Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Open Smoke in a bottle

played by AshFisher

Mackenzie Wolf



Covering his nose Durg scanned the area carefully, it was a treacherous place to be, to say the least.  If he wasn't careful, he could possibly die here...if he could die at all in this world. It's likely that I could...I don't think the curse applies to other worlds. Eternia agreed with him there, which he took with a grain of salt. How am I supposed to bottle smoke and not get hurt or worse at the same time?? There was no way to do it in that wolf form of his... If only he could still change into a dragon. Sighing he grimaced as the stench got worse with a brief wind shift.

It was really starting to get to him... "What an awful area..." He made a mental note to never return here again. Let's get that smoke as quickly as possible. Durg nodded, for once also agreeing with Eternia. There was no reason to linger here longer than what was necessary after all. Moving carefully, he got closer to the area he was guessing he could bottle up smoke at, though how he would manage such a trick was still lost to him. Capturing smoke is like capturing air...how would I even prove I achieved such a thing? Sighing he decided not to overthink it and continued his progress through the dangerous area. 

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