Legends of Amarna
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Winter, Year 1

Where is the snow? As autumn fades into winter, the temperatures are still unusually high, and excepting areas in high elevations and of normally frigid temperatures, snow refuses to fall. Even rain is hard to find these days, and as the crystal clear skies beat down upon the earth, not a cloud in sight, one can begin to wonder what is going on with the world. The golden grass is crisp and dry, and though the fires have slowed with the seasons, there is still a hint of smoke in the air, and every now and then a small one crops up. The rivers are beginning to dwindle to a trickle, and mud has dried into thick cracked clay.
The Fun Has Arrived
Immortal Years
Devil Equine
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Who let the devil out?

A gala!  It felt like yesterday that he went to a ball but the other one wasn't his greatest moment.  No, this time he had to go BIGGER and BETTER, or his name wasn't Serus!  Which it wasn't, but that's a story for another time.  He didn't bother to shift into his human form, it just felt so...blegh to him.  Born as a equine, pranking and causing shit as one was more his forte.  Even if he was a meal ticket for a predator.  Like that one feline.  Oh if she were here - heh!  Even better!

The palace was oh so shiny and he was definitely out of place with his murky - if not a little weird - appearance.  Dark matter aside, his eyes and fangs were a hint of what he was but not a huge giveaway unlike his friends.  Some even had mixtures of creatures.  Yet they could pull a fabulous dress and parties.  Which was so far, way better than...this.  Devil's like him brought the fun - biased as he was.  He followed some other folks to the main room and oh...what a room, even he had to admit.  They were prepared with food though not his main choices, along with decor and ugh it was bright.  He covered his eyes partially with his own version of dark matter shades, making him look rather comical.

@Anyone | OOC: He's here to crash the gala xD

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