Legends ofAmarna

Warning! The anathema is here.

The doctrine that poisoned the souls of many, that wrought blood against blood, life against life. Aspasia has not been the same, nor will it ever be. As history fades into legend, and legend into myth, so too are the whispers of peace that had once brought each of the races together in harmony. As such a time faded into history, so does the chaos grow - the resentment that breeds loathing - that brings about war.

With the world pitted against each other, each race, equines, canines, and felines taking sides, the question is, which side will you choose?

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Open Sea of Thought

played by Hoofbeats

Timber Wolf



Standing there along the moors, the salty ocean breeze filling his nostrils, the wolf remembered his time here and the time before he came here. It seemed like time had gone down the drain as the world changed drastically, allowing him to shift from an elf to a wolf, and then the world set on fire. His kingdom lost and then reformed, only to be lost again. He wondered what future had in store for him, if fate meant for him to wander this world alone as his family disappeared into time. It was strange and it was sad. Sighing, he sat, turquoise eyes gazing blankly upon the land. Hopefully soon change would come. He was weary of this lonliness, this quiet, even while the world burned. He hoped for a different era, a different time, and perhaps, even as the world seemed to crumble around him, good would come of it.
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