Legends of Amarna
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Winter, Year 1

Where is the snow? As autumn fades into winter, the temperatures are still unusually high, and excepting areas in high elevations and of normally frigid temperatures, snow refuses to fall. Even rain is hard to find these days, and as the crystal clear skies beat down upon the earth, not a cloud in sight, one can begin to wonder what is going on with the world. The golden grass is crisp and dry, and though the fires have slowed with the seasons, there is still a hint of smoke in the air, and every now and then a small one crops up. The rivers are beginning to dwindle to a trickle, and mud has dried into thick cracked clay.
The Gala of First Frost
25 (Immortal) Years
Andalusian x Cob
Faern Cascades

I Will Never Let You Fall
Empress Nelayryn invites all kingdoms to attend the Palace of the Crystal Bell for the inaugural Gala of First Frost in the spirit of friendship and cooperation. For one enchanted evening, the Palace will open its doors to any who wish to attend in their most glamorous gowns, suits, and, of course, masks, to bid farewell to the year in a sparkling crystal ballroom.

Guests enter the grand ballroom and are greeted by a sea of lights. Tasteful golden lanterns of a hundred sizes adorn pillars, doorways, and tables, all surrounding the open dance floor. One wall, all windows, holds the door to the garden coutryard, which has been converted into a lantern-lit ice skating rink. The Empress's throne sits against the far wall, raised on a low dais, and her banner hangs proudly behind her.

”Guests,” she proclaims, ”Friends, welcome to the inaugural Gala of First Frost. Feast, dance, and be merry, and above all, put aside the sorrows of the past. Tonight, we are all of one nation. Let us welcome winter!”

As winter fails to arrive, many have begun to feel uneasy.  To combat this, and to celebrate the newly constructed Palace, Empress Nelayryn has concocted a plan:  A party to welcome winter and lift everyone's spirits!
OOC, this is a posting contest!  Get your characters suited up in their most fabulous masquerade fashions and get dancing!  Prizes will be awarded for the top three rankings for most posts, plus a fourth place for Readers' Choice, which will be voted on after the Gala has concluded.

And now, the fun stuff:  Prizes!

First place:
  • x1 Fullbody reference of your character in full costume by yours truly!
  • Your choice of any one item in the “appearance and stats” shop

Second Place:
  • x1 Portrait of your character in their mask by yours truly!
  • Your choice of any one item in the “appearance and stats” shop, to a maximum of 1000dd in price

Third Place:
  • Your choice of any one item in the “appearance and stats” shop, to a maximum of 500dd in price

Readers' Choice:
  • Your choice of any one item in the “appearance and stats” shop, to a maximum of 1000dd in price

All participants will receive their post count x10 in dewdrops! (ie, 10 posts = 100dd, 50 posts = 500dd, etc)

**Please have references ready if you win first or second place - I will not be designing costumes or masks for your characters.  Prizes are for art, not design work. Wink**

This contest will run from April 8, 2019 to June 8, 2019, with Readers' Choice voting running from June 9th to 15th.
To be counted, all posts must be made within the Palace of the Crystal Bell and within the allotted time.  My timezone is PST, so the last posts must be in by 11:59pm Pacific time on June 8th.

As I am hosting the event, neither Nelayryn nor Vivendel will be eligible for placing prizes, but both will be in attendance.  If you would like to see either of them in your threads, feel free to ping them!

Have fun and remember: just because Nelayryn organized this event as a celebration of unity across the nations, does not mean everyone has to be friendly and peaceful.  Incite real violence and you risk being thrown out, but just a little?  Makin' some drama?  Makin' some enemies?  Gettin' catty?  Have at it.  (Alternatively, you could just make friends.  Friends are good, too. <3)

images by Chris Sabor and Ilja Tulit (Unsplash) & code by bailu

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