Legends of Amarna
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Autumn, Year 1

Summer had a tight grip, and as it slowly fades into Autumn, the drought continues. While the temperatures cool slightly, and the fires diminish, the scent of smoke lingers in the breeze. There are fall showers, but they are few and far between, and it is as if the earth longs for some hint of a respite. Even cooler climates feel the change, and the snow that usually begins falling hesitates. When will this end? Only time can tell what will happen, but hopefully the weather will let up soon.
Complete Law of the Land
25 (Immortal) Years
Andalusian x Cob
Faern Cascades

The Royal Family

Lady of Light, Ruler of Vata, by whose grace and guiding hand Vata shall prosper

First of the Empress's heart, second only to she

Protector of the Realm
Chosen Regent of the Empress, by whose word Vata shall be guided in her absence

Firstborn of the Empress, be they male or female, who shall rule after her, bearing her light

Children born to the Empress after the Heir, who shall not rule but who are royal nonetheless, and who carry her light

Advisors to the Empress

High Priest
Leader of the Order of Bori and Azuli, their mortal voice in Aspasia

Chief Healer
They whose power and will to heal is strongest in the realm

Commander of Vata's army, under command of the Empress, and of the Protector of the Realm should the need arise

The slyest and most cunning, but also most worthy of the Empress's trust, charged with discovering dark plots and treason before they have a chance to take root

Vata's most powerful sorcerer: defender, healer, and scholar

They who have disgraced themselves so thoroughly as to be barred from all Vata. They shall not be allowed to set foot on Vata's soil evermore, on pain of death, unless the Empress herself should pardon them

The Empress's word is law. Should the Empress be unavailable, rule is transferred temporarily to her Second. Should she perish, her firstborn heir shall inherit the throne. Should her heir be too young to rule, her Second shall command Vata until such time as her heir can assume their rightful place as Empress or Emperor.

All disputes shall be brought before the Empress for judgment. In such a case as murder, treason, or crimes against Vata or Aspasia, the Empress alone will decide whether to mete out imprisonment, exile, or execution. Crimes of the parent shall not be held against their children.

Ranks shall be awarded based on skill and merit. Those who have displeased the Empress or dishonoured themselves and/ or their position shall be stripped of their rank.

Vata's borders shall remain open to travel and commerce in offered friendship with the surrounding lands, but will be patrolled at all times by officers chosen by the General to keep the peace. Citizens of Vata are expected to, within reason, offer friendship and understanding to citizens of Ventri and Vasta when they enter Vata's sovereign domain.


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