Legends of Amarna
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Summer, Year 1

As the mild spring fades into summer, it is realized that a drought is beginning. Rather than watering the grass, the sky is a solid blue. Beautiful, but hot. Showers become less and less frequent through the months, and a foreboding is felt in the air. While wetter climates still experience showers, it is not quite enough to keep the grass green and the foliage lush. Smaller creeks shrink to a trickle, and large rivers become narrower. While things aren't completely dry, fires become more frequent, and the dessert becomes a wasteland. Hopefully times will begin looking up, but as the summer wears on, promise of a respite dwindles.
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If you assume your enemy shares your values, you will die.

It feels like an eternity since he last assumed this form, almost like an old suit that he never has an occasion to wear.

A twisted grin dances across his maw as he pads lightly through the snowy mountains, making his way up the smallest of winding paths he had ever trecked; at least, in recent knowledge. He had passed through the village that dwelled at the base of the mountain range he was now ascending, having heard whispers of the ghost town, and decided it was likely something up his alley.

It seems, though, that these new lands are traditionally seperated into the different species that live here, which is why he chose this form to do this little walk of his. It was likely to draw less attention and cause less fuss if he appears like the others as opposed to any other form for now.

Not that he would shy away from a fight, should one arise, but it is simply easier to sometimes blend in a little so he can gather the information he requires. Afterall, he hasn't been here long enough to establish himself a new... network.

'It's bloody freezing!'
'You can't feel anything, you idiot.'
'How the hell would you know, you're not trapped in here!'
'That's because I'm not an idiot.'

Loose rocks crumble beneath the pads of his feet as he steps as lightly as possible, more or less hugging the mountain face as he follows the path up and up. Just as he takes another step to go around a slight corner, one back foot steps in just the wrong spot and the ground cracks and breaks, daring to crumble out from beneath him entirely.

Gritting his teeth with an effort-filled grunt, Vithmiris leaps forward and tosses the weight of his body immediately to the side, as if trying to slam himself against the cliff face. However, instead of slamming into the rocky wall, or even slipping, he pulls his legs in and tucks himself into as much of a ball as possible, before he tumbles through the open mouth of a cave that was hiding just around the corner.

'How in the... How did you know that was there?!'
'I could smell it, dumbass.'
... The fu-?!

There is no way he is going to admit to the annoying hellhound that he'd guessed. Had he not been right, he'd have ended up rolling down the mountain right about now. But, truthfully, caves did have a rather unique smell and he knew there had to be one around here somewhere; it hadn't been a guess that there was one at all, just a guess that it was around that particular corner.

Getting to his feet after he finished skidding across the ground, the black wolf shakes himself off and stretches, a satisfied grin on his features as he turns from the light outside to the darkness of the cave within. Perhaps, if he were lucky, there would be an internal access point to the top of the mountain from in here.

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