on a warm summer evening, to a chorus of crickets in the tall grass.  A breeze stirred the foliage most gently, and its caress in her pinions calmed her nerves.  Despite her outer calm, Nelayryn felt her nerves in the depths of her own bones.

”I beg your forgiveness,” she began.  ”For calling you from your families this evening.  I'll take as little of your time as I can manage, but tonight I offer you a proposition.”
They were watching her.  She kept her head high, her smile warm, genuine.  Such wonderful creatures... it was hard not to love them.
”Many of you know me, many I have not had the chance to meet.  I know this makes me an outsider, of sorts, but I have come to love this land and all that it offers.  All that you offer.  Should you choose to accept me as your empress, I will make you a solemn vow:  never shall I lie to you.  Never shall I waiver.  I will rule this land in service to you all, as your guardian and guiding light.  Should enemies knock at our door, I will defend this land to my last breath, and should the opportunity for allies arrive, I will welcome them with open arms.”
She looked around at the crowd, gauging their reaction.  It seemed positive... hard to say.  Her magics dealt in light, not emotion.
”Will you walk with me, my friends, my family?” she asked.  ”And truly, that is what you shall be.  Whether you accept me or turn to another, you are my friends and family all.  Will you walk with me, into this new era of light?”
images by Chris Sabor and Ilja Tulit (Unsplash) & code by bailu

OOC Account: TrinitySilph
Character Name: Nelayryn
Land Auditioning For: Vata
Previous Land Lead Experience: It's been quite a long time, but I used to run herds all the time, most recently on Equidae (though this was short-lived since I got my herd right before the site shut down Tongue).
Plans for the Land: Nel would like nothing better than to turn Vata into a utopian paradise, but that doesn't mean she'll let anyone else walk all over her - she's a guardian angel, and that includes fighting for her people if the need arises.  OOC, I'd like to get some little events going, maybe even with prizes, if I can muster up anything cool... and hopefully a bit of inter-kingdom drama, too. >W>
Your activity: Lacking – I'm hoping that having a kingdom to manage will kick my ass into gear, but if this is disqualifying I completely understand.
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These are now closed! Since there were only three entries, each entrant will be awarded their land (instead of going forward with voting)! Please have ranks and rules up by 2/28/19. Thank you!


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