Legends of Amarna
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Autumn, Year 1

Summer had a tight grip, and as it slowly fades into Autumn, the drought continues. While the temperatures cool slightly, and the fires diminish, the scent of smoke lingers in the breeze. There are fall showers, but they are few and far between, and it is as if the earth longs for some hint of a respite. Even cooler climates feel the change, and the snow that usually begins falling hesitates. When will this end? Only time can tell what will happen, but hopefully the weather will let up soon.
Ventri Adopts By Angie
30 Years
Posts: 4
Threads: 1
Adopts designs are by me & the base is a P2U base by AledaneF on DA.

Adoption Rules
1. They are only to be played on LOA. (Children can be played wherever,)
2. They are breedable but only after 50 posts. (The design also becomes officially yours after 50 posts)
3. You are NOT allowed to sell the design/make any real money off the design.

Cheetah Adopts
Name: Theoden
Gender & Age: Male - 29 Years old

Name: Calarel
Gender & Age: Non-Binary & 19 Years old

TAKEN by Hoofbeats

Name: Lyklor
Gender & Age: Male & 22 Years old

Name: Syvis
Gender & Age: Female & 23 Years old

Name: Aelua
Gender & Age: Female & 30 Years old

Name: Mhaenal
Gender & Age: Male & 45 Years old

Name: Cyran
Gender & Age: Non-Binary & 37 Years old

Name: Moana
Gender & Age: Female & 41 Years old

Name: Felix
Gender & Age: Male & 18 Years old

Name: Sana
Gender & Age: Female & 20 Years old

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