Legends of Amarna
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Autumn, Year 1

Summer had a tight grip, and as it slowly fades into Autumn, the drought continues. While the temperatures cool slightly, and the fires diminish, the scent of smoke lingers in the breeze. There are fall showers, but they are few and far between, and it is as if the earth longs for some hint of a respite. Even cooler climates feel the change, and the snow that usually begins falling hesitates. When will this end? Only time can tell what will happen, but hopefully the weather will let up soon.
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This was all just the daily grind for the girl by now. Wondering the castle she still found she got lost every now and again as this wasn’t the castle from her homeland she grew up wondering, but the more she walked it’s halls the easier it was to keep track of things. Currently it was in the young hours of the morning and Ava found herself helping in the kitchen. Her leg had healed rather nicely, still it hurt every now and again, but for the most part she was able to push the pain aside. She was healed enough that she wasn’t stuck in her wolf form any longer and had been using her elf form mostly. Though even though she was able to turn into a wolf that wasn’t the only thing that seemed off. Ava has found herself turning into a klutz as of late for she would just be standing there and all of a sudden a cup will just randomly fall and break, or other odd things. She has lost count how many times she has been yelled at for breaking something. Why it was happening she didn’t know, but she assumed she had some type of magic that did it. Before she would have thought impossible, but she had recently been informed about her dear Prince, err um Emperor having ice magic. It was possible she had some type of magic now and just didn’t know how to control it.

In any case she was very careful. She tried her hardest not to break anything. In all honesty she probably shouldn’t be in the kitchen, but she was sure she could handle making tea. It was warm and yummy green tea. The tea was in the kettle currently turning into tea and she was carefully cutting some lemons and placing them on a plate. With the kitchen being a buzz with everyone getting breakfast ready the young girl had decided to try to be helpful and so as she worked she hummed softly.

"I talk."


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