Legends of Amarna
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Winter, Year 1

Where is the snow? As autumn fades into winter, the temperatures are still unusually high, and excepting areas in high elevations and of normally frigid temperatures, snow refuses to fall. Even rain is hard to find these days, and as the crystal clear skies beat down upon the earth, not a cloud in sight, one can begin to wonder what is going on with the world. The golden grass is crisp and dry, and though the fires have slowed with the seasons, there is still a hint of smoke in the air, and every now and then a small one crops up. The rivers are beginning to dwindle to a trickle, and mud has dried into thick cracked clay.
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Word had arrived of a grand gala taking place at the Palace of the Crystal Bell in the Vata Kingdom and since that time much had gone into getting ready for the event. Tiarsus had gone to great length to make sure everyone had an outfit fit to their liking. Weeks had been spent getting ready to make this night be fun for everyone. At least wardrobe wise. For him he had tried to go super simple, but had been convinced to be a bit fancier he was the Emperor after all and during events father had dressed up very nice. He did feel overly done just getting something made for himself, as well as selfish so he had made sure to get something made for everyone. His whole family which included even Ava. Some didn’t agree with his choice to include getting something fancy for the “help”, but it wasn’t their say it was his. To exclude the servants in this event wasn’t something he had ever planned to do as they were just as excited as everyone else.

When the day finally arrived for the Gala the castle was all a buzz with cleaning and getting the carriages ready as well as the horses. Not just washing them, but also getting them set up in fancy armor that was covered in small diamonds and sapphire gems. It had been decided ahead of time that each carriage would have four horses. All of which were the same color. Either chestnut, bay or white with the girl’s getting the four white horses to pull them for reasons that Tiarsus didn’t care to go into. Even though the talks had been behind closed doors that was a rumor going around that someone had put up a stink about how they should get the pretty horses to pull them, and being the push over who didn’t really care what color the horses were as long as they were treated well and respected for their work gave in to the demands.

As the time grew closer for them to go Tiarsus put on his navy blue and silver kimono. The silk felt strange to him, as he was used to fancy fabrics yes, but not quiet this bold. The skirt part of the kimono was silver with the rest being navy blue. Simple, but fancy at the same time. On the sleeves was a silver design of wolves running on one side, and on the other sleeve a few standing around howling at the full moon in the background. On his back he had silver roses and vines creeping up the back of the jacket.  On his feet he wore white socks, and sandals that blended in very well. As far as how he was dressed, he was dress nicely, but felt over dressed. Luckily for him everyone was to wear masks, so that helped hide who he was. On his face he had a silver mask, with  white roses on the top left side. As well as navy blue horns which looked more like buck antlers. They were large, but not too large. On the middle of the mask was a sapphire with two small diamonds. The mask was fancy, and showed that the one wearing it wasn’t common at least. Though it could have been far more grand for the Emperor of Vasta. Some probably would have preferred it to be more flashy and show offish, but he was fine with how overall simple he was.

Right before everyone got into the carriages he made sure to put down some ground rules as he looked at everyone. “Now remember to be on your best behavior. That means no fighting, with other guests or each other. No taking food and stuffing it into a bag for later. We want to show we have manners.” As he said the bit about manners he looked someone in the eyes for a moment before looking around again at everyone and going on. “And no being rude to those there to help at the Gala. Just because someone is working doesn’t mean you get to boss them around.” With that he stopped and looked right at his cousin for a long second before smiling at everyone and motioning for everyone to get going.

Getting into a carriage himself he sat to one side and looked out the window as they made their way there. Leaving Everstone Castle was exciting, as well as seeing the silver and white carriages that had been picking up the commoners, and noble of the kingdom join them in line. Tiarsus’ spot in line was the first one and he was on the side that when he looked out the window he could see the ones behind them. That was until someone in the carriage became restless and wanted to see so he changed seats with them.

As the got closer to the Palace of the Crystal Bell Katie’s hair was pulled back and re tied where it had come partly out of his waterfall braid and everything was made sure it was perfect for their grand arrival. Lanterns with balls of light floated next to everyone giving them a magical feel as they arrived at the gala. Finally arriving he made sure his mask was fitted and on his face as the doors opened and he got out. Stepping forward he smiled and moved out of the way as he waited for the rest of his family to get out and join him. Finally he moved forward and came into the ballroom. Having been ushered forward he was glad that he had came as even though this wasn’t taking place in his beloved Ellennora, or an ally the excitement bubbled in his chest.

Tiarsus made his way over to the throne and bowed respectfully to the Vata Empress before moving off to stand off in a corner with everyone from his kingdom. Looking at them he smiled before waving them off. “Go, have fun. But remember the rules given before departure.” He said with a smile as he watched people go off to dance, mingle and have fun. Standing there he took a glass of wine as it had been offered to him as he watched some of his servants pair up and dance.

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I was quite excited for the masquerade ball that was taking place to celebrate the winter and the equines. I knew that the empress had invited all the other species though I didn't understand why we were divided. Were we not all one people?

I was dressed in a fine deep blue gown With matching blue gloves and my hair worn up in a fancy bun. The mask upon my face was a gold and blue mask. that complimented the dress. I arrived shortly after the festivities began, having travelled from my home near the port and I tucked my wings against my back, not pulling them inside but tucking them so they would not be in the way. I felt rather elegant and Azariae was sitting upon my shoulder, her color complimenting the outfit I wore perfectly. "Az, do you want to go and see if there are other confidents here for you to mingle with?" I asked her softly. The dragon grinned at me before leaving my shoulders, taking off and making her way to the other side of the room where there were a few other confidents.

My cerulean eyes scanned the room, other people and I let my magic scan over the crowd, getting a feel for the atmosphere this evening. It seemed festive and as I made my way across the room, I noticed someone bow to the empress before he went off to a corner. I was not certain but I could have sworn it was the emperor of Vasta, Tiarsus and I could not help but make my way over to him, curtseying before greeting him. "Hello, enjoying the festivities?" I asked.

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