Legends of Amarna
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Autumn, Year 1

Summer had a tight grip, and as it slowly fades into Autumn, the drought continues. While the temperatures cool slightly, and the fires diminish, the scent of smoke lingers in the breeze. There are fall showers, but they are few and far between, and it is as if the earth longs for some hint of a respite. Even cooler climates feel the change, and the snow that usually begins falling hesitates. When will this end? Only time can tell what will happen, but hopefully the weather will let up soon.
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The summer was hot and probably sticky down in the plains and surely in the desert, however up in the mountains it felt wonderful. The landscape was comfortable, but even so everything seemed very bittersweet to the young elf. Standing at a window looking out over the city Katie found himself with sorrow filling his heart. The city was beautiful, but very different than home this land was so strange, yet it has became his new home. Home such an odd word. Time moved quickly for him here. Spring had turned to Summer and it seemed like Autumn would arrived rather quickly for sure. Though he wasn’t sure if he would ever get used to this place, he did hope that everyone was settling in rather well. So far they have gone from shipwrecked, to regrouping and recovering in a quiet little village to back in a grand castle. Tiarsus hadn’t expected to go from fleeing prince to an Emperor, but that is just what happened and he needed a moment to catch his breath there was so much to do, but now seemed like as good as any to try to catch a moment to gather his thoughts.

Sucking in a deep breath he slowly let it out in a deep sigh. The day was moving on and within a few more hours the sun would be falling from the sky. In his hands he had a bunch of papers that needed to be filled out, but he couldn’t just sit still and work on them from his study he felt as if he was going crazy in there. Looking down towards them for a moment he quickly looked back out the window will pulling at his navy blue cloak. “Wonder if I could sneak out without anyone noticing?” He mumbled softly questioning the air around him. He had been talking to himself, but there was probably someone lurking around a corner listening to him there normally ways. Either a guard, or a servant was almost always normally around. Though he couldn’t really fault them where as the castle was big it was only normal for other to be around. That and he sort of just stopped at a random window.

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