Legends of Amarna
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Summer, Year 1

As the mild spring fades into summer, it is realized that a drought is beginning. Rather than watering the grass, the sky is a solid blue. Beautiful, but hot. Showers become less and less frequent through the months, and a foreboding is felt in the air. While wetter climates still experience showers, it is not quite enough to keep the grass green and the foliage lush. Smaller creeks shrink to a trickle, and large rivers become narrower. While things aren't completely dry, fires become more frequent, and the dessert becomes a wasteland. Hopefully times will begin looking up, but as the summer wears on, promise of a respite dwindles.
Advertising Awards
24 Years
Hey guys! Since LOA is wanting to grow and attract new members (because the more people to plot with the merrier!), we decided to open up advertising awards for the time being. There is no set date for this to end, though staff will go through on occasion to clear out the journal and award prizes. Please make sure to link to all your ads for proof, follow forum rules, and be sure to keep a single post for this thread and edit it as you post our ad. The link to our advertisement is here so please don't hesitate to throw them up. Have fun and happy advertising!

Posting our advertisements on other sites will gain you 10dd per ad! Please provide a link as proof, and remember, no double posting! If you see our ad on their first page, please refrain from posting, as this tends to annoy other sites. **
  • If you post 20 Advertisements you will earn your choice of a store item that is worth 250dd or less.
  • if you post 50 advertisements you will earn your choice of a store item worth 1,000dd or less.
  • If you post 75 advertisements you will earn your choice of a store item that's worth 2,000dd or less.
  • If you post 100 advertisements you will earn your choice of any store/colosseum item including sub-boards, immortality, starter characters, and additional shifts
**Please Remember: These items stack. This means that if you post 150 advertisements, you will win two of the first two tier's prizes, and one of each of the third and fourth tier prizes.

Please Remember!

Referring other users gains you 250dd per referral. This can add up quite fast, so please invite all your roleplay buddies!


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