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Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Quest We live as we dream--alone....

played by Otis

Baroque / Catfish

Tracker / Plotter



Sumec looked up from the murky water he’d been drinking, his skin twitching as if in the presence of gnats. The wind had carried with it a name, his name, or at least he thought it had. He turned his head to look back at the uneven rows of graves. No, it couldn’t have been. The whiskers at the corners of his mouth twitched as he searched between the stones anyway. Then it came again, the wind blew from the north. He looked down at the water with a loud sigh. The north was where the canids lived, he noted to himself. He waded into the water as he thought, his scaly skin soothed by the cool waters.

The fish in the area were small, they swam around his limbs as little silvery flashes of light. Jewels in an otherwise murky setting. The wind blew again, and again Sumec heard his name. This time it was clear as day to him. His ears were perches forward swiveling in all directions trying to catch the sound as his eyes search every shadow. He was going crazy, wasn’t he? Was this how he would die? Sumec quickly pulled himself out of the mud on the solid ground and looked back to the water as a predator fish scattered the little silver gems. Wandering away from cemetery he headed north, towards the wind that seemed to call his name so vividly.

Sumec followed the wind north beyond his swamp. He forded a large river, and gave a wide birth to what seemed like a busy port city. From afar it looked familiar, perhaps he’d traded there with his father. The sudden reminder of his loss made his chest ache. From the port city his hooves carried him steadily north. The air began to grow cold, and his skin ached for the humid air of his swampy home. He stood at the entrance of an evergreen forest, kissed by frost but not cold enough to freeze. He was home sick for his deciduous cypress’. Unlike in this forest they would turn bright like the colours of clay before the off seasons. How could anyone live in a place that always stayed the same? With a large sigh he pressed on. As he traversed the forest, ever north bound, the kiss of frost turned into what seemed like a wasteland of ice and stone. His skin grew dry and cracked, flushing red along the faults as it itched and irritated. Despite the cold Sumec continued. He eventually found moving water that passed near another highly populated area that he made sure to avoid. Following this source led him to a waterfall that reflected the colours of the sunset in a dazzling display. He stood in awe for some time before he notice the entrance beside the waterfall. This was it, somehow, he knew this was where he needed to go.

Sumec stepped into cavern, the noise from the cavern echoed around him in a calming white noise. The same kind of white noise the trees in the swamp made on a windy say. His body relaxed as he continued to walk, the dull thud of his hooves echoing with the water. The marble of the mountains stone glowed around him. It reminded him of a summer’s night in the swamp with the insects came out to breed. They flashed and glowed in the twilight as if stars had come down to dance among the willows. As Sumec began to feel his journey was complete he came upon a stunning alter, surrounded by the clearest water he’d ever seen. He approached, head down so that his whiskers could inspect the pristine liquid. It was sweet? He stepped closer to drink. The water back home was muddy, and often tasted of fish and scum. This tasted as clear as it was and was a strange sweet on the tongue. It hit his stomach with a wave of relief.

Sumec couldn’t help himself any more. He stepped into the water and spun around with his nose to the water. He then lay down with a large splash. The water soothed his irritated and dry skin leaving him in a state of utter bliss. He lay his head down on facing the alter. ‘I’m lonely…’ He thought with a deep breath. ‘I was told of you, Lazin, from a person I met when I had the motivation to explore.’ His heart ached, and he slowly closed his eyes. ‘Going out with my father gave me joy, and I enjoyed our occupation. We met many people, as humans, and it was beautiful. Despite our tribes, as humans, we got along. I wish everyone could always get along.’ He breathed out through his nose, giving a quiet groan. ‘Please, Lazin, I wish to have a companion who can give me back the motivation that died with my Father. I’m lonely, I need your help.’ Sumec prayed silently as the night grew dark and the temple turned into a soothing dreamscape.
WC: 839

Character Name: Sumec

Quest Type: Companion

Other Details: A Mekong giant catfish. The largest catfish species, attaining a maximum length of nearly 10ft long, surpassing the maximum size of the red tailed catfish by nearly 5ft. This catfish is critically endangered, and completely herbivorous as an adult, feeding on filamentous algae which grows abundantly in swamps or areas of water where micro life and water plants cannot develop optimally. In Thai folklore, this fish is regarded with reverence, special rituals are followed and offerings are made before fishing it. The companion is not expected to be massive, but as a non-predatory social companion I think a larger fish friend would suit him.

Items: None
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played by Staff

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Something is Happening...

As the last light of the sunset faded to dusk, the brilliant hues of oranges and magentas dulling to a soft blue, the first light of stars sparkling in the brilliant expanse a soft breeze blew through the temple. It was gentle, but it made the roaring of the silver waters sing louder and tendrils of mist sparkled through the air like microscopic gems.

Softly, melding with the sounds of the water, a deep base pulling the melody of the choir into its mysterious depths, a voice whispered, heard by none except the heart it was meant to touch.

"Sumec." The voice lingered there, pausing, silent, before continuing. "Sumec, we have heard your plea and seen you dedication to us. You have traveled long and far to get here, to make your request to us, and for that we have chosen to answer you. However, such requests cannot be granted easily. You must prove your determination in order to find your heart's desire. If this is what you wish, here is your task: You must travel to the land of trees that remember far into the past. There you will find an entrance deep into the earth. A whole new world will you enter here, and within you must seek a pool. It will not be any pool, but a pool hidden under a carpet of green and teeming with life. The way will be dark and treacherous, but with a light and the steel in your marrow, you will succeed."

Congratulations! The dice have been rolled in your favor and Sumec has been granted a quest for a companion. In order to find what his heart desires, he must travel to Beinn Woods, and find the underground cave system. Once he finds this system, he needs to travel deeper into the earth in search of a pool. Once he finds a pool that he think may be the one, tag the staff account and they will continue with the next quest prompt.


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